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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 992: Can’t Stand Out Too Much

Chapter 992: Can’t Stand Out Too Much

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Ling Han’s foot paused, and then stopped.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. If this foot really landed, who knew what kind of madness Zhao Lun would sink into? In his rage, he might even kill them all to stop them from leaking the truth.

Zhao Lun seemed like he had completely spread out. This defeat was enough of a humiliation; if his face was really stepped on, how would he be able to face others in future?

“If I step on others, I’ll stand out too much, which doesn’t match my modest image,” Ling Han mumbled to himself.

Zhao Lun almost exploded in fury. ‘You actually f****** think you’re humble?

‘You’ve hooked up with the daughter of the Left Minister, and there was also the Ninth King, and you had even snatched my woman. You are already standing out so much, so how else do you want to display how ‘modest’ you are?’

However, now that Ling Han did not step on his face, he did not dare take the initiative to incite him. Otherwise, it would really be too late for him to regret.

Ling Han broke out into a grin, removed his shoe, and said, “If I use this to smack you, it would not stand out too much, I guess.”

Zhao Lun’s whole body erupted in goosebumps, and he broke out in a cold sweat due to his terror. He exclaimed, “You, don’t you take things too far! I am Zhao Lun! Zhao Lun!”

“Lun your sister!”


Ling Han simply smacked his shoe right over, landing a solid hit, immediately leaving behind a distinct shoe print on Zhao Lun’s face.

“Weren’t you so very arrogant?

“Didn’t you want to make other people into your dogs?

“Today, I will teach you how to behave!

“Who do you think you are? Just because you have a little authority, a little status, and some abilities, you can act so arrogant, and fancy that you are the son of a Great General? If you actually became an emperor one day, wouldn’t you float straight up into the sky?”

Ling Han accompanied each word with a slap, and very soon, Zhao Lun’s face was covered with shoe prints, completely concealing his handsome face.

Those in the surroundings all inhaled sharply. Their mouths were gaping wide as they watched dumbstruck.

The one and only son of the Great General Zhao was actually slapped with a shoe in public… What kind of great humiliation was this? What if the Great General Zhao flew into rage? If he really wanted to kill Ling Han, how could it be that the empress would behead the Great General Zhao to be buried next to him?

… Ling Han was only Ling Han, a native from a small world, so how could he be compared with the Great General Zhao?

Pa, pa, pa, pa. The sound of slapping rang out endlessly, but after only about 20-odd slaps, with a pa , the shoe in Ling Han’s hand broke in half.

“Yi, your skin is really quite thick and old; no wonder you dare to act so arrogant and tyrannical!” Ling Han casually tossed down the broken shoe, and removed the other side as well. Then, he drew out a new pair of shoes which he slipped on.

“Lun your sister, you broke one of my shoes, so how are you going to compensate me for it?” Ling Han lifted the other shoe, looking like he was about to start smacking him again.

Everyone was stunned. You were obviously the one who had smacked him with the shoe so hard that it broke in half. At this moment, ten thousand curse words had to be streaming through Zhao Lun’s head. ‘You actually make a false countercharge?! I’ve never seen someone as tyrannical as you!’

But upon further thought, Zhao Lun had been so arrogant previously. It had obviously been a mortal duel between Ling Han and Bai Yuansi, and he actually ignored the Academy regulations, and planned to interfere and cause injury. If it were not for the fact that Ling Han’s physique was tough enough, he would have long since been killed 800 times, and if it were not for the fact that the Ninth King had rushed here just in time, what chance would Ling Han have had in turning the tides?

Even the mildest person would have a temper!

“Ling Han, you’ve gone too far!” Zhao Lun exclaimed, his brow twisted and eyes slanted. Though Ling Han’s shoe had indeed broken from the force, his face was not all that better, either.

“Is it too far?”


Ling Han once again delivered a smack with his shoe with a grin, and countered, “At which part have I gone too far? Have I gone as far as you?”

“You just wait, I will definitely tear you into pieces!” Zhao Lun said through gritted teeth. His true abilities could let him suppress Ling Han who knew how many times; unfortunately, the latter had gotten the backing of the Ninth King, and now in a battle at equal level, he was actually being suppressed completely.

“Silly bird, looks like you still haven’t learnt your lesson.” Ling Han once again began a series of slaps, beating Zhao Lun into submission.

“Should we step out to stop them?” The several elders of the Academy were again whispering amongst themselves.

“But the Ninth King hasn’t spoken yet, so how can we speak up first?”


With Zhao Lun suffering such a massive humiliation in the Academy, Great General Zhao would definitely take them to task, but the problem here was that the Ninth King was even higher up in hierarchy, and even she had not spoken yet, so who would be able to stop them? To put it bluntly, even if Great General Zhao stepped out and personally made a bid for mercy, whether the Ninth King agreed or not depended completely on her mood.

These elders all looked at each other, and only felt that they were trapped between a rock and a hard place.

If they had known that it would’ve turned out like this, they should have stepped out at the first opportunity to call a halt. But, who asked them to want to make both Ling Han and Zhao Lun suffer a little, and give them a little lesson, hence allowing things to develop to this stage? And the result? Things had progressed to a point that it had completely exceeded their sphere of control.

Zhao Lun knew that it was useless to beg for mercy, and only glared at Ling Han ferociously. As long as he got free… He just had to get free!

Ling Han saw this, and asked smilingly, “Are you thinking that the moment you get free, you will spare no expense to kill me?” Without waiting for Zhao Lun’s response, he had already delivered another smack with his shoe. “Lun your sister, dream on!”

“Ling Han, don’t lower yourself to his level. Come with me to see Big Sister— no, Her Imperial Majesty!” Hu Feiyun finally spoke.

Great, Zhao Lun had been heavily thrashed, and was actually spoken of as such. He was probably going to throw up blood in his fury.

“Her Imperial Majesty wants to see me?” Ling Han was stunned for a moment.

The empress was so busy, so how would she have the leisure to summon him? If he counted that time when he took part in the competition between the three empires, this was the second time.

In short half a year’s time, he was summoned by the empress again. How heavily did the empress favor him?

Everyone was wiping off cold sweat, thinking that the Ninth King had obviously come with the duty of announcing an imperial decree, yet actually dragged things out so long before finally speaking of it. If this had been any other person, he would have already been executed 10,000 times.

But if it was the Ninth King, no one would dare tattle on her.

What a joke, she and the empress actually addressed each other as sisters, so who would dare try sow dissension between them?

“Fine then, let’s go.” Ling Han casually threw the shoe away, turned, and smiled at Zhao Lun. “Lun your sister, I’ll thrash you again next time!”

In front of everyone’s eyes, he and the Ninth King walked off without a second thought.

“Ah…!!!” Zhao Lun released a roar of fury. In this battle, his great reputation had really been completely torn to pieces, and he was too humiliated to face others.

He leaped up, and xiu , disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Everyone exchanged looks, both excited and curious. This Zhao Lun would definitely not let things go like this, but Ling Han had the Ninth King’s support, and even Zhao Lun would not dare to use the authority of the General’s Residence to harm him.

How would things develop?

Yet Ling Han did not take too much notice of this. He followed the Ninth King all the way to the doors of the Imperial Palace, but the Ninth King tugged on him and took a turning. They passed the doors without entering, and directly returned where they came.

“Yi, wasn’t I summoned by Her Imperial Majesty?” Ling Han asked curiously.

“Hehe, that was just something I blabbed out. I purposely wanted others to know that you are now someone who has the attention of Her Imperial Majesty so others would not dare to harm you.” This was the answer the Ninth King gave to him.

Ling Han was both touched and amused. The Ninth King actually dared to announce a false imperial decree just to give him a protective talisman; she was probably the only one who would dare do such a thing. However, this girl was a little silly. She herself was actually enough to restrain those minor characters—there was absolutely no need to borrow the great tiger skin of the empress

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