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Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel)







Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Harem Martial Arts

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Like many medical students, Li Yong just succeeds finding an intern job in hospital with great efforts and yet still is going broke. He even has no money to pay the rent. However, by coincidence, he acquires a magic power of clairvoyant vision and rich experience from 80 medical experts, all because of a pendant passed down from his parents. With the magic power, he can see through human’s skin and finds out any illness beneath without any physical touching or examination! Since then, his life has been tremendously changed. Love, fame and wealth become within reach for him…

128 • 2019-12-02 23:52:36


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 264 Deputy General Manager of the Company2020-02-22
Chapter 263 Expensive Black Jade2020-02-21
Chapter 262 His Hard Work Is Not in Vain2020-02-20
Chapter 261 Give You a Wife2020-02-19
Chapter 260 I Only Trust You2020-02-18
Chapter 259 I Don’t Like Fakes2020-02-17
Chapter 258 Then I Will Follow You2020-02-16
Chapter 257 I Don’t Write2020-02-15
Chapter 256 Chat on WeChat2020-02-14
Chapter 255 Why Is There No News of Your Mother?2020-02-13
Chapter 254 Don’t Dream about It2020-02-13
Chapter 253 Tell Her I Am Flirting with a Woman2020-02-11
Chapter 252 Give the Money Back2020-02-10
Chapter 251 See It All with Eyes2020-02-10
Chapter 250 Since He Has Met Her2020-02-10
Chapter 249 Have a Rest First2020-02-07
Chapter 248 Collect the Debt2020-02-06
Chapter 247 Li Yong Gets All the Credits2020-02-05
Chapter 246 The Wholesale Center Is Opened2020-02-04
Chapter 245 Overseas Students from Huaxia2020-02-03
Chapter 244 Kuwasawa Amami Meets Her Enemy2020-02-02
Chapter 243 There Are Often Many First Times in Life2020-02-01
Chapter 242 Entering the International Market2020-01-30
Chapter 241 She Has the Potential to Be a Maid2020-01-30
Chapter 240 We Must Guard Against Her2020-01-29
Chapter 239 Luo Qingmin Threatens Li Yong2020-01-28
Chapter 238 Buy Clothes2020-01-27
Chapter 237 Japanese Interpreter2020-01-26
Chapter 236 Go with Me2020-01-25
Chapter 235 It’s Better That We Three Sleep in One Quilt2020-01-24
Chapter 234 His Words Awaken Who’re in Dream2020-01-24
Chapter 233 One Word Is Wrong2020-01-24
Chapter 232 I Am Your Peer2020-01-24
Chapter 231 Extremely Cruel Torture2020-01-24
Chapter 230 Hu Got Beaten2020-01-24
Chapter 229 She Is Worth Him Doing This2020-01-24
Chapter 228 Give Myself to You2020-01-17
Chapter 227 You Are an Upright Person2020-01-16
Chapter 226 You Can Make a Price2020-01-14
Chapter 225 I Want to Talk With You2020-01-13
Chapter 224 She Is Silly2020-01-13
Chapter 223 How Did I Get Back to Bed Yesterday?2020-01-12
Chapter 222 He Won’t Compromise2020-01-11
Chapter 221 A Difficult Woman2020-01-09
Chapter 220 This Fighter Is Very Beautiful2020-01-09
Chapter 219 Beasts Also Have Good Ones2020-01-08
Chapter 218 Are You Free Now?2020-01-07
Chapter 217 I Have the Life I Want2020-01-06
Chapter 216 You Are Coming for Breast Augmentation2020-01-06
Chapter 215 Be Made Use of2020-01-06
Chapter 214 I Am Pregnant2020-01-03
Chapter 213 A Little Compensation2020-01-02
Chapter 212 Want to Try It Again2020-01-01
Chapter 211 The Massage Technique in the Memory2019-12-30
Chapter 210 Fitness Club2019-12-30
Chapter 209 So Beautiful2019-12-29
Chapter 208 Why Is It So Bustling Here?2019-12-28
Chapter 207 Bad guy2019-12-27
Chapter 206 A Bold Plan2019-12-26
Chapter 205 Wait for the Police2019-12-25
Chapter 204 Li Yong Makes an Appointment With Zhao Hongyu2019-12-24
Chapter 203 They Both Have Their Own Plans2019-12-23
Chapter 202 Li Yong Teaches Kung Fu2019-12-23
Chapter 201 The Host Deserves to Be His Host2019-12-23
Chapter 200 Tian Hua Kneels Down to Meet His Host2019-12-20
Chapter 199 The Dongshan Island2019-12-19
Chapter 198 A Contract About Returning the Favor2019-12-19
Chapter 197 Tian Hua from Dongshan2019-12-17
Chapter 196 Uninvited Guest2019-12-16
Chapter 195 Bury the Gun2019-12-15
Chapter 194 Highway Tracking2019-12-14
Chapter 193 Hide in the Basement2019-12-13
Chapter 192 An Abandoned Factory2019-12-13
Chapter 191 Adult Experience Hall2019-12-11
Chapter 190 Skin Allergy2019-12-10
Chapter 189 The Policewoman Bodyguard2019-12-09
Chapter 188 A Black Iron Dagger Named Shi Ying2019-12-08
Chapter 187 Li Yong Visits His Master2019-12-07
Chapter 186 The Old School Tie2019-12-06
Chapter 185 Kiss Goodbye2019-12-05
Chapter 184 The Company Is Sealed Up2019-12-04
Chapter 183 The Rich Family Is Difficult to Enter2019-12-03
Chapter 182 Pretending to Be Zheng Xinmei’s Boyfriend2019-12-03
Chapter 181 A Gold Mountain2019-12-03
Chapter 180 Sign Another Contract2019-12-03
Chapter 179 100-Needle Therapy2019-12-03
Chapter 178 I Can Enlarge Your Breasts with My Hands2019-12-03
Chapter 177 Fake Breasts2019-12-03
Chapter 176 She Drives in the Direction of the Sea2019-12-03
Chapter 175 The Swelling Here Is Even Worse2019-12-03
Chapter 174 A Dark Shadow2019-12-03
Chapter 173 Let’s Make a Bet2019-12-03
Chapter 172 Would You Like to Eat an Apple?2019-12-03
Chapter 171 Guanjie Company2019-12-03
Chapter 170 Why Don’t You Persist?2019-12-03
Chapter 169 You Can Discuss It Yourselves2019-12-03
Chapter 168 You Must Know How2019-12-03
Chapter 167 Can Money Buy True Friends?2019-12-03
Chapter 166 Am I Charming or Are My Clothes Charming?2019-12-03
Chapter 165 He Falls Off the Cliff2019-12-03