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Am I A God? (Web Novel)






Action Comedy Fantasy Xuanhuan

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“Let go of that kitty cat!”

A shooting star whizzed across the sky, causing countless of super powers to appear on Earth. However, the main characters that awaken during this phenomenon aren’t humans, but cats…

During this event, this same thought appeared in the minds of countless cats: “Am I a god?”
Zhao Yao, an ordinary human, is the only person that can control these super-cats. Zhao Yao: “Am I a god?”

1281 • 2019-09-08 10:20:39


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 1125: Extra2019-11-12
Chapter 1124: Ending (3)2019-11-12
Chapter 1123: Ending (2)2019-11-12
Chapter 1122: Ending (1)2019-11-12
Chapter 1121: Must Remember to Level up Roly Poly!2019-11-12
Chapter 1120: Matcha have to die2019-11-12
Chapter 1119: The Universe Is Doomed2019-11-12
Chapter 1118: Comfort2019-11-12
Chapter 1117: Kill Matcha2019-11-12
Chapter 1116: Who is Matcha?2019-11-12
Chapter 1115: Matcha2019-11-12
Chapter 1114: The Arrival of the Orange Cat2019-11-12
Chapter 1113: Cat Owners Society2019-11-12
Chapter 1112: Untitled2019-11-12
Chapter 1111: Untitled2019-11-12
Chapter 1110: Orange Evolution2019-11-12
Chapter 1109: Closers World Retreat2019-11-12
Chapter 1108: Aliens2019-11-12
Chapter 1107: That Man2019-11-12
Chapter 1106: Capturing One By One2019-11-12
Chapter 1105: Inflate2019-10-21
Chapter 1104: Charging Account2019-10-21
Chapter 1103: Cat Emperor Armor2019-10-21
Chapter 1102: Attack2019-10-20
Chapter 1101: As steady an old dog2019-10-20
Chapter 1100: Pursue2019-10-19
Chapter 1099: Come and kill me2019-10-19
Chapter 1098: Imprisonment2019-10-19
Chapter 1097: The Old Friend of Supercats Is Coming2019-10-18
Chapter 1096: Arrogance2019-10-17
Chapter 1095: Meeting2019-10-17
Chapter 1094: Identical And Setting Off2019-10-16
Chapter 1093: Cat Beating Stick2019-10-16
Chapter 1092: Capture and Form2019-10-15
Chapter 1091: Fighting and Loss2019-10-15
Chapter 1090: Leveling up2019-10-14
Chapter 1089: Ambush2019-10-14
Chapter 1088: Squandering2019-10-13
Chapter 1087: Self-Destruction2019-10-13
Chapter 1086: Death2019-10-12
Chapter 1085: Regaining of Consciousness2019-10-12
Chapter 1084: Dreamscape Message2019-10-11
Chapter 1083: Encounter And Merciless2019-10-11
Chapter 1082: Borrowing Money2019-10-10
Chapter 1081: Research2019-10-10
Chapter 1080: Striking it Rich2019-10-09
Chapter 1079: Sneak Attack2019-10-09
Chapter 1078: Take Away2019-10-08
Chapter 1077: Countless2019-10-08
Chapter 1076: Intrusion2019-10-07
Chapter 1075: Playing Dead2019-10-07
Chapter 1074: Finding Secrets2019-10-06
Chapter 1073: The Grueling Fight2019-10-06
Chapter 1072: Battlefield2019-10-05
Chapter 1071: Logging Account And Beginning2019-10-05
Chapter 1070: Superpower Test2019-10-04
Chapter 1069: Level Upgrade And Skill Selection2019-10-04
Chapter 1068: Body Fusion And Getting Stronger2019-10-03
Chapter 1067: Preparation and Election2019-10-03
Chapter 1066: Intel2019-10-02
Chapter 1065: Capturing Cats2019-10-02
Chapter 1064: Untitled2019-10-01
Chapter 1063: Fight2019-10-01
Chapter 1062: Planetfall2019-09-30
Chapter 1061: Experiment and Level Upgrade2019-09-30
Chapter 1060: Dealing With Things2019-09-29
Chapter 1059: Cooperation2019-09-29
Chapter 1058: Dragon Breakthrough2019-09-28
Chapter 1057: The Battle2019-09-28
Chapter 1056: The Conversation2019-09-27
Chapter 1055: Fear Strikes2019-09-27
Chapter 1054: One Shot, One Kill2019-09-26
Chapter 1053: Light2019-09-26
Chapter 1052: Three Outlooks2019-09-25
Chapter 1051: Kick2019-09-25
Chapter 1050: Weapon2019-09-24
Chapter 1049: Sneak Attack2019-09-24
Chapter 1048: Siege2019-09-23
Chapter 1047: Cats Conference2019-09-23
Chapter 1046: God’s Gift2019-09-22
Chapter 1045: Appearance2019-09-22
Chapter 1044: Update and Improvement2019-09-21
Chapter 1043: Chance2019-09-21
Chapter 1042: Moment2019-09-20
Chapter 1041: Lottery Draw and Battlefield2019-09-20
Chapter 1040: The Blood of Evolution2019-09-19
Chapter 1039: Tough Guy2019-09-19
Chapter 1038: Evolution2019-09-18
Chapter 1037: Level 602019-09-18
Chapter 1036: Suicide Plan2019-09-17
Chapter 1035: Killing Zhao Yao2019-09-17
Chapter 1034: Genius2019-09-16
Chapter 1033: White Short Star2019-09-16
Chapter 1032: Meeting2019-09-15
Chapter 1031: Furless2019-09-15
Chapter 1030: Time Freeze2019-09-14
Chapter 1029: War2019-09-14
Chapter 1028: The Conversation2019-09-13
Chapter 1027: Ambush2019-09-13
Chapter 1026: Rumors2019-09-12


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