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Amaryllis in the Ice Country (Light Novel) - Afterword


Hello everyone. This is Takeshi Matsuyama.

The title of this work is ‘Amaryllis in the Ice Country’, but the name Amaryllis itself was something I recalled. When I was young, I had a book I like called ‘The Robber Hotzenplot’ (Written by Otfried Preussler), and there’s a pixie called ‘Amaryllis’ inside. She’s very passionate, helping our protagonist who’s stuck in a fix. This pixie called Amaryllis left a deep impression on me. Whenever I hear the name Amaryllis, I’m reminded of that pixie rather than the name of a flower.

After more than twenty years, I finally managed to have Amaryllis debut in a work. Robots and pixies are two completely different things, but cuteness and determination is a common point between them. Just to now, in the story ‘The Robber Hotzenplot’, the pixie Amaryllis had ‘lived underground for a very long time’. It’s only after I finished writing this book that I realized this coincidence.

This time, I have to thank a lot of people.

To everyone at ASCII Mediaworks, and especially my editors-in-charge Tsuchiya and Araki, thank you very much for taking care of me. The illustrator Paseri has provided life into the characters. When I saw the blue hair and cute girl on the cover, I was really touched. Also, I shall give my thanks to everyone involved in the printing of this book.

In the process of writing this book, everyone involved in the profession has really helped me out. I really do sincerely apologize for causing you much inconvenience. Also, to my relatives, especially my uncle and aunt on Akijima, for providing me with support both professionally and privately. It’s thanks to them that this book’s able to be published successfully.

And finally, to the readers holding this book now, I really have to thank you. The setting of the work is a cruel, frozen world, but if you are able to feel the warmth of Spring after reading it, I as an author will be elated.

Takeshi Matsuyama, watching television with my father in the hospital ward room

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