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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel)


AEOTDD, 神道丹尊




Action Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Xuanhuan

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An ultimate warrior, the one and only Alchemy Emperor, Ling Han, died in his quest to achieve godhood. Ten thousands years later, he, with the ‘Invincible Heaven Scroll’, was reborn in the body of a young man with the same name. From then on, winds and clouds moved as he set himself against the uncountable geniuses of this new era. His path of becoming a legend has begun once more. Of all eras underneath the heavens, I am the strongest!

623 • 2019-04-12 19:39:37


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1142: Jealousy2020-02-25
Chapter 1141: Fly2020-02-24
Chapter 1140: I Shall Help You Deal With It2020-02-23
Chapter 1139: Becoming a Seed2020-02-23
Chapter 1138: Analyzing the Divine Patterns2020-02-22
Chapter 1137: Goddess Furnace2020-02-22
Chapter 1136: I’ll Kill Him If I Want To2020-02-21
Chapter 1135: There’s Always Someone Stronger2020-02-21
Chapter 1134: Ling Han’s Reaction2020-02-20
Chapter 1133: An Arrogant Follower2020-02-19
Chapter 1132: Majestic Heaven Sect2020-02-18
Chapter 1131: Pinnacle Level of Mountain River Tier!2020-02-17
Chapter 1130: Setting off for the Majestic Heaven Sect2020-02-16
Chapter 1129: Returning to the Joint Peace Planet2020-02-16
Chapter 1128: Immortal Tribulation2020-02-15
Chapter 1127: Principles2020-02-15
Chapter 1126: Don’t be like that!2020-02-14
Chapter 1125: Resisting2020-02-14
Chapter 1124: Give Birth to my Disciple2020-02-13
Chapter 1123: Final Trial2020-02-12
Chapter 1122: I’ll Hit You2020-02-11
Chapter 1121: Hit Me2020-02-10
Chapter 1120: Learning from the Sword Strike2020-02-09
Chapter 1119: Deciphering a Sword Strike2020-02-09
Chapter 1118: Invincible Paragon Saint2020-02-09
Chapter 1117: Pummeling Xia Wuque2020-02-09
Chapter 1116: Want a Reward?2020-02-07
Chapter 1115: The Tiger That Guards the Door2020-02-07
Chapter 1114: Shadow-eating Tribe2020-02-06
Chapter 1113: Ghostly Shadow2020-02-05
Chapter 1112: Shadow2020-02-04
Chapter 1111: Seeing Another Tower2020-02-04
Chapter 1110: Getting Lucky2020-02-02
Chapter 1109: Done For2020-02-02
Chapter 1108: Assassin2020-02-01
Chapter 1107: Might of the Empress2020-02-01
Chapter 1106: Crimson Fire Needle2020-01-31
Chapter 1105: Tricolor Wind and Fire Lotus2020-01-31
Chapter 1104: Forest of the Sea2020-01-30
Chapter 1103: Going Solo2020-01-29
Chapter 1102: Reward2020-01-28
Chapter 1101: Surpassing the Legends2020-01-27
Chapter 1100: First!2020-01-26
Chapter 1099: Five Great Prodigies2020-01-26
Chapter 1098: Fast and Slow2020-01-25
Chapter 1097: Four Tiers2020-01-25
Chapter 1096: Challenging the Formation2020-01-24
Chapter 1095: Stone Statue Army2020-01-24
Chapter 1094: Young Master Wuque2020-01-23
Chapter 1093: Entering the Large Tomb2020-01-22
Chapter 1092: Blurry Tombstone2020-01-21
Chapter 1091: 10-Star Genius!2020-01-20
Chapter 1090: Large Tomb among the Stars2020-01-19
Chapter 1089: Death of a Great Star?2020-01-19
Chapter 1088: A Divine Sword That Could Grow!2020-01-18
Chapter 1087: Broken Yang Shuang2020-01-18
Chapter 1086: Venting Anger2020-01-17
Chapter 1085: Sword Delivery from Jin Zhihui2020-01-17
Chapter 1084: Majestic Heaven Sect2020-01-16
Chapter 1083: Quashing the Rebellion2020-01-15
Chapter 1082: Obliterated with a Single Punch2020-01-14
Chapter 1081: March of the Rebels2020-01-13
Chapter 1080: Five Sects Reappear2020-01-12
Chapter 1079: Words of Mutiny2020-01-12
Chapter 1078: Advancing through the Levels Rapidly2020-01-11
Chapter 1077: Everyone Cultivating2020-01-11
Chapter 1076: Return to the Great Ling Empire2020-01-10
Chapter 1075: One who Rendered Meritorious Service Should Not Be Treated Unfairly2020-01-10
Chapter 1074: Will of the Empress2020-01-09
Chapter 1073: Irrefutable Evidence?2020-01-08
Chapter 1072: Testifying2020-01-01
Chapter 1071: Crime of Treason2020-01-01
Chapter 1070: The Empress’ Military Expedition2020-01-01
Chapter 1069: Obtaining the Sword2020-01-01
Chapter 1068: Collecting the Sword2020-01-01
Chapter 1067: The Eternity Sky Emperor Arrives2020-01-01
Chapter 1066: Nine Demons Sword2020-01-01
Chapter 1065: Nine Flames Heavenly King2020-01-01
Chapter 1064: Releasing the Prisoners2020-01-01
Chapter 1063: A Frightening Conspiracy2020-01-01
Chapter 1062: Prison Cage2019-12-31
Chapter 1061: Sacrificial Altar2019-12-30
Chapter 1060: Murderous Aura2019-12-29
Chapter 1059: Unexpected Elites2019-12-29
Chapter 1058: Sudden Assault2019-12-28
Chapter 1057: Confronting a Furious River2019-12-28
Chapter 1056: Coming of War2019-12-27
Chapter 1055: Heavy Blow2019-12-27
Chapter 1054: Conceited2019-12-26
Chapter 1053: Having an Official Rank2019-12-25
Chapter 1052: The Empress Speaks2019-12-24
Chapter 1051: The Moment of Life and Death2019-12-23
Chapter 1050: Sudden Elevation2019-12-22
Chapter 1049: A Tongue like an Arrow2019-12-22
Chapter 1048: Accepting the Challenge2019-12-21
Chapter 1047: Conspiracy2019-12-21
Chapter 1046: Poor Again2019-12-20
Chapter 1045: Bad News2019-12-20
Chapter 1044: Yielding2019-12-19
Chapter 1043: Slap Across the Face2019-12-18