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Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel)








Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Harem Martial Arts

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Like many medical students, Li Yong just succeeds finding an intern job in hospital with great efforts and yet still is going broke. He even has no money to pay the rent. However, by coincidence, he acquires a magic power of clairvoyant vision and rich experience from 80 medical experts, all because of a pendant passed down from his parents. With the magic power, he can see through human’s skin and finds out any illness beneath without any physical touching or examination! Since then, his life has been tremendously changed. Love, fame and wealth become within reach for him…

18 • 2019-12-02 23:52:36


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 191 Adult Experience Hall2019-12-11
Chapter 190 Skin Allergy2019-12-10
Chapter 189 The Policewoman Bodyguard2019-12-09
Chapter 188 A Black Iron Dagger Named Shi Ying2019-12-08
Chapter 187 Li Yong Visits His Master2019-12-07
Chapter 186 The Old School Tie2019-12-06
Chapter 185 Kiss Goodbye2019-12-05
Chapter 184 The Company Is Sealed Up2019-12-04
Chapter 183 The Rich Family Is Difficult to Enter2019-12-03
Chapter 182 Pretending to Be Zheng Xinmei’s Boyfriend2019-12-03
Chapter 181 A Gold Mountain2019-12-03
Chapter 180 Sign Another Contract2019-12-03
Chapter 179 100-Needle Therapy2019-12-03
Chapter 178 I Can Enlarge Your Breasts with My Hands2019-12-03
Chapter 177 Fake Breasts2019-12-03
Chapter 176 She Drives in the Direction of the Sea2019-12-03
Chapter 175 The Swelling Here Is Even Worse2019-12-03
Chapter 174 A Dark Shadow2019-12-03
Chapter 173 Let’s Make a Bet2019-12-03
Chapter 172 Would You Like to Eat an Apple?2019-12-03
Chapter 171 Guanjie Company2019-12-03
Chapter 170 Why Don’t You Persist?2019-12-03
Chapter 169 You Can Discuss It Yourselves2019-12-03
Chapter 168 You Must Know How2019-12-03
Chapter 167 Can Money Buy True Friends?2019-12-03
Chapter 166 Am I Charming or Are My Clothes Charming?2019-12-03
Chapter 165 He Falls Off the Cliff2019-12-03
Chapter 164 Look at My Ultimate Skill2019-12-03
Chapter 163 Are You Ashamed?2019-12-03
Chapter 162 Restrain, Restrain and Restrain2019-12-03
Chapter 161 It Will Be No Good to Both of Us If Someone Else Knows2019-12-03
Chapter 160 Welcome to Send Money Frequently2019-12-03
Chapter 159 That Explains Everything2019-12-03
Chapter 158 I Am Not Used to It2019-12-03
Chapter 157 Read Jokes2019-12-03
Chapter 156 We’ll Do the Same to You2019-12-03
Chapter 155 Mental Acceptance Disorder of the Opposite Sex2019-12-03
Chapter 154 We Have Our Ways to Tackle Him2019-12-03
Chapter 153 Drive This Rogue Out2019-12-03
Chapter 152 Don’t Be Afraid to Be Intimate with Me2019-12-03
Chapter 151 Your Actions Have Betrayed Your Heart2019-12-03
Chapter 150 I Don’t Sell My Company2019-12-03
Chapter 149 I Did It for You2019-12-03
Chapter 148 A Good Tool to Act Cool2019-12-03
Chapter 147 They Escaped From Prison2019-12-03
Chapter 146 There’s Another Manipulator Behind the Scene2019-12-03
Chapter 145 It Is Not Easy to Do This2019-12-03
Chapter 144 The Person Who Directs Behind the Scene2019-12-03
Chapter 143 Something Unusual2019-12-03
Chapter 142 Of Course This Is Good!2019-12-03
Chapter 141 A Narrow Escape2019-12-03
Chapter 140 The Nanshan School2019-12-03
Chapter 139 You Can’t Waste Energy on Other Women2019-12-03
Chapter 138 Don’t Ask Why and Just Listen to Me2019-12-03
Chapter 137 Let’s Play an Exciting Game2019-12-03
Chapter 136 You Are Ugly Everywhere2019-12-03
Chapter 135 Brand Power Is Trustworthy2019-12-03
Chapter 134 See? It Is This Foot2019-12-03
Chapter 133 Today’s Women2019-12-03
Chapter 132 Please Go On2019-12-03
Chapter 131 This Is the Lightest Punishment for Them2019-12-03
Chapter 130 These Two Sexy Girls Are Belonging to Me2019-12-03
Chapter 129 It’s Not the Kind of Love You Think2019-12-03
Chapter 128 Three Hundred Million Yuan2019-12-03
Chapter 127 These People Are Not Easy to Deal With2019-12-03
Chapter 126 I Want You to Compensate2019-12-03
Chapter 125 Wealth Is Eye-catching2019-12-03
Chapter 124 Buying Two Trucks of Stones2019-12-03
Chapter 123 Who Did You Fool Around with Last Night?2019-12-03
Chapter 122 Friendship Is Beyond Money2019-12-03
Chapter 121 Strange Smell2019-12-03
Chapter 120 Appointment of Security Minister2019-12-03
Chapter 119 Are You Addicted to It?2019-12-03
Chapter 118 What I Want You to Do Is So Simple2019-12-03
Chapter 117 A Good Son-in-law2019-12-03
Chapter 116 It Is So Easy to Make Money2019-12-03
Chapter 115 The Han Family Is Finished2019-12-03
Chapter 114 Comrade Li Yong, You Are Wonderful2019-12-03
Chapter 113 Insomnia Is Not a Disease2019-12-03
Chapter 112 I Can’t Give Them to You2019-12-03
Chapter 111 People Can’t Resist Temptation2019-12-03
Chapter 110 Li Yong Rents the Land to Plant Medicinal Materials2019-12-03
Chapter 109 Lotus Town2019-12-03
Chapter 108 Death-point Striking2019-12-03
Chapter 107 Li Yong Meets Black Beauty Again2019-12-03
Chapter 106 The Hunchback2019-12-03
Chapter 105 The Tianhu Gang2019-12-03
Chapter 104 You Really Want to Drink It the Hard Way2019-12-03
Chapter 103 Class Reunion2019-12-03
Chapter 102 Do You Feel Bad?2019-12-03
Chapter 101 I’m a Policeman and I’m Working on a Case2019-12-03
Chapter 100 A Pair of Surprises Happen Simultaneously2019-12-03
Chapter 99 Today Is a Day to Celebrate2019-12-03
Chapter 98 Hire a Bunch of Thugs2019-12-03
Chapter 97 I Don’t Mind Punching You into a Pig2019-12-03
Chapter 96 A Disguised Injury2019-12-03
Chapter 95 He Wants to Change a Wife2019-12-03
Chapter 94 A Profound Machination2019-12-03
Chapter 93 I Won’t Talk and I Will See What You Can Do2019-12-03
Chapter 92 We Can Finally Consummate Our Marriage2019-12-03