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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel)




Demonic Fire


Comedy Romance Shounen Ai Yaoi

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The person that Pei Zhen hates most in his life is the perfect Fu Sichen. Alas, life is full of surprises and unpredictability. One fine day, an accident turns Pei Zhen into Fu Sichen’s pet cat! As Fu Sichen’s pet cat, he makes a shocking discovery about his sworn enemy – a deep dark secret that the perfect Fu Sichen has kept hidden for years. Trapped in his cat body, Pei Zhen moves from one adventure into another while trying hard to find a way of turning back into his human self. When he finally does, the world as he once knew, has become a completely different place!

568 • 2019-10-23 18:51:27


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 233: Additional Chapter 32019-12-26
Chapter 232: Additional Chapter 22019-12-26
Chapter 231: Additional Chapter 12019-12-26
Chapter 230: Pei Pei, You’re Your Big Brother’s Favorite (Finale)2019-12-26
Chapter 229: Just You Wait Till Big Boss Fu Shows His Raw Instincts2019-12-25
Chapter 228: How Did His Boyfriend Turn Out So Cute!2019-12-25
Chapter 227: Daddy Had Been Too Lazy to Move2019-12-25
Chapter 226: I Can Take Care of You2019-12-24
Chapter 225: You’re Bold to Be Messing Around With My Lover2019-12-24
Chapter 224: I’m Just a Bottom Party!2019-12-24
Chapter 223: How About I Give You a Kiss2019-12-23
Chapter 222: Missing the Cat and Dog Couple!2019-12-23
Chapter 221: The Power of Love Was Great2019-12-23
Chapter 220: The World’s Cutest Mini Top Party!2019-12-22
Chapter 219: Our Sichen Is Definitely the Bottom Party!2019-12-22
Chapter 218: I’m the One Taking Care of You2019-12-21
Chapter 217: I Was a Freaking Cat at That Time!2019-12-21
Chapter 216: With My Mouth2019-12-21
Chapter 215: With Gentleness, Loving Kindness, and Also a Little Fanaticism2019-12-21
Chapter 214: I think I Love You Too…2019-12-20
Chapter 213: A Hot and Passionate Rendezvous in the Office?2019-12-20
Chapter 212: Pei Pei, Slow Down, Slow Down a Little…2019-12-20
Chapter 211: Why Are You in Such a Pathetic Plight?2019-12-19
Chapter 210: I’m Going over to Be His Savior2019-12-19
Chapter 209: Man and Man, Hand-in-Hand2019-12-19
Chapter 208: I’m Sorry! I’m the Dog!2019-12-18
Chapter 207: Did the Terms of Breaching of Contract Include Coming out of the Closet?2019-12-18
Chapter 206: Pei Pei, Can You Not Leave the Circle?2019-12-18
Chapter 205: Damn, He Had Been Topped Already!2019-12-17
Chapter 204: Three Hundred Million for Dowry?2019-12-17
Chapter 203: Pei Zhen Will Not Say No2019-12-17
Chapter 202: Cold On the Surface; Scorching Hot in Private2019-12-16
Chapter 201: How Can You Keep Your Boyfriend Under Wraps?2019-12-16
Chapter 200: Your Technique Is Poor as Hell2019-12-16
Chapter 199: Darling, I Will Be Very Gentle2019-12-15
Chapter 198: I Won’t Let You Be Hurt Again!2019-12-15
Chapter 197: Pei Pei, You Should Turn 18 Tonight2019-12-15
Chapter 196: Alcohol Gives Courage and Makes One Lose Control!2019-12-14
Chapter 195: You Are Quick, a Man Quick in Every Way2019-12-14
Chapter 194: This Is for Nourishing the Body2019-12-14
Chapter 193: It Seems That Being Together Isn’t Easy2019-12-13
Chapter 192: Would I Have Been Able to Hook You If I Were Straight?2019-12-13
Chapter 191: I Like You2019-12-13
Chapter 190: The Sort of Exercise That Propagates the Human Race2019-12-12
Chapter 189: There’s Only Hatred Between Them; No Love2019-12-12
Chapter 188: Can I Have Those Bracelets?2019-12-12
Chapter 187: What Grievances Do You Have That You Would Hurt My Daddy Pei!2019-12-11
Chapter 186: Good Boy, Let Big Brother Give You a Hug2019-12-11
Chapter 185: It’s Unlikely That I Can Be the Top Party2019-12-11
Chapter 184: I’ll Happily Go to Ends of the Earth for You2019-12-10
Chapter 183: Big Brother Sichen, I Miss You Too2019-12-10
Chapter 182: Boyfriend, Do You Want to Come Out?2019-12-10
Chapter 181: That’s What a Real Man’s Like in the Morning2019-12-09
Chapter 180: Mum, Fu Sichen Is Sleeping with Me Tonight?!2019-12-09
Chapter 179: Fu Sichen, the Bitch!2019-12-09
Chapter 178: He Wanted to Top Me, Good My Ass2019-12-08
Chapter 177: My Little Diao Diao2019-12-08
Chapter 176: Yes, I’m Willing to Be the Bottom Party2019-12-08
Chapter 175: I’ll Reserve the Whole Seafood Restaurant Just for You2019-12-07
Chapter 174: Sincerely Requesting Pei Zhen’s Morning Photo2019-12-07
Chapter 173: Waking up to My Own Good Looks Every Morning2019-12-07
Chapter 172: Love-struck, You Won’t Understand2019-12-06
Chapter 171: Late Night Date2019-12-06
Chapter 170: Pei Zhen… Is It Okay?2019-12-06
Chapter 169: Relax, Don’t Worry2019-12-05
Chapter 168: Pei Pei, I Like You More Every Day2019-12-05
Chapter 167: That’s Right, I’d Like to Eat You2019-12-04
Chapter 166: The Sweet Taste of Being in Love2019-12-04
Chapter 165: You Can Be in Charge of Warming the Bed2019-12-04
Chapter 164: More Kissing and Things Will Get out of Control2019-12-04
Chapter 163: You Are Now a Man with a Boyfriend2019-12-03
Chapter 162: Kiss My One-And-Only Precious Darling2019-12-03
Chapter 161: Embarrassment, Because He Was the One Being Embraced2019-12-03
Chapter 160: A Stunner Like Himself Could Not Possibly Be the Bottom Party2019-12-02
Chapter 159: Daddy Pei, I Was Talking About This Ab2019-12-02
Chapter 158: I Wish I Could Tell the World You’re Mine2019-12-01
Chapter 157: Completely Melting and Merging in the Heat2019-12-01
Chapter 156: May I Kiss You?2019-12-01
Chapter 155: I’ll Wait for You2019-12-01
Chapter 154: I Don’t Like Men, I Only Like You2019-11-30
Chapter 153: Imagine I’m the Person You Love…2019-11-30
Chapter 152: Xiao Nian, Are You Trying to Murder Your Fathers?2019-11-29
Chapter 151: You Are Going Through a Breakup, Not a Love Confession2019-11-29
Chapter 150: Pei Zhen Definitely Likes Me2019-11-29
Chapter 149: Pei Zhen, Do You Think So Lowly of Me?2019-11-28
Chapter 148: I Wanted to See You2019-11-28
Chapter 147: His Heart Warmed2019-11-28
Chapter 146: Come Stay with Me2019-11-28
Chapter 145: In Praise of the Virtues of Socialism2019-11-27
Chapter 144: I Managed It While Thinking of You2019-11-27
Chapter 143: One Would Be Influenced by Whom One Hung out with, Gay People Inclusive2019-11-27
Chapter 142: And Now I’m Not Even Allowed to Have a Reaction?2019-11-26
Chapter 141: Two Men, Isn’t It Provocative?2019-11-26
Chapter 140: Reminded Him Again of Princess Hug!2019-11-26
Chapter 139: Feel Like Having Sweets, and Even More Like Having Meat!2019-11-25
Chapter 138: Empty Words, Obviously You Like Me2019-11-25
Chapter 137: So Who Would Be on Top and Who Would Be Underneath?2019-11-25
Chapter 136: Will Not Be Touched by Anyone Else2019-11-24
Chapter 135: Fu Sichen, Best Actor Fu2019-11-24
Chapter 134: May We Know the Relationship Between You and Best Actor Fu?2019-11-24