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Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story (Web Novel) - Chapter 100: Huh. Women. All Pigs’ Trotters

Chapter 100: Huh. Women. All Pigs’ Trotters

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Pei Zhen recalled the copy of the script that he saw in Fu Sichen’s bedroom.

Indeed it was a gay-themed script.

Which male star had Fu Sichen been close to lately?

Pei Zhen gave it a hard think. None.

Who was the ‘wife’ that he was referring to?

Pei Zhen was irritated as hell.

They had started filming.

It was a period drama, and of course, Fu Sichen was the male lead.

He was playing the role of a Prince Regent, whom on the one hand tried to suppress the young emperor, and on the other hand, planned to usurp the throne.

“Teacher Fu.” The actor playing the young emperor was a newbie, fresh blood. He was humble, although not quite there yet in acting skills. He looked at Fu Sichen in awe. “I’m still not able to grasp the emotion of having to bite the bullet and endure the humiliation. Can you give me some advice?”

The Persian cat lying leisurely on the sofa swang its tail and thought, “Teach my foot! Figure it out yourself! Do people have to feed you during mealtime!”

The Persian cat’s words came true.

The young emperor had fallen ill in the drama, and in his unwell state threw a rare tantrum, asking for the Prince Regent to feed him porridge.

Fu Sichen, well-built and with his long hair knotted into a bun, wore a black official’s robe. He exuded an air of royalty, and his features were sharp and defined, as handsome as a picture.

Fu Sichen’s acting was superb, and the newbie actor also got into the character. The scene about the young emperor trying to coax the Prince Regent was well-executed.

“Uncle, Uncle. I wish to have you feed me porridge again.” The young emperor on the imperial bed was pale, but his eyes shone. He had a very pleasant smile. “Uncle, please grant me my request, and I will give you my kingdom.”

“Your Highness, I wouldn’t even dare to think it.” The tall and handsome Prince Regent bowed with his fist clasped. Although he expressed his fear, his attitude was steady. “Ruling a kingdom is not something to be taken lightly, your Highness, it is not a game. If you should need my service, I will sacrifice my life without hesitation. Feeding you porridge is nothing.”

There was no sincerity to be seen, spoken or otherwise. Conversely, it was the porridge feeding scene that brought out the heart-warming relationship between Uncle and nephew.

“Ahhhhhhh, so dashing, such a good match.”

“That’s it, that’s it, I want this coupling!

“Seriously! This love and hate is too heartbreaking!”

There were frantic shrieks that could be heard coming from among the field staff that was present. Although they were talking in low voices, Pei Zhen’s cat ears were particularly sharp. He looked crestfallen.


Weren’t you people previously big fans of Best Actor Fu and his Persian cat.

Huh. Women. All pig’s trotters.

It was best not to know where the strange anger was coming from. Pei Zhen could not bear to continue watching the lovey-dovey ‘Prince Regent’ and ‘Young Emperor.’ He jumped off the sofa intending to head off.

“Er, Great Ancestor.” Alas, the responsibility-laden Wang Youquan was dutifully keeping an eye on him. “By Best Actor Fu’s order, if you try to leave, we’ll have to spay you immediately.”

Freaking hell! Pei Zhen swore.

“Great, cut.”

Upon completing the porridge-feeding scene, the young actor experienced the joy of acting for the first time. Before he could thank Fu Sichen, Fu Sichen had turned and walked towards the director.

“Director Wang, I have a suggestion.”

“Can we have the Prince Regent own a pet?”

“We can show the gentle side of the Prince Regent through his relationship with his pet. The contrast will make the character more complete, wouldn’t it?”

The director felt that the proposal made sense, but it placed him on the spot. “But the filming schedule is packed, where are we going to find a pet?”

“That’s not an issue,” Fu Sichen said with a smile. “I have Pei Pei.”

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