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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel) - Chapter 99: Don’t Worry, They Will like My Wife

Chapter 99: Don’t Worry, They Will like My Wife

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Have you heard of ‘Brokeback Mountain’—it’s quite well-known.”

“If you don’t wish to watch a foreign film, let’s support local production?”

“How about ‘Farewell to My Concubine?’ I’m sure you’ll like it.”

That time around, Fu Sichen didn’t play dramas that Pei Zhen or himself starred in. After having sung his own praises, Fu Sichen was trying hard to open the door to a whole new world.

It was for the sake of Pei Zhen.

Pei Zhen was going nuts and on the verge of throwing a rage!

The strange way in which his sworn enemy was behaving made Pei Zhen think that he was gay!

“Sichen.” Wang Youquan, who was being ignored and relegated to a corner, wiped away the beads of water forming on his forehead. He continued saying, “I-I don’t think this is the right time to find yourself a girlfriend!”

Fu Sichen sighed. Suddenly, Wang Youquan had high hopes. “Neither a boyfriend!”

Then, he looked at the white ball of Persian cat, and couldn’t help but add, saying, “Not even a pet!”

“Damn you,” thought the unfortunate Pei Zhen who had become a cat. What are you staring at, you twerp!

He was feeling panicky.

Ever since the fat bird mentioned ‘gay universe,’ Pei Zhen had been feeling unsettled and awkward.

Fu Sichen had been the subject of a few scandals involving female celebrities over the years, but they were all rumors.

Of course, that didn’t mean that he was gay, although chances were high.

“Farewell To My Concubine” was already playing on the iPad. Who knew whether there was any underlying intention that the scene Fu Sichen skipped to was one where the two leads were kissing.

The two leads were males.

“My eyes. Oh, my eyes!” Wang Youquan was already crying out.

“Shut up,” said the annoyed Fu Sichen.

Suddenly, Wang Youquan sat up straight. “We shouldn’t be narrow-minded towards homosexuality. As long as it’s true love, what does it matter if the partner is male or female?”

Fu Sichen smiled a smile that sent chills down Wang Youquan’s spine. Wang Youquan was compelled to declare himself to be straighter than a ruler, but Fu Sichen’s gaze turned on Pei Zhen.

“Pei Pei, love transcends all boundaries.”

That made Pei Zhen fume.

What the hell!

Emotions aside, why was Fu Sichen directing the comment at him?!

Cat! He was really just a cat. A snow-white Persian cat!

Feeling confused and nervous, Pei Zhen tried to escape Fu Sichen’s embrace. However, Fu Sichen did not let go and tightened his grip, even gave his cat ears a gentle pinch.

Fu behaved like a hooligan, yet gentle longing filled his eyes. That sent shivers down Pei Zhen’s spine, even on a hot day.

Sorry, he was a straight cat, a straight man! He was straight as a telephone pole!

“Darn!” The driver cried out, “The telephone pole has snapped, and it’s blocking our path.”

Pei Zhen lifted his head and looked out of the window.

The telephone pole along the street was bent. And it looked so different from its fellow sister telephone poles that they didn’t know him anymore.

Oops, I think I made a false declaration, thought Pei Zhen, Snigger.jpg.

Fearing that his artiste thought something crooked, Wang Youquan was persistent in getting to the bottom of things. He found out that Fu Sichen was watching gay movies as he had received a gay-themed script.

“You seriously want to take this on?” As the film industry flourished in recent years, netizens had also become more open to the idea of homosexuality. But still, as it wasn’t mainstream, Wang Youquan was worried. “Sichen, you really want to take on a gay role? What about your rich housewives and female fans?”

“What about them? I like who I like of course.” Fu Sichen was not concerned at all. “Don’t worry; they’ll like my wife.”


Pei Zhen suddenly widened his eyes and stared at Fu Sichen, stunned.

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