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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 811: Dragon Might Finally Performs

Chapter 811: Dragon Might Finally Performs

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Ling Han simply set out a feast, using all kinds of precious meat and ingredients. These included the top-grade Demonic Beast meat, the myrietes treasured pearl, and Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng, all of which were put together in a pot and cooked.

Although he was completely lacking in culinary skills, it didn’t change the fact that these were excessively precious top-grade ingredients; just by putting them together to be cooked, a tasty fragrance had already assailed their nostrils and made their fingers twitch.

Helian Tianyun was also pathetically salivating, saying, “Oh, the myrietes treasured pearl. Even I did not manage to obtain it those years ago! And also Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng; even I have only ever eaten one!”

“These are all Niu’s, you’re not allowed to snatch them!” Hu Niu warned viciously.

Helian Tianyun saw Hu Niu, and his eyes shone involuntarily. He said, “Little girl, have you been betrothed to anyone? What do you think of me? I should be a good match for you!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The consequence of having such a cheap mouth was naturally to be beaten up by Hu Niu, whose assault against him wasn’t light at all. Helian Tianyun had to beg Hu Niu to stop, which made him feel extremely gloomy. In his previous life, his existence was unparalleled. How was it now that he had already been beaten up by three people after just having been reborn?

How was it that his dragon’s might could not be used again?

“Damn brat, could this little girl be your daughter as well?” he screamed; otherwise, how could she not be affected by his dragon’s might? This could not only work for the dragon race, but also have a powerful suppression on other races, only that it wouldn’t be as effective.

“Niu belongs to Ling Han!” Hu Niu said savagely as she stomped her little feet onto Helian Tianyun, causing him so much pain that he wished for death.

Helian Tianyun felt depressed—how come all the “good things” were taken by Ling Han? His disciple, an unmatched genius, was the son of Ling Han. Now, this strange little beauty was also Ling Han’s little wife.

Once the cooking was done, everyone was grabbing at the food.

Facing these kinds of ingredients, even Heaven Tier cultivators wouldn’t dare to eat too much; at most, they would just drink a few spoonfuls of the soup, or else their body would explode. However, Ling Han, Hu Niu, Helian Xun Xue, and Helian Tianyun all had a humongous appetite, and each one of them ate to their hearts’ content.

However, Helian Xun Xue was the first to reach “satisfaction”. It wasn’t that her stomach couldn’t eat more; rather, she was unable to take in any more nutritious essence, and had to sit on the side to refine it. Ling Han, Hu Niu, and Helian Tianyun were still eating wildly, having no intention to stop.

Helian Tianyun felt even more depressed, saying, “I was nurtured by the True Dragon’s Tooth, my body is tough, and won’t explode even with the consumption of more energy. But, what is it with the two of you that you can actually eat more than I?!” He felt that he was reaching his limit. After all, his cultivation was too low now.

“Useless!” Hu Niu rolled her eyes at him, indicating that he was too inferior.

Helian Tianyun could only remain silent. After eating a few more mouthfuls of meat, he could only sit at one side and start refining.

He was truly a monster. In an instant, he had broken through a few layers and entered the Gushing Spring Tier. Finally, he could compete against Ling Jian Xue on the same level. However, as he advanced, raising his level wouldn’t be as simple. After all, the higher the cultivation, the more terrifying the amount of energy needed would be. Especially in the case of breaking through from the Heaven Tier to Shattering Void Tier, the amount of energy required was staggering.

Yet for him, it was only a matter to be accomplished within one or two years, or two to three years at most.

As for Ling Han and Hu Niu, there was scarcely any obvious progress after the meal. After all, their battle prowess had reached the level of the Heaven Tier. Thus, it would naturally be more challenging if they wanted to further raise their levels.

“Let’s go, it’s time to leave here!” Ling Han snapped his fingers. After packing up the pots, bowls, and chopsticks at once, they walked back in the direction they came from.

“Xu Xiu Ran and the others should still be at the entrance,” Ling Han said. “There is no advantage of terrain for us this time, so we need to fight all out.”

“Pah! Leave it to me!” Helian Tianyun jumped out; he certainly didn’t believe that the world was full of abnormal people like Ling Han and Hu Niu, who similarly wasn’t affected by his dragon’s might.

Ling Han let out a mischievous laugh, and said, “You had better not die so soon after having just been reborn, at least leave a few Mystical Powers for my son.”

“You jinx!” Helian Tianyun screamed angrily. Unfortunately, he no longer had the godly valor as he had in the past; otherwise, he would certainly put this human being in his place for daring to look down on him, the Great Lord Alternative Dragon.

They came to the entrance, and sure enough, Xu Xiu Ran and his group had already sensed their movement. One by one, they stood in position and blocked the entrance.

Helian Tianyun strutted a few steps ahead, and snorted. “Juniors, why didn’t you kneel immediately after having seen me?”

Xu Xiu Ran’s group of four people already knew that Ling Han possessed a spatial God Tool. Naturally, they did not find the additional little brat all that surprising, and completely paid no heed to him. Dong Ling’er said, “Ling Han, hand over the True Dragon’s Tooth and spatial God Tool. You should know that you can never make it out of here alive!”

Helian Tianyun was furious. They were too despicable—he was once again disregarded! Also, they wanted the True Dragon’s Tooth? Wasn’t he the True Dragon Tooth? He snorted. Weng , dragon’s might was launched, and the mighty attack shot towards the four people.




Xu Xiu Ran’s group of four all released muffled groans. Under the suppression of dragon’s might, they had all turned pale. Even though they were all rulers of martial arts, they still experienced difficulty in breathing under such dragon’s might.

Weng , Xu Xiu Ran immediately recovered using the Absolute Saber; the absolutely strong saber intent flowed and instantly blocked dragon’s might. The Son of Lightning also wasn’t slow. As he brandished the Mountains and Rivers Axe, the emission of light from this treasured tool also blocked the dragon’s might.

Helian Tianyun could not help but let out a bitter cry. His dragon’s might was blocked again. How could he endure this? Fortunately, these two juniors did not block the dragon’s might with their own abilities, but through the use of two Spirit Tools. Otherwise, he would truly weep.

He stared at the two Spirit Tools for a while, and muttered to himself, “Those tools are the Absolute Saber and an imitation of the Mountains and Rivers Axe?”

Having recognized them, he felt relieved. The first generation master of the Absolute Saber was even an elite of the Immortal Realm, whereas the Mountain and River Axe originated from and was forged using this realm’s power; even if it was just an imitation, it was reasonable to have some special power capable of matching his dragon’s might.

Xu Xiu Ran and the Son of Lightning could resist the dragon’s might, but Small Sword Emperor and Dong Ling’er couldn’t, not even if their hands held the Level Ten Spirit Tools bestowed upon them by their elders—these had absolutely no resistance against dragon’s might.

After all, this was an alternative dragon, which had once been invincible in this world.

Xu Xiu Ran and the Son of Lightning quickly guarded Dong Ling’er and Small Sword Emperor lest Ling Han took the chance to kill them. As a result, their effective combat power had dropped to two in an instant. Although there were still the Absolute Saber and Mountains and Rivers Axe, their threat had been greatly reduced.

Ling Han laughed loudly. Wielding the Revere Life Sword, he opened up a path ahead as he rushed forward.

Although Xu Xiu Ran and Son of Lightning went all out to kill him, how could they suppress the Revere Life Sword in such a short while? Ling Han, who was capable of it, was also hardly fighting zealously. He took the others away with him, leaving Xu Xiu Ran in a limbo, wondering whether to chase them or not.

If they were to give chase, then what about Dong Ling’er and Small Sword Emperor if Ling Han and his group managed to catch them off guard? If they didn’t chase, then it would be certain that the other party would have obtained the True Dragon’s Tooth. Could it be that they could only watch helplessly as Ling Han and his group walked away?

But in the end, they still didn’t pursue. After a while, Small Sword Emperor and Dong Ling’er recovered from the aftershock of dragon’s might. Both their faces expressed fear. How could this imposing force be so frightening?

“The situation has progressed beyond our control. Return immediately to the middle state, let’s request for ultimate elites’ assistance to kill Ling Han and seize the True Dragon’s Tooth! ”

“The little boy was also extremely formidable, actually being able to release such incomparably terrifying dragon’s might. We mustn’t spare him, either!”

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