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Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel)







Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Harem Martial Arts

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Like many medical students, Li Yong just succeeds finding an intern job in hospital with great efforts and yet still is going broke. He even has no money to pay the rent. However, by coincidence, he acquires a magic power of clairvoyant vision and rich experience from 80 medical experts, all because of a pendant passed down from his parents. With the magic power, he can see through human’s skin and finds out any illness beneath without any physical touching or examination! Since then, his life has been tremendously changed. Love, fame and wealth become within reach for him…

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 443 Get Cold2020-09-18
Chapter 442 Too Fake2020-09-16
Chapter 441 Yongfei Pharmaceutical Company2020-09-13
Chapter 440 Ancient Tonic2020-09-09
Chapter 439 Cooking for You Myself2020-09-06
Chapter 438 Trading at Home2020-09-03
Chapter 437 Overshadowing the Emperor2020-08-31
Chapter 436 Drive Her Away Right Now2020-08-28
Chapter 435 Baby Is a Cat2020-08-25
Chapter 434 I Find Them Silly2020-08-25
Chapter 433 Your Medical Skills Are the Best in the World2020-08-19
Chapter 432 Follow to Have a Look2020-08-16
Chapter 431 Cannot Cooperate with Each Other2020-08-13
Chapter 430 Take Me to See Him2020-08-10
Chapter 429 Try to Help2020-08-07
Chapter 428 Farting Is Effective2020-08-04
Chapter 427 The Island of Women2020-08-03
Chapter 426 Running on Water2020-08-02
Chapter 425 A Brilliant Figure2020-08-02
Chapter 424 A Lesson2020-07-31
Chapter 423 Father-in-law Who Has Forward Thinking2020-07-31
Chapter 422 Hide a Woman in the Room2020-07-31
Chapter 421 I Don’t Have Any Money2020-07-31
Chapter 420 Someone Lived Here2020-07-27
Chapter 419 You Are Too Loud2020-07-26
Chapter 418 You’re Getting More Reserved2020-07-26
Chapter 417 It’s More Romantic2020-07-24
Chapter 416 Have Sex First and then Fall in Love2020-07-23
Chapter 415 Supernatural Thing2020-07-22
Chapter 414 Book the Tickets2020-07-21
Chapter 413 You Are One Second Late2020-07-20
Chapter 412 Lost Control of Himself2020-07-19
Chapter 411 Regulate the Research and Development Department2020-07-18
Chapter 410 Research and Development Department2020-07-18
Chapter 409 See the Goddess2020-07-18
Chapter 408 Brother Yong, Where Do You Want to Kiss?2020-07-15
Chapter 407 Send Gifts2020-07-14
Chapter 406 I’ll Wait for You in front of Your House2020-07-14
Chapter 405 He Won’t Let Others Control Him2020-07-12
Chapter 404 I Want to Protect You2020-07-12
Chapter 403 My Finger Technique Has Been Improved a Lot2020-07-10
Chapter 402 You Must Be Anxious2020-07-10
Chapter 401 Small Gift2020-07-10
Chapter 400 Treat Mental Disease2020-07-07
Chapter 399 Sisters Recognize Each Other2020-07-06
Chapter 398 Zombie2020-07-06
Chapter 397 Compete2020-07-06
Chapter 396 Meet the Guests2020-07-06
Chapter 395 Wives Communication Group2020-07-06
Chapter 394 You Raped Me2020-07-06
Chapter 393 Capture Them All2020-06-30
Chapter 392 Decent Women2020-06-29
Chapter 391 Guan Xiaoyue2020-06-28
Chapter 390 Ms. Hao, Why Aren’t You Wearing Pants?2020-06-27
Chapter 389 Slap Him2020-06-27
Chapter 388 Treat Him Quickly!2020-06-25
Chapter 387 The Beauty from the East2020-06-24
Chapter 386 The Strange Ring2020-06-23
Chapter 385 Space Objects2020-06-22
Chapter 384 Top-class Jade Worth a Dozen Million Yuan2020-06-21
Chapter 383 Stupid Act of Committing Suicide2020-06-20
Chapter 382 Don’t Touch My Body2020-06-19
Chapter 381 One Kiss Is Too Little, Let Me Give You Ten Kisses2020-06-18
Chapter 380 Offer a Reward of Five Million Dollars2020-06-17
Chapter 379 Psychological Shadow2020-06-16
Chapter 378 Vortex of Spiritual Power2020-06-15
Chapter 377 Don’t Look at Me2020-06-14
Chapter 376 I’ll Help You Wash2020-06-13
Chapter 375 The Boa Constrictor2020-06-12
Chapter 374 Scattering Blossom Method2020-06-11
Chapter 373 Kill Her by Another’s Hand2020-06-11
Chapter 372 The Mysterious Stalker2020-06-09
Chapter 371 Get More Spiritual Power2020-06-08
Chapter 370 Was I Too Fierce Just Now2020-06-07
Chapter 369 Let Me Be Comfortable for a While2020-06-06
Chapter 368 Fight with All His Strength Using Shi Ying2020-06-05
Chapter 367 Report Work2020-06-04
Chapter 366 It’s So Vulgar to Talk about Money2020-06-03
Chapter 365 Formal Trade2020-06-02
Chapter 364 An Eye for an Eye2020-06-02
Chapter 363 True Gun or Fake Gun2020-06-02
Chapter 362 And a Pair of Socks2020-05-30
Chapter 361 Why Are You So Cruel2020-05-29
Chapter 360 The Bad Consequence of Joking2020-05-29
Chapter 359 Wait for Me to Wash My Face2020-05-27
Chapter 358 A Good Harvest2020-05-26
Chapter 357 Spiritual Power Isn’t Omnipotent2020-05-26
Chapter 356 Go Out to Make Money2020-05-24
Chapter 355 You Don’t Keep Your Words2020-05-24
Chapter 354 Priceless Treasures2020-05-23
Chapter 353 Presentation of Treasures on the Stage2020-05-23
Chapter 352 Exchange2020-05-20
Chapter 351 Make Money to Support the Family2020-05-20
Chapter 350 You Should Let Him Live2020-05-20
Chapter 349 The Strange Tiger Tooth Jade2020-05-18
Chapter 348 I Really Want to Give It to You2020-05-16
Chapter 347Please Show Me This One2020-05-16
Chapter 346 Absorb More Spiritual Power2020-05-16
Chapter 345 She Has No Time to Get Dressed2020-05-13
Chapter 344 A Charming Fitness Lady2020-05-12
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