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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel) - Chapter 92: So You Are the Legendary ‘Schwarzcatger’

Chapter 92: So You Are the Legendary ‘Schwarzcatger’

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The birds were very noisy and chattered to no end.

“My cousin’s sister’s neighbor’s cousin’s brother’s friend lives in the hospital.” After relating such a complex relationship, the bird intended to seek Pei Zhen’s opinion. “You saved a guiding dog previously. I’m sure you can save other dogs too?”

Pei Zhen didn’t speak.

He was at a complete loss as to what it was all about.

In the episode where he saved the guiding dog, a large part of the credit went to Fu Sichen!

“It’s true; he is devastated.” This bird was quite particular and insisted that Pei Zhen’s himself handled this matter. “Because he was ill, he ended up being abandoned.”

“He is a family-owned dog?” asked Pei Zhen.

“Yes.” The bird was furious at the mention of it. “Initially he was adopted, being mistaken that he had a pedigree. After they brought him home and realized that he was, in fact, a mongrel, their attitude towards him worsened.”

The little bird’s thoughts were scattered, and it took Pei Zhen some time before he finally pieced the story together.

So it seemed the family had abandoned the pastoral dog. Then, because it had suffered malnutrition for such a long time, it fell ill and was sometimes unable to control its bladder and bowels.

The pastoral dog had pooped in the car.

Having soiled his owner’s car, the owner was furious and violently dragged the dog out of the vehicle. There was even some kicking and punching.

“Pooped?” Now that the bird mentioned it, Pei Zhen finally recalled what he had heard when they were entering the hotel the night before. Suddenly his heart dropped, and he felt remorse.

He hadn’t imagined things the night before.

If he had known then, he would have immediately investigated the matter.

There was no use feeling regret. Pei Zhen asked the little bird a few more questions to understand the situation, and then turned and ran towards the door.

The little bird followed him out. When they entered the living room, they coincidentally saw a glossy magazine on the table. Immediately the bird exclaimed, “Oh my! How dashing!”

Pei Zhen stopped in his tracks and turned to look at the magazine. It was Fu Sichen on the cover, and it was especially dazzling.

Huh! I’m better looking by far!

“My god, what a handsome guy!” The little bird stopped right there, staring at the magazine as if it had forgotten how to flap its wings. Its eyes glazed over. “What do you say… do I stand a chance to be together with him?”


Pei Zhen was tempted to laugh out loud.

With an attitude, his paws grabbed the magazine and rudely flipped it over so that the ditzy little bird could no longer stare at Fu Sichen’s picture!

The little bird was hurt and retorted, “Big brother cat…”

“The urgent matter on hand is to rescue the dog!” He didn’t care how the little bird was feeling. Pei Zhen pushed the chair along, opened the front door and charged towards the underground carpark.

Compared to the hustle and bustle of daytime, the carpark was quiet. Pei Zhen surveyed his surroundings. Nothing. Then he turned to look at the little bird.

“The dog was just hiding behind the car when I flew off to get help.”

Pointing at a luxury sedan, the little bird continued flying forward. Pei Zhen caught up with her. When they neared the sedan, the helpless whining became louder.

A pastoral dog was lying under the car. Its teary eyes were wide-open, and it was weak and helpless. When it saw the Persian cat, the dog even retreated by pushing itself backward.

Whimper. “Don’t come near.”

“Do I look that scary?” Pei Zhen asked.

The little bird spared no effort in trying to please him. “Not at all! You are the “Schwarzenegger” amongst cats! If only I could become a cat myself so that I could marry you!”

Pei Zhen rolled his eyes.

He wanted to show his middle finger, but before he could even get his paws to resemble one, they heard footsteps from a distance.

“I told you we shouldn’t get a dog.”

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