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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel) - Chapter 96: I Only Want Pei Pei, I’m Very Loyal

Chapter 96: I Only Want Pei Pei, I’m Very Loyal

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Fu Sichen wanted to laugh in Wang Youquan’s face.

“So reflective?” With a single move, he shook off Wang Youquan’s hand and said with sarcasm, “Why? Have you been two-timed so much that it has become a habit?”

Wang Youquan, the loser, had nothing to say.

By that point, the Persian cat had noticed their presence. He turned to glance at Fu Sichen with curiosity.

Wasn’t he supposed to be filming? Why was the man home so early?

Without meaning to, Pei Zhen gave a meow. Fu Sichen walked up to him with a smile that concealed his jealousy. “If I didn’t come home, I wouldn’t have found out that you made a new friend. You even brought her home? Must be a very close friend.”

Pei Zhen did not reply.

For some reason, what Fu Sichen said didn’t feel quite right. Pei Zhen could detect some underlying resentment, but it was only for a fleeting moment.

As Pei Zhen was stumped looking for a reply, the fat bird beside him suddenly started chirping, breaking the heavy silence.

“So dashing!”

“My god, my god, my phantom limb is getting a hard-on!”

“Take me, take me! Best Actor Fu, please take me!”

Pei Zhen, who understood what the bird was saying, rolled his eyes.


The bird’s previous calm vanished, and it turned frantic on meeting Fu Sichen, chirping about a phantom limb and taking her. Honestly, can’t they have some modesty?

Pei Zhen was displeased and glared at the bird. “Put away your phantom limb. You won’t be able to close the inter-species gap.”

“So what?” The bird had almost lost her voice with all the shrieking. “At least we are both males! How do you fall in love with the opposite sex!?”

Damn, Pei Zhen thought, this bird is a male?!

‘If the conversation continues, I’m really going to die.’ thought the severely weakened pastoral dog lying on the ground.

Fortunately, Pei Zhen had his priorities right and ignored the silly bird. He turned back to look at Fu Sichen again, signaling him to pay attention to the pastoral dog.

“This dog.” Fu Sichen noticed the injuries on the dog’s body and was frowning. “He’s heavily injured.”

“Seriously.” Wang Youquan looked across with a troubled expression. “Sichen, your cat has not only bitten the dog, now he’s trying to hide his body and get rid of the evidence.”

“Get lost.” Fu Sichen chided Wang Youquan roughly, then knelt down and parted the dog’s fur. His skin was covered in gashes and in some places the blood had clotted. “These wounds were inflicted by a human.”

The pastoral dog was indeed grievously wounded.

It was under-nourished and had not been kept clean—furthermore, the night before it had dirtied itself and smelled quite awful.

It was impressive that Fu Sichen and Wang Youquan didn’t complain a bit. The fat bird was touched to the point of tears and commented that Fu Sichen must be an angel sent to earth.

Pei Zhen had mixed emotions; on the one hand, he didn’t want to admit Fu Sichen’s good character, but on the other hand, Fu Sichen was indeed a man of excellent character!

“We have to take him to the vet immediately,” Fu Sichen said decisively. “Youquan, call the vet. I will carry the dog to the room.”

“Sure, sure.”

Focused on the injured dog, Fu Sichen and Wang Youquan were completely ignoring the fat bird. The vet who had attended to the Persian cat previously received yet another urgent house-call.

Only, the pet owner he had to face was Fu Sichen yet again.

“He’s not my dog.” Fu Sichen’s expression was cold, and his voice distinctive. “I only want Pei Pei; I’m very loyal.”

Pei Zhen and Wang Youquan both rolled their eyes.


“Ok,” The vet responded with mixed feelings.

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