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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 987: More Helping Hands

Chapter 987: More Helping Hands

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Zhao Lun had only wanted to kill Ling Han to save face before. From this instant on, however, he was finally taking Ling Han seriously, now viewing him as an enemy whom he definitely had to kill.

Facing an enemy, of course he had to be as ruthless as the autumn wind was to falling leaves!

Zhao Lun wore a cold expression as he made a tapping motion toward Gu Lingyu. As if becoming a stone statue, she instantly became immobile.

“Heh, no wonder you’re so arrogant and dare to challenge me. It turns out that you’re hiding behind women!” Zhao Lun closed in on Ling Han and delivered another palm strike toward him.

“However, no one that I’ve wanted to kill has ever escaped alive!”


The ground tremored as his palm slammed down, yet Ling Han had already disappeared from the ground.

“Hmm?” There was a hint of astonishment on Zhao Lun’s face as he had just seen Ling Han push off from the ground in a timely manner, relying on the momentum of his motion to evade his strike.

Ling Han performed some stretches as he channeled the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll. The wounds on his body instantly started to heal at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. There was a glimmer in his eyes, and he said, “Zhao Lun, you still don’t have the right to do as you please!”

After such a long time, he had already recovered some of his strength.

“Is that so?” Zhao Lun said as he immediately composed himself. He would be able to easily suppress Ling Han as long as he was still at the medium extreme.

He extended an arm and used his Origin Power to form a gigantic palm that bore down toward Ling Han from the sky.

Not only was this palm incredibly quick, but it was also incredibly large. There was absolutely no way to escape it.

Ling Han drew on all his power before throwing his fists toward the sky. However, the difference in power was too large, and he was still mercilessly struck down. He spat out another mouthful of blood. However, under everyone’s surprised gaze, he immediately crawled up again, his body brimming with a soaring fighting spirit.

‘Is this person an invincible God of War?’

Everyone was shocked speechless. Normally speaking, a cultivator at the consummate level could easily crush a cultivator at the medium extreme with a single strike. After all, there was a battle prowess differential of a whopping eight stars. However, Ling Han stood up time and time again, and this refreshed everyone’s understanding of cultivation.

‘So, cultivators at the medium extreme can also become this powerful!’

‘What cultivation technique is this ant from the small world practicing? Or what kind of mystical treasures has he received? Why is his battle prowess so high, and why is his physique so formidable?’

Even Zhao Lun started to develop covetous thoughts. He discovered that he had truly underestimated this person from the small world. He had always thought that small worlds were primitive and unable to produce any rare treasures.

He was wrong!

He refused to believe that anyone could be born as such. Ling Han had definitely received some kind of inheritance, some kind of astonishing inheritance!

It would be his now!

“Die!” Zhao Lun finally became serious, and divine patterns fluctuated with a terrifying might as he delivered a palm strike.

Ling Han roared loudly as he unleashed his Earth Overturning Seal and activated his Eye of Truth.


There was a loud collision, and he was instantly sent flying again.

To say nothing of the fact that Zhao Lun was a four-star genius, the eight sub-minor levels between them was already something that Ling Han couldn’t overcome.

However, his physique was far too formidable, and his skin merely cracked a little after he faced Zhao Lun’s strike head on. His Godly bones were completely unscathed. This was nothing to Ling Han, and his wounds instantly started to heal rapidly as he channeled the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll.

Everyone’s eyes bulged out in surprise. They had never seen anyone with such a powerful physique before. So be it if Ling Han’s physique was formidable, but what was with his freakish healing ability as well?

Unless one was able to severely wound Ling Han with a single strike, it was completely possible that he could heal himself time and time again. If one could only cause him minor wounds, it would be useless even if they were to completely exhaust themselves attacking him.

“Hahahaha!” Following a loud laugh, a figure leaped down from the mountain peak and landed between Ling Han and Zhao Lun.

Sha Yuan!

He unfurled his fan with a swoosh, and after flapping it a few times, he said, “Zhao Lun, where are my winnings?”

A look of anger instantly surfaced on Zhao Lun’s face, and he said, “Do you think that I’m going to cheat you?”

“That’s hard to say. Every day is an uneasy day before the winnings enter my pocket!” Sha Yuan smiled, and said, “I have to ask for my winnings openly even if you’re my blood brother. Hurry up and hand me my winnings!”

Zhao Lun knew that Sha Yuan was purposefully distracting him in order to protect Ling Han. However, how could he do as Sha Yuan pleased? “Sha Yuan, don’t think that I’m unaware of what you’re doing!” he said coldly.

“What am I doing?” Sha Yuan asked with a smile.

Zhao Lun took a deep breath, and said, “I’ll give you two sheets of White Cloud Star Metal if you let today’s matter slide!”

Sha Yuan’s strength and status were both equal to his, and it would genuinely be a hassle if he were to stick his nose into the matter. Thus, he was willing to sacrifice another sheet of White Cloud Star Metal in exchange for Sha Yuan leaving the matter between him and Ling Han alone.

‘Two sheets of White Cloud Star Metal?’

Sha Yuan’s hearts thumped in excitement. One sheet of White Cloud Star Metal was only enough to form part of a God Tool and raise its quality by a little. Two sheets, on the other hand, were enough to forge a complete God Tool.

That was a Level Seven God Tool! Just thinking about it made him shiver in eagerness. One had to realize, Godly metals became extremely rare starting from Level Five onwards.

He only pondered for a short moment before immediately coming to a decision. “Deal!”

After saying this, he retreated to the side and acted as if the matter had nothing to do with him.

Zhao Lun turned his gaze to Ling Han once more. This brat had just caused him to lose another sheet of White Cloud Star Metal, and this made his killing intent burn even stronger. At the same time, he also become more eager to learn the unbelievably powerful secret behind Ling Han’s power.

Ling Han glanced at Sha Yuan, his good impression of him vanishing into smoke. Then, he drew his Divine Sword and raised his left palm as he prepared to defend his dignity.

“Meow! Who dares to touch this king’s cat slave?” The big white cat brandished its paws at Zhao Lun as it appeared.

“Head Fu’s beast pet?” Zhao Lun said in surprise. This lowly ant from the small world was truly mysterious. In just a few days, he had already become acquainted with those related to the Left Minister, Head Fu, and the Alchemy Institution.

“Pei! Trash such as humans are all this king’s cat slaves!” the big white cat said proudly.

“Heh, for the sake of Head Fu, I’ll spare your life!” Zhao Lun made a pointing motion in an attempt to subdue the white cat.


The white cat’s body flashed aside at an incredible speed.

“Hmm?” Zhao Lun was slightly startled. The speed of the white cat was beyond his expectations. However, Zhao Lun was merely a little surprised. After all, his cultivation level of the low extreme was absolute. The big white cat was immobilized by Zhao Lun after only three exchanges.

Zhao Lun was also careful with his attacks, and he only stripped the big white cat of its ability to move. He didn’t hurt it a single bit.

“Detestable human, hurry up and release this king!” the big white cat yelled. It appeared extremely furious.

Everyone was astonished. The Left Minister and Head Fu were both elites at the Heavenly Body Tier, and it was a huge surprise that Ling Han was actually able to become friendly with their forces at the same time.

Even Zhao Lun started to feel a little pressure. If Sha Yuan hadn’t moved aside for material benefits, it would’ve been three Heavenly Body Tier forces’ members standing up for Ling Han!

However, thinking back to the fact that Ling Han potentially had a peerless inheritance, he immediately steadied his resolve again. He definitely had to snatch it!

“Die!” He swiped his palm toward Ling Han.

“You go die!” Ling Han roared furiously as his sword and palm both struck out in unison. He had started to counterattack!

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