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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel) - Chapter 94: Relive the Glory of That Day at the Hospital

Chapter 94: Relive the Glory of That Day at the Hospital

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Lin Xuan and Liu Ou saw something flash across their path at high speed, but all they could see was a silhouette.

Instinctively, they felt that it had to be their dog.

However, as they gave chase, they began to feel that something wasn’t quite right.

It wasn’t a pastoral dog; it was obviously a cat! In their anxiety to locate their dog, they were misled.

Another bout of sullenness. Lin Xuan was an uncouth man, so he took off his shoe and threw it at the cat. “Stupid cat!”

Naturally, the shoe missed the Persian cat, but it did manage to anger the feline.

Initially intending to act as a lure, Pei Zhen suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around. Instead of running, he charged aggressively towards Lin Xuan!

He wasn’t going to hit a woman.

Even if he was a cat, he was going to be a cat with principles.

Unfortunately for Lin Xuan, now all of the cat’s fury would fall solely on him. The Persian cat’s attack was what textbooks described—fast, accurate and ferocious—an agile leap, a lifting and then waving of paws, a bite, a scratch and finally a kick; its fluid motion caused him to relive the glory of that day at the hospital.


The sudden attacked left Lin Xuan aghast. He cried out once and retreated three steps. Before he could put up a defense, the Persian cat launched another attack!

“The cat attacked me”

“It’s true. Look! It scratched my clothes to bits.”

“Deplorable! Whose cat is this? I demand compensation!”

The City Centre’s five-star hotel had taken in the most embarrassed guest in history; at the same time, it was guest who was the most difficult.

The woman looked fine apart from her hairdo being a little messed up. But that wasn’t the case with the man. His branded shirt was torn and tattered, and bleeding scratches covered his face and arms—it was tragic.

They were looking for the hotel staff to give them an explanation of the situation. The hotel staff, however, simply thought that the couple was out of their minds.

Attacked by a cat?

A grown man couldn’t fend off a cat?

Furthermore, the hotel didn’t allow guests to bring their pets. Unless they secretly did so through the car park.

Ultimately, the hotel staff decided that these two were lying, and an unconvincing lie at that.

“I’m really sorry, Mr. Lin.” The hotel manager smiled politely but emotionlessly. “We don’t have any cats in this hotel.”

“That is not possible.” Lin Xuan was getting angrier by the minute. He slammed his palm on the tabletop in a most undignified manner and shouted, “It was a white cat with blue eyes! It was a Persian cat… yes! A Persian cat!”

As Lin Xuan was saying this, a sudden commotion could be heard coming from the direction of the hotel’s main entrance. Amidst the noise, excited shrieking sounded out.

“F-Fu… ahhhhhh, it’s really him!”

“My god! Greek god! The living Greek god!”

“Sichen! Sichen! So dashing!”

Lin Xuan thought that the name sounded familiar. He turned around and saw an eye-catching tall and handsome man.

It was really Fu Sichen, the Best Actor.

Fu Sichen was an extremely well-known figure, even people who didn’t follow entertainment news heard of him.

Seeing that a celebrity was approaching, Lin Xuan stopped his ranting. He automatically got up and stepped aside with humbled posture.

“What’s going on?” Fu Sichen, who was causing everyone to feel surprised, strode straight into the hotel, accidentally hearing talk concerning the cat. “Persian cat?”

“Yes, yes…” The hotel manager, also a big fan of Fu Sichen, was blushing heavily and his tone of voice had softened. “This guest insisted that a Persian cat attacked him, but we don’t have any cats in the hotel.”

‘Sorry… there is a cat around.’ Wang Youquan thought as he stood to the side.

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