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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel) - Chapter 95: To Live More Comfortably, One Has to Give and Take

Chapter 95: To Live More Comfortably, One Has to Give and Take

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Best Actor Fu used to be a dedicated professional. It was to the extent that even if he were within ten steps of home, he wouldn’t enter if he hadn’t completed the day’s work.

What about the Best Actor Fu post-Persian cat?

He had become a completely different person!

He didn’t complain once when they removed his makeup or when changing out of his filming wardrobe. Out of thoughtfulness—since the filming location was at least hours away from his serviced apartment—he was offered a room in a presidential suite near the filming location, but he had declined.

“My Pei Pei will be lonely.”

Pei Pei. Pei Pei. And Pei Pei again.

The people who knew him knew that he was talking about the cat. Those who didn’t would have mistakenly thought that Best Actor Fu and Pei Zhen had something going on between them.

Heh heh, however, star manager Wang Youquan was a little off-track with his assumption.

The cat has turned Fu from a noble-man to a worthless scum.

Downfall at lightning speed!

Having traveled a long way back, Fu Sichen initially wanted to go to the carpark directly. However, the staff notified them that the carpark was temporarily sealed off, for the purpose of capturing a cat.

“I’m sorry.” The young valet felt helpless and embarrassed. “There was a guest who complained that a cat attacked him, and now he’s creating a scene in the hotel lobby.”

As Fu Sichen approached the hotel entrance, he took no notice of all the shrieking and focused on the words’ Persian cat’ uttered by the man.

As his own Persian cat came to mind, Fu Sichen’s expression darkened. Through the explanation given by the hotel manager, he finally understood what had happened.

“Oh.” Fu Sichen was born a natural clothes horse. Even when dressed in a plain shirt, he exuded an air of nobility with his natural good looks. “Good luck on locating your cat.”

Saying that and ignoring all the reactions he was generating, he got into the lift escorted by his bodyguard. He was deep in thought as the lift doors shut.

The hotel did an excellent job keeping confidentiality; even the hotel manager had no idea that the owner of the penthouse was Fu Sichen. He only thought that Fu Sichen had checked into the hotel, and even apologized profusely for the situation that Lin Xuan caused.

“Sichen.” Other people might not have an idea, but not Wang Youquan. “That cat? Could it be your Persian cat?”

“Nonsense.” Fu Sichen defended his cat with aplomb. “Pei Pei is so well-behaved and cute.”

“Best Actor Fu, can you put your hand on your conscience and say that?” Wang Youquan asked.

Fu Sichen smiled. “To me, he is that way. As for the attacked party, the fact is that they were at fault.”

Wang Youquan didn’t know what else to say.

He really didn’t want to berate Fu Sichen for his blind faith and confidence any longer; he was emotionally exhausted.

“Sichen, I heard the young valet say that the male guest’s dog had gone missing.

“Let it be. Tramps wouldn’t attract Pei Pei, and he is definitely not interested in dogs.”

The password-secured elevator took them straight to the penthouse. The lift bell went off as the doors slid open. Right at Fu Sichen’s doorstep, the Persian cat was in an arched posture, pushing a dog forward.

He had a pure white body and was wearing a black pet suit with the words “Big Handsome Hunk” embroidered on the back. At one glance, it was familiar and unforgettable.

It was a Persian cat by the name of Pei Pei.

“Wow.” Seeing that Fu Sichen had stopped in his tracks, Wang Youquan peeked out from behind to see what was going on. Immediately he was amused. “Tsk. It’s bad enough that you’ve strayed, but to actually bring your new lover home…”

Fu Sichen’s expression immediately clouded over!

“Men.” It was a rare moment to see Fu Sichen jealous, and it gave a reason for Wang Youquan to be gleeful. He further patted Fu Sichen on the shoulder, and said, “To live more comfortably, one has to give and take.”

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