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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel) - Chapter 98: Fu Sichen! You’re Being Poisoned!

Chapter 98: Fu Sichen! You’re Being Poisoned!

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What was the name of the little dog?

Fu Sichen tried hard to recall—it was something like Big Brother Chen?

Little Brat Pei was a naughty child, even in naming a dog he had to insult other people. Of course, Fu Sichen was on the top of his list of people to get even with.

But Fu Sichen didn’t get upset.

In his heart, he even had a little secret wish, that Big Brother Chen would live for a long time.

Except Big Brother Chen didn’t have it good in life. A short while after being adopted by Pei Zhen, he fell sick and died.

On the day he died, Little Brat Pei’s eyes were red all day.

Fu Sichen stood up and walked towards the pastoral dog, giving the Persian cat a gentle rub. With a smile, he said, “He’ll be okay.”

Pei Zhen was stunned. He looked up at Fu Sichen, and for an unknown reason, his heart skipped a beat.

Unsure if it was his imagination, Pei Zhen had the nagging feeling that Fu Sichen discovered something.

Could he have discovered that Pei Zhen had turned into a cat?

Not likely.

If Fu Sichen had discovered that, wouldn’t he have laughed at and bullied Pei Zhen to death?

“Sichen.” Wang Youquan’s voice disrupted Pei Zhen’s train of thought. The great manager Wang had gone downstairs and checked out the situation in the hotel lobby on the way. Looking at the pastoral dog again, his suspicions grew. “This dog, could he belong to that awful man downstairs?”

“So what if he does?” Fu Sichen was not surprised. “Based on his wounds alone, I can expose the man for animal abuse.”

“Errr…” Wang Youquan hesitated.

“Enough. Stop daydreaming; time is of the essence.” Fu Sichen was still that old stone-faced and cold-hearted Fu Sichen. He barked orders unapologetically. “Go bathe the dog.”

“Why me?” Wang Youquan retorted.

“I only bathe Pei Pei. My hands don’t touch other pets. When you bathe the dog, be extra careful with its wounds.”

The human, the cat, and the bird were all speechless.

Best Actor Fu’s standing with the bird had already dropped a few notches. However, with his overly good looks, the fat bird couldn’t bear to let go of his idol.

“Xiao Bo.” The fat bird flew and landed next to Pei Zhen. He batted his eyes naughtily and said, “You have an unusual relationship with Best Actor Fu.”

Pei Zhen rolled his eyes. “What are you even thinking. He and I? Ha, at most comrades.”

“Oh…” the fat bird replied in an ambiguous tone.

Pei Zhen suspected that Xiao Nian’s soul possessed the fat bird; they had the same sort of nosiness.

Not wanting to fret about this head-splitting matter anymore, Pei Zhen invited the bird to leave. “We’ve come to the end of the rescue mission. Shouldn’t you scram?”

The fat bird hesitated. “Pei Pei, I heard that you had given a leg up to a parrot and he’s now famous. Since we battled for our lives side-by-side, would you be able to do me the same favor?

Pei Zhen smiled slightly. “So are you retarded? Or just stupid?”

The fat bird chirped. “Not even with level 10 bird language capability?”

“Get lost,” said Pei Zhen

The pastoral dog felt a lot more alive after a bath and taking his medicine.

Wang Youquan worked diligently, thinking that perhaps Best Actor Fu would be happy with him now. Just when he had hurried Fu Sichen to get back on set, the man abruptly turned back again, after having only just stepped out of the house.

“Sichen?” Wang Youquan called out, weariness written all over his face.

Fu Sichen bent over and scooped the Persian cat into his arms. “You think I’m going to allow the dog a chance to seduce my Pei Pei? Definitely not!”

“Fu Sichen! You’re being poisoned!”

No matter how much he despised Fu Sichen, the Persian cat didn’t have a choice as Fu Sichen carried him into the mini-van headed out to the filming location.

It seemed that the couple that created a scene had finally left the hotel, and the hotel was peaceful once again.

Fu Sichen and his Persian cat, escorted by the bodyguard, were safely in the car. Pei Zhen accepted his fate and almost made a truce with life when Best Actor Fu suddenly shoved the iPad before his face. Ahhhhhhhh!

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