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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 990: Battle for the Title of Number One Prodigy

Chapter 990: Battle for the Title of Number One Prodigy

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Zhao Lun laughed loudly, and said, “You’re still too weak to challenge me for the title of number one prodigy!”

As he spoke, a deafening sound echoed from his nine-meter-tall golden body.

Like arrows being fired one after another, his fists relentlessly beat down on Ling Han. It was as if his attacks would never stop.

Everyone was stunned by Zhao Lun’s overwhelming might. ‘As expected of the number one prodigy of the past 1000 years. His might is truly formidable, and even if he battles someone at the same cultivation level of the peak stage of the medium extreme, how many can stand firm under such a vicious barrage of attacks?’

Ling Han humphed, and activated his divine patterns of gravity.

Zhao Lun instantly felt as if he were bogged down in mud. He stepped forward with a foot, yet his other foot was surprisingly impossible to lift off the ground. He couldn’t help but stagger.

“Divine patterns of gravity!” Zhao Lun humphed.

He had also obtained gravity element Mountain River Stones before, so he naturally knew what Ling Han was doing right now. He also activated his divine patterns of gravity to cancel out the effects of Ling Han’s. Then, he raised his gigantic golden fist and smashed them toward Ling Han again.


This strike was terrifying, and its pressure caused even the surrounding space to fluctuate.

Ling Han was fearless, and he immediately activated his Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique.

Zhao Lun instantly felt as if there were needles jabbing at his mind. He could barely stop himself from groaning in pain. However, he was extremely experienced, and immediately deduced that Ling Han had used a spiritual attack on him, so he hurriedly stabilized his divine sense.

However, this momentary pause instantly caused Zhao Lun’s fist to lose its target. Ling Han took advantage of this opportunity to grab his wrist, after which he viciously threw him outward.


Zhao Lun’s body was gigantic right now, so his fall was also extremely heavy. A dark expression spread across his face as he crashed into the ground, and a mouthful of blood instantly shot out from his mouth.

Zhao Lun was wounded!

Someone was actually able to wound Zhao Lun when battling at the same cultivation level!

This was definitely a mightily stunning piece of news. Zhao Lun’s name had always been synonymous with the term “invincible in the same cultivation level”. Now, however, he had been beaten to the point of vomiting blood! Who would believe this if they didn’t see it with their own two eyes?

“Ahhh…!” Zhao Lun howled in fury as countless veins bulged from his gigantic golden body. They were like several hundred golden snakes, each of which radiated with a sinister aura. He slapped his hands against the ground, and his body instantly shot back to an upright position. Then, he charged toward Ling Han again.


His fist crashed over like an overwhelming divine mountain.

“I said that if we were at the same cultivation level, I could suppress you with a single hand!” Ling Han placed his left hand behind his back as he struck his right palm toward Zhao Lun. However, this wasn’t his main attack, and he unleashed his Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique at Zhao Lun again.

Immortals also cultivated their spirit. Although Ling Han could use Mountain River Stones to raise his strength to the Immortal level before, his lack of corresponding comprehension meant that his divine sense didn’t experience any growth.

It was only because he had taken a sip of the Reincarnation Tea that his divine sense was far more powerful than ordinary cultivator’s at the Shattering Void Tier. Combined with the tempering from the second layer of his Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, his divine sense was not only powerful, but also incredibly stable. His divine sense wasn’t any bit weaker than an ordinary cultivator’s at the Mountain River Tier.

After he advanced into the Mountain River Tier, the strength of his divine sense naturally underwent a qualitative change, far exceeding the level achieved by ordinary cultivators at the medium extreme. It was definitely on par with cultivators at the high extreme, perhaps even the consummate level.

Thus, Zhao Lun couldn’t block Ling Han’s spiritual attack even though his divine sense was already at the consummate level. Although each spiritual attack could only affect him a tiny bit, this was a battle between elites, so each tiny bit was enough to influence the outcome of the battle.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Zhao Lun’s strikes were powerful, yet none of them was able to hit their target. So, what did it matter if they were powerful? Zhao Lun was either slammed into the ground by Ling Han or relentlessly struck by his palms.

Kuang, kuang, kuang!

As if it had become metallic, his golden body continued to ring with crisp clanging sounds.

Who would’ve thought that apart from a short while in the beginning, Zhao Lun—the number one prodigy—would end up being beaten one-sidedly?

Zhao Lun was simmering with rage. He was being beaten in front of so many people; how utterly humiliating! His expression became frosty as a powerful aura instantly emanated from his body. This was an extremely ancient aura that was also brimming with a formidable might.

“Power of the nation!” many people exclaimed.

Not long ago, Zhao Lun had been appointed as a seventh-rank military officer by the empress, meaning he was able to use the power of the nation. Although he wasn’t allowed to draw on as much power as the Left and Right Ministers and the Seven Generals could, his low cultivation level meant that he wouldn’t be able to draw on much even if there was no restriction.

Zhao Lun’s disadvantage instantly disappeared under the support of the power of the nation. His golden body became dazzling again—in fact, it was even more dazzling than before.

Peng, peng, peng, peng!

He grabbed this opportunity to counterattack, instantly forcing Ling Han to continuously retreat.

Ling Han was slightly astonished. With the support of the power of the nation, even Zhao Lun’s divine sense seemed to gain an extra layer of protection. When he unleashed his Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique, it was actually rebounded back, completely unable to harm Zhao Lun!

“Die!” Zhao Lun’s eyes were red with rage as his gigantic body cast a huge shadow on the ground.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, “You’ve merely raised your battle prowess by one star and used the power of the nation to protect your divine sense. It’s not like you have an indestructible body. What are you so smug about?” Ling Han increased the distance between him and Zhao Lun before immediately releasing an arrow, using his body like a bow and his Origin Power as an arrow.

Zhao Lun was deeply astonished. This was the technique that had killed Bai Yuansi not long ago. Although the might of this arrow paled in comparison, a large portion of his strength had also been sealed at this moment. He couldn’t take this arrow lightly.

He raised his hand with much difficulty.


The arrow pierced through his arm, with even his golden body unable to block its might.

Then, the arrow transformed into specks of Origin Power that eventually vanished into thin air.

Zhao Lun’s face was ashen as blood flowed from his arm. After drawing on the power of the nation, he had initially thought that victory was within his grasp. Much to his disbelief, however, Ling Han immediately gave him a slap across the cheek.

This wasn’t the Ultimate Arrow, so Ling Han wasn’t drained of all his strength after firing this shot. He immediately drew his bow and fired another shot.

Twang! Twang!

Zhao Lun retreated a step with each arrow that Ling Han fired. His body was riddled with holes—even his golden body was unable to resist the power of the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow.

“Ahhh…!” Zhao Lun let loose a furious cry as the golden light on his body disappeared. Meanwhile, he also shrunk from nine meters back down to his original size. Although the nine-meter-tall golden body could increase his battle prowess ninefold, it also turned him into a huge target that was much more susceptible to Ling Han’s attacks.

‘Could it be… that Zhao Lun is going to surrender?’

“I’ll let you see my true strength!” Zhao Lun said in a sinister voice. He extended his right hand, and it surprisingly became water-like and inky black.

Ling Han’s heart jolted. This was the aura that Zhao Lun’s strike from before had contained. This was the aura that had even torn apart his physique and corroded all the way to his Godly bones.

‘Is this the ancient technique that Zhao Lun’s been practicing all this time?’

Numerous thoughts flashed through his mind, yet his hands didn’t slow down a single bit, instantly releasing another arrow.

Zhao Lun didn’t dodge, and instead furiously charged toward Ling Han.


The Origin Power arrow collided with Zhao Lun’s body. However, Zhao Lun’s body uncannily transformed into a liquid-like state that was malleable and like cotton. The arrow instantly tore through his body.

Then, like ripples of water, his torn body started to heal itself. Regardless of how strong a God Tool was, could it permanently sever running water?

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