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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel) - Chapter 89: My Precious One, Are You in Love with Me Yet

Chapter 89: My Precious One, Are You in Love with Me Yet

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Following the discovery of the Seven Wonders of The World, the eighth discovery was soon to come.

The Condor Heroes came out of hiding!

The avatar for ‘Yang Guo’ was familiar; it was a picture of Pei Zhen’s mother! It also carried a sense of unfamiliarity though, because of his infrequent contact with her.

The video call ringtone sounded and seemed to go on forever in the confines of the bedroom. Pei Zhen wasn’t sure if it was just his imagination, but he felt it was ringing a little too loudly.

What now?

Made nervous by the sudden situation, Pei Zhen forgot that he could lower the ringtone volume, and hit the ‘disconnect’ button with his trembling paw instead.

Not only did Pei Zhen disconnect the video call, he felt compelled to switch off the mobile phone.

Even then, ‘Yang Guo’ had other ways of contacting him.

Outside the bedroom, Fu Sichen’s mobile phone starting ringing.

“Pei Pei? Hung up on you? Switched off his mobile phone?” Fu Sichen spoke respectfully and gently when talking to Pei Zhen’s mother—a far cry from the way he talked to anyone else. “Aunty Pei, I’m sure it’s not that Pei Zhen doesn’t love you. And no, he doesn’t have other mothers taking care of him. He’s just busy.”

Fu Sichen was a convincing liar.

From a young age, whenever Pei Zhen created trouble, he would have his cover blown. No matter what excuses he could come up with he failed to fool anyone. Instead, he’d be told to brush up on his lying skills.

The same lies would be met with completely different reactions when Fu Sichen delivered them! It was as though Pei Zhen’s mother was deliberately showing her bias and full trust in Fu Sichen!

So, when Fu Sichen said that Pei Zhen was busy, Pei Zhen’s mother was immediately convinced. The tone of her voice calmed down, and she went on to say something to the effect of not getting too carried away with work and getting enough rest. She also said that if he dared to hang up on her again, she’d immediately return.

Fu Sichen managed all of that in the most agreeable and well-behaved manner. No one would have thought he was staring at her son’s butt.

“Aunty Pei, you and Uncle Pei take care.” Fu Sichen was obviously on good terms with her, and she completely adored the young man. In a moment of over-confidence, he added, “Aunty Pei, Pei Zhen and I miss you, when will you be coming home?”

Pei Zhen’s mother was similar to Yang Guo’s character in The Condor Heroes—extremely straightforward. “Since you miss us so much, we will work hard so that we can return home next month!”

Fu Sichen hadn’t expected that.

He was standing outside his bedroom, and his heart suddenly plunged when he looked at the Persian cat in the room.

That was it.

He had no idea if a month was enough.

Pei Zhen had no idea what went on in the conversation between Fu Sichen and his mother. He only vaguely heard ‘next month,’ and for some reason felt uneasy.

The video call window from his mother was requesting a disconnection. Pei Zhen was worried if Fu Sichen would discover any clues from the episode.

But, Fu Sichen seemed a little ‘dumb.’

Pei Zhen was on his tip-toe’s after. However, even as he finished cooking dinner, Fu Sichen hadn’t enquired how the comatose Pei Zhen could have hung up on his mother and switched off a mobile phone.

Fu Sichen was skilled indeed.

Even though he seldom cooked, he had sharp tastebuds and a good memory for the culinary skills. Pei Zhen loved all of the dishes—juicy prawns, fresh meat, and Pei Zhen’s favorite fish with fermented vegetables.

One bite and a burst of flavor filled the mouth. The food tasted so good that it almost made Pei Zhen meow.

“It tastes good, doesn’t it? Isn’t it excellent?” Fu Sichen was doubly satisfied when he saw Pei Zhen’s expression. “My Precious One, are you in love with me yet?”

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