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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 986: Beautiful Guards

Chapter 986: Beautiful Guards

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Although the palm strike just then wasn’t Zhao Lun’s full-strength attack, it was still definitely not something that a cultivator at the medium extreme should’ve been able to handle. When people spoke of star geniuses, they weren’t referring to defenses, but rather referring to the destructive ability caused by battle prowess.

Thus, even if Ling Han was a fabled five-star genius, his defenses should still have only been at the early stage of the medium extreme. How was there only some blood seeping from his mouth after he took a strike from Zhao Lun?

Zhao Lun immediately recalled that Ling Han had been unscathed after taking a strike from Bai Yuansi just then. However, Ling Han had immediately insta-killed Bai Yuansi after that, and his shocking feat caused everyone to forget that scene.

‘Don’t tell me that his body is forged from Godly metal?’

Zhao Lun was astonished as this thought flashed through his mind. However, his hand didn’t stop, and he instantly delivered another palm strike at Ling Han.

Although his strike just then hadn’t kill Ling Han, it had already succeeded in wounding him. It was evident that it was still possible to wound Ling Han even though his physique was incredibly strong.

Ling Han hastily retreated. Unless he was faced with certain death, he definitely wouldn’t expose the secret of his Spatial God Tool in front of so many people. However, he had just unleashed an Ultimate Arrow, so he still needed some time to recover his strength. Right now, he wouldn’t even be able to handle a cultivator at the Shattering Void Tier, much less Zhao Lun.

Zhao Lun sneered, and said, “I’m already targeting you, so how can you escape?” His palm rushed forward and slammed into Ling Han’s chest.


Ling Han was sent flying once again. He felt extremely unwell, and it was as if his insides were churning violently. To his delight, however, both his Origin Power and stamina were recovering rapidly. It would take 30 minutes at most for him to recover to his optimal condition.

The speed of recovery for his stamina was as he expected, but why was his Origin Power also recovering so quickly?

This was a change that only occurred after he reached the medium extreme… Hang on, he had also recultivated the Universal Eight Desolation Technique, so was it perhaps the effect of this cultivation technique? Also, although he was at the Mountain River Tier before, he had never cultivated any Immortal level cultivation technique. Did this also have an effect?

Ling Han wasn’t sure, because he had undergone too big a transformation after shooting that arrow in the Flame Cave. As a result, he wasn’t able to determine what the main reason for his fast recovery was. Perhaps it was the combination of his transformations that led to this situation.


He collapsed to the ground, and blood seeped from the corners of his mouth again. His Godly bones groaned and crackled, and it was as if they were about to fracture.

Zhao Lun was no ordinary consummate level cultivator, with his battle prowess surpassing his cultivation level by four stars. Thus, Ling Han still suffered some wounds even though his physique was on par with Level three Godly metal.

However, the surrounding spectators almost wet their pants in fright. Ling Han was only at the medium extreme, yet he was only bleeding a little after taking two strikes from Zhao Lun head on. This was far too unbelievable!

Zhao Lun’s eyes were icy-cold as he strode toward Ling Han. So what if Ling Han’s physique was powerful? Could this stop Zhao Lun from killing him?

“Zhao Lun, you’re taking it too far!” Li Weiwei stood forward bravely, and said, “He’s my man, and I forbid you from laying another finger on him!”

Zhao Lun didn’t stop, and he replied, “Fourth Young Miss, I’d give you face if this person was your husband! However, he’s only a dog of yours, and my underling had also been killed by him. So, it’s only natural that he should pay with his life!”

“Bullsh*t!” Li Weiwei shouted in anger. She had also been spoiled and pampered since childhood, and she had never been retorted to like this before. Thus, she instantly cursed upon hearing Zhao Lun’s words. She angrily pointed at Zhao Lun, and shouted, “They were clearly taking part in a fair duel. In fact, Bai Yuansi was even a minor level above Ling Han. If the duel was unfair for anyone, it was unfair for Ling Han!”

“I don’t care. I only saw my underling being killed by this dog. If I don’t kill him, my followers will feel disappointed and alienated!” Zhao Lun was also unreasonable, and he kept coming back to this same argument.

As a direct descendant of a Great General, he would be able to trivialize his killing of Ling Han as long as he had an excuse. He could escape the laws and punishments of both the Academy and Majestic Empire, and he would be able to swagger back out after lying low for two or three years. After that, there would be absolutely no repercussions.

Li Weiwei screamed angrily, and she shouted, “I don’t care! You can kill him over my dead body!”

“Fourth Young Miss, you regard yourself too highly!” Zhao Lun said as he made a tapping motion toward Li Weiwei.


A streak of light instantly shot into Li Weiwei’s body and rendered her both immobile and unable to speak.

A radiant smile stretched across Zhao Lun’s face, and he said to Ling Han, “You think I can’t kill you just because we’re in the Academy? Wrong! It’s simply that I’ve never considered you worthy enough to justify a second thought. However, you dared to refuse to become my dog, and now you’ve even killed my underling. You’re seeking death!”

“Zhao Lun, you merely have an advantage because you’ve cultivated for a few more years than me,” Ling Han said in disdain. “If we were at the same age or same cultivation level, I would be able to suppress you with a single hand!”


Everyone sucked in a sharp breath.

If Ling Han had kneeled down and begged for forgiveness, perhaps Zhao Lun would’ve let him off the hook. After all, the latter had only lost a little face. However, Ling Han chose to provoke him further, and such an action was merely pushing himself closer to death.

Thinking about it more closely, though, Ling Han’s claim actually seemed to be quite reasonable.

What cultivation level was Zhao Lun at when he was 20 years old?

Indeed, he was a freakish talent, and he had reached 20 Stars of the Shattering Void Tier in his twenties. The Mountain River Tier didn’t contain him for long, either, yet he was still only at the low extreme before the age of 50.

Under such a comparison, the difference between the two was especially clear!

Zhao Lun chuckled coldly, and said, “What’s your identity? Are you worthy of challenging me?”


He lashed out and sent Ling Han flying again.

Quite some time had already passed since Zhao Lun had launched his first attack. So be it if no one had reacted in time after his first strike. However, it had already been so long, so the Academy was most likely aware of this already, right?

Even so, not a single elder appeared.

Although Zhao Lun looked unstoppable right now, any single cultivator at the Sun Moon Tier would be able to easily suppress him. Even a five-star genius wouldn’t be able to surpass the barrier of an entire tier.

Was the Academy silently allowing this?

Could the son of Great General Zhao act as he pleased?

A chilly sensation involuntarily welled up in the spectators’ hearts. Today, Zhao Lun’s victim was Ling Han. So, what if his victim became them tomorrow? He was clearly surrounded by tens of thousands of spectators, but not a single person stepped forward to stop him. How could this not instill fear and panic in their minds?

“Stop!” Another shout traveled over, and everyone saw a beautiful female speedily flying over.

“Huh? It’s Gu Lingyu!”

“Really?? How has she also become acquainted with Ling Han?”

“Gasp! Out of the Three Beauties of the Imperial Capital, two have actually stepped forward to help him! This guy has such luck with the ladies!”

Everyone immediately recognized the newcomer. She was Gu Lingyu, one of the Three Beauties of the Imperial Capital. In addition, she was also a new student at the Alchemy Institution.

Zhao Lun’s expression instantly became even darker.

He didn’t give a toss about Gu Lingyu being a student of the Alchemy Institution. However, what pissed him off was the fact that so many beauties were willing to stand up for Ling Han!

Was Shui Yanyu blind?

He was the only child of Great General Zhao, and his own talent in cultivation was also astonishing, with countless people praising him as the number one prodigy of these 1000 years. Moreover, he was also handsome beyond words. So, why did no stunning beauty throw herself into his arms?

He couldn’t even compete against an ant from a small world!

This made him boil in anger and simmer with killing intent.

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