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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel) - Chapter 91: Entering the Eternal Abyss of the Gay Universe

Chapter 91: Entering the Eternal Abyss of the Gay Universe

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The first day that Pei Zhen lived together with Fu Sichen, Pei Zhen discovered Fu Sichen’s computer login password. He thought that his own good looks surpassed any love or hatred between them.

The third day that he lived together with Fu Sichen, Pei Zhen discovered that Fu Sichen was a pervert who had a fetish for dead bodies and coveted his comatose human body.

Having lived together with Fu Sichen for many days, Pei Zhen discovered that Fu Sichen had preserved his notes from school, remembered his favorite food, and even kept the collection of games he played.

There was no mistake, the games used to belong to him.

Pei Zhen vividly remembered when the Nintendo games hit the market, and he bought them. He’d always make a mark on the game cartridges so that he could differentiate them from the other gamers’ cartridges.

The cartridges still had the crooked character ‘Pei’ stubbornly engraved, standing the test of time.

But for Pei Zhen, the games were only a fad. After a short time, he lost interest and threw them out.

Pei Zhen looked at all the things that had been thrown out and reappeared before him, and then he looked across at Fu Sichen—he couldn’t describe his feelings.

This… could it still pass as ‘idol worshipping?’

Fu Sichen was, at any rate, a better Nintendo player than Pei Zhen. It would be unreasonable to comfort himself by thinking that Fu Sichen idol-worshipped him.

“I’m going for a shoot.” It was a rarity that Fu Sichen didn’t take Pei Pei along to work. “I’ll be home a little late. Your lunch is already on the dining table.”

Fu Sichen was going to tell Pei Zhen to warm up the food before eating, but in the end, he swallowed his words with difficulty.

He wasn’t worried that the Persian cat would try to run away again. He bade the cat goodbye, assuming that the cat understood what he was saying, and left the house.

Before he left, Fu Sichen had placed a copy of his script on the desk. It was a story centered around a gay theme. Pei Zhen felt that Fu Sichen did that intentionally.

“I wouldn’t star in a gay drama. Over my dead body!”

Pei Zhen gave the script a casual glance. Obviously, Fu Sichen had done his homework—notes littered the document, a few lines even marked by a red pen. He took one look and was almost hooked.

Entering the eternal abyss of the gay universe.

Pei Zhen didn’t understand the world of homosexuality, but he’d heard of it. The circle was mysterious and magical. Basically, if you were able to accept the male-male orientation, life would turn upside down!

Not able to read the script, Pei Zhen picked up the gaming equipment instead.

Before he got into the game, he made sure that he would be able to erase his tracks after.

The first Nintendo games made required the use of a gaming card. On top of that, there was a hand-held control—it was a real test of coordination skills.

Pei Zhen used to be a champion gamer. After he turned into a cat, his paw pad was still very agile. Unbeatable!

“Persian cat! Persian cat!”

Just as Pei Zhen was hitting a high playing the game, the bird outside his window started to create a commotion, calling out to Pei Zhen.

Pei Zhen was surprised.

Where did the bird come from? It was a highrise building.

More to the point, it seemed that the bird was there to look for him?

The window was sealed and couldn’t open. He didn’t have a choice but to go to the balcony.

The bird was intelligent. When it saw Pei Zhen jumping off

the desk and heading out of the room, he quickly flew towards the balcony, flapping its wings and chirping away.

The balcony windows were shut.

With a powerful upward push, Pei Zhen jumped up and managed to open the window. “Do you know me?”

“You’re the brave Persian cat who saved the guiding dog.” Once he opened the window, the bird wasn’t shy about inviting itself onto the balcony. “Being the nosiest bird amongst the flock, of course I know you.”

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