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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel) - Chapter 93: The Hired Cat Turned out to Be a Dumb One

Chapter 93: The Hired Cat Turned out to Be a Dumb One

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The standard of living had gone up, and most of the more well-off liked to keep cats or dogs as pets.

Perhaps because of that, incidents of irresponsible pet ownership were on the rise.

Many people owned pets as a matter of passing interest. They found the little animals cute, but they also found it inconvenient and bothersome when it came to caring for them.

That was the case with Liu Ou’s family.

When his relative’s dog gave birth, the puppies were tiny, soft, and so cute they stole your heart. Inspired to keep a pet dog, Liu Ou ‘reserved’ a puppy.


After the dog had stayed with her a few months, she put him on a leash and took him for a walk around the estate. When people asked, “What sort of dog is this?” The words’ pastoral dog’ would tumble around in her mouth but not find their way out.

“Why would one keep a pastoral dog; at least keep a Golden Retriever.”

“These pastoral dogs are everywhere; there’s no value in keeping them.”

“Besides, it doesn’t have a pedigree. Who knows what sort of defects it has.”

The people in the neighborhood had lots of comments, and they didn’t know how to shut their mouths. After the repeated comments, it became a thorn in Liu Ou’s side, and the pastoral dog gradually became an eyesore to her.

As the pastoral dog became less important to her, so did caring for it. Slowly, even the dog’s basic needs weren’t guaranteed.

Day by day, the pastoral dog’s health condition worsened. Liu Ou was a cruel woman to extend the animal’s sufferings in such a way. It would have been kinder to put the dog down.

“If I had known, I wouldn’t have brought the dog with us.” The footsteps in the carpark grew louder as they approached. The male voice sounded impatient. “Damn it, it really dirtied my car.”

“Well, what can I do?” The woman next to him was Liu Ou, and she was in a bad mood as well. “It’s because your father likes dogs. If it weren’t for the fact that I was trying to help you gain favor with the old man, do you think I’d keep a dog?”

“Huh, so you brought home a dog that pees and poos everywhere?”

“Lin Xuan, what do you mean by that! If it weren’t for you being so useless, would I need to worry about these things.”

“Fine. Fine. The priority now is to locate the dog. The old man’s birthday celebration is about to start, so we can’t delay.”

The dog’s pooping and peeing the night before had left Liu Ou and her family hopping mad. In a fit of rage, Lin Xuan aggressively dragged the pastoral dog out of the car and kicked it.

After that, he felt jinxed and didn’t care about how the dog was doing. He got into the car again and drove to the carwash.

When he got back, the pastoral dog had gone missing. At that point, it was no real surprise—up until that morning when the old man called up and said that he wanted to see the dog. That was when Lin Xuan and Liu Ou started looking for the dog.

“What should we do?” Although the little bird had tiny eyes, her hearing was sharp. “Are we really letting them take Xiao Tian away?”

“Xiao Tian?” Pei Zhen was speechless for a moment then signaled towards the dog. “Do you mean him?”

“Yes. The pastoral dog is called Xiao Tian for short.” The little bird had her own way of thinking. “Xiao Bo, hurry up and think of a plan.”

Xiao Bo… my foot!

Trying hard not to roll his eyes in that instance, Pei Zhen made a quick decision to let the little bird keep watch over the ailing dog. Then he made some noise against the floor.

Using his claws to scratch the ground proved to be quite attention-grabbing at such a quiet time of night. Seeing that the two humans heard the sound and it got their attention, the little bird panicked and grew so nervous that she almost attacked the cat.

My god! He was wrong and had made a gross misjudgment. The hired cat turned out to be a dumb one—all the legends were lies!

Just as the bird was extreme panic, the white Persian cat—with perfect timing—charged out of nowhere at high speed, causing the two humans to shout aloud in joy, “He’s there!”

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