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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel) - Chapter 97: The Gentle and Kind Pei Zhen

Chapter 97: The Gentle and Kind Pei Zhen

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Unlike the cat who had hit his head against the wall, the pastoral dog’s injury was quite serious.

“I’ve attended to the wounds.” The vet stood up after bandaging the dog, looking quite concerned. “But that’s not enough. He needs regular follow-up.”

After he briefed them on things to take note of, the vet left. Out of courtesy, Fu Sichen had Wang Youquan escort the vet out.

There was only a human, a cat, a dog and a bird remaining in the living room.

While filming War of the Pets, the Persian cat had made a few friends among the pets. He couldn’t help it, the filming took place over a number of days.

But now?

He had been out for only a few hours, why did his Persian cat bring home so many strange animals?

“Speak.” Fu Sichen sat himself down on the sofa and stretched his arm along the top of the backrest. It was hard to tell if he was smiling. “What was that all about?”

“I’ll speak, I’ll speak!” Seeing Fu Sichen up close in real life, the fat bird thought that he was better looking than in the pictures by far! Unable to contain himself, he shrieked as he flew towards Fu Sichen, “Sweetheart! It was I who saved the dog! There’s no need to reward me. Kiss me! Kiss me, and that would be more than enough!”

The fat bird wouldn’t stop chirping. He puckered his beak and charged towards Fu Sichen. Pei Zhen, who was behind him, couldn’t react in time and watched wide-eyed as the fat bird targeted Fu Sichen—he was enraged.

“Stupid fat bird! Stop right there! Damn you…”

You’re not allowed to kiss Fu Sichen!

The last few words were caught in his throat, unable to make their way out. Pei Zhen didn’t understand his own reaction. Why was he so furious? Why did he care so much if Fu Sichen was going to be kissed?

What the hell.

Pei Zhen clutched at his own face in frustration. Perhaps he was better off not looking. Then he heard a sudden cry.

“Hey! Ahhhhh! Greek god!”

It was the fat bird.

Pei Zhen instinctively looked up and found that the fat bird, who was trying to take advantage of the situation to get close to Fu Sichen, had been swiped away by Fu Sichen.

With a smacking sound, the fat bird flew in a straight line and smacked against the wall. Immediately, his head spun, and he saw stars.

“I’ve said it before. I’m very focused in my affections.” Fu Sichen purposefully glanced at the Persian cat. “I only keep cats.”

Pei Zhen fell silent.

Refusing to admit that he was feeling quite gleeful, he avoided Fu Sichen’s eager gaze and went to take a look at the pastoral dog instead.

The treated pastoral dog looked a little more spirited and in better shape. He looked at Pei Zhen and whispered, “Thank you.”

When he first saw the Persian cat, the pastoral dog was timid. However, after coming into contact with it, he realized that the Persian cat was a great cat indeed.

“It’s okay.” Pei Zhen shook his head kindly. “It was the fat bird who discovered you first. Although he’s quite silly, he has a good heart.”

“Who says I am silly? Bleh.” The fat bird that was swiped aside tried to stand itself up. Flapping his wings, he flew to Pei Zhen’s side. “If not for my wittiness, I wouldn’t have been able to locate you.”

Pei Zhen smiled without saying anything. He reached his paw out to pat down the dog’s fur and patiently removed the bits of dirt on the pastoral dog’s body.

As Fu Sichen watched the cat, he broke into a smile and suddenly felt better.

Pei Zhen.

The Pei Zhen in his memory was a gentle and kind youth.

Pei Zhen used to keep a pet, and it was a little dog.

The little dog was born with a defective leg and was heartlessly abandoned by its owner, with a sign that said ‘For a kind soul to adopt,’ as if to lessen the guilt.

It was just a dog.

Fu Sichen had a cold personality towards such things, adopting an attitude that ‘the individual has his own fate, and likewise for animals.’

But Pei Zhen was unable to remain an observer.

He had taken the little dog home.

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