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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel) - Chapter 90: Why Was Fu Sichen Keeping This!

Chapter 90: Why Was Fu Sichen Keeping This!

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The dinner was so satisfying and tasty that Pei Zhen was ready to call a truce with Fu Sichen, never to be enemies again.

That was, until Fu Sichen’s last remark. It hit Pei Zhen like a bolt of lightning, and the piece of fish in his mouth fell onto the tabletop with an almost inaudible smack.

“Silence is taken as a sign of agreement.”

Fu Sichen had no shame and acted as though such behavior was his birthright. He even leaned forward to kiss Pei Zhen while the cat was still in a state of shock.

Pei Zhen was left speechless.

Once again, the Persian cat was emotionally exhausted.

He had no idea what came over Fu Sichen, but the kiss was long and hard.

When Pei Zhen could finally react, he reached out to scratch Fu Sichen, waving his paws wildly in Fu Sichen’s face. But the Stinker wouldn’t go away! When Fu Sichen finally released his grip, Pei Zhen’s eyes were on fire with anger. It looked like a thug was bullying a child.

Best Actor Fu received a scratch once again.

The latest injury was even quite serious. Red lashes covered his arms and chest. The Persian cat was kind enough not to ruin his handsome face though, leaving it unharmed. He had no intentions of ruining his celebrity career.

“Is this because you don’t want me wearing short sleeves? And taking nude photos?” Pei Zhen was somewhat taken aback by Fu Sichen’s good mood. “Sure, I’ll respect your possessiveness.”

Pei Zhen glared back wordlessly.

What crap!

Who the hell cares what clothes you wear and what photos you take! Even if you were to star in adult or gay films, I wouldn’t bat an eye!

Pei Zhen the cat, unfortunately, could not speak in human language. Otherwise, he would have made remarks so sarcastic that Fu Sichen would lose his will to live.

The Persian cat meowed away, its icy blue eyes on fire. Fu Sichen had gone past the initial stage where he was angry with the cat and found everything it did adorable.

Because of his fondness for the cat, the liberties that Fu Sichen took in bed at night were even worse.

In the past, he had allowed the cat some freedom and space, but no longer. Fu Sichen’s long limbs imprisoned the cat in their embrace. “Pei Pei, do you want to hear a story?”

Angry beyond words, Pei Zhen could only roll his eyes.

“There is someone I like very much.” Ignoring Pei Zhen’s foul mood, Fu Sichen started his narration. “He is dashing looking, very intelligent and adorable. Everything about him was perfect—except…”

“Aggghhhhhhh! I’m not listening! I’m not listening!”

Without waiting for Fu Sichen to finish, Pei Zhen covered his ears with his paws and started to protest. It was as if he were trying to prove how much he didn’t want to listen to Fu Sichen’s story.

Especially the subject of the story— the subject whom Fu Sichen liked!

Pei Zhen was aware of a sense of melancholy, but he didn’t know from where it came. It reminded him of the time when he first turned into a cat, and how sad and soulless Fu Sichen had looked.

He had definitely lost his love!

Seeing how Pei Zhen had covered his ears, Fu Sichen could not bring himself to continue his story. He sighed helplessly, tugged lightly at the corners of Pei Zhen’s blanket, and said, “Go to sleep.”

The lights in the bedroom went off, and after a while, the sound of controlled breathing filled the room. Only then did Pei Zhen open his eyes.

He is dashing looking.

Very intelligent and adorable.

What girl was Fu Sichen in love with?

For unknown reasons, he suddenly felt that no matter which girl it was, she wasn’t good enough for his childhood buddy.

This childhood buddy that Pei Zhen was thinking of woke up next morning to prepare for filming. Before he left, he pulled out a pile of gaming equipment and left them by the computer. That surprised Pei Zhen.

The games were ones that Pei Zhen liked.

There was even an old game among them. It wasn’t until Pei Zhen glanced at it that he realized something that left him speechless—the cover had a familiar scratch on it.

He thought he had thrown away the game cartridge—why was Fu Sichen keeping it!

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