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Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 256 Chat on WeChat

Chapter 256 Chat on WeChat

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But Li Yong is not interested in her. He just looks at her faintly, never showing a wretched expression.

She discovers this, so she even wants to seduce Li Yong. She wants to know whether it is because she is not charming enough or there is a problem with Li Yong’s body. In the end, she finds nothing but she lets go of herself.

At least in her eyes, Li Yong is a man who is willing to spend money and is generous.

Although he is a bit lustful, he is not annoying.

During the period that she loses her personal freedom, she slowly generates a special dependence on Li Yong.

On the eighth day, Feng Yumeng finally receives the call from Feng Qingqing. Seeing that Li Yong is sleeping, she hurriedly runs to the balcony and talks with Feng Qingqing in a low voice.

She now knows that Feng Qingqing has gone to the United States and is planning to settle there. She has already invested a lot of money and has bought a piece of land. She is now building a Huaxia-style farm.

Feng Yumeng asks, “Mom, how much money do you have now?”

“I brought 2.1 billion yuan. Now I have invested 1.8 billion yuan. There is 300 million yuan left as working capital. My baby girl, come over quickly and we can establish the farm together. We’ll live a happy country life here from now on. Bring 500 million yuan with you. I need the money. I need your help.”

“Mom, I can’t go. I was caught by Li Yong and the money was also taken away by him. He said that we cheated them of the money and he wants to reclaim all the money back. He also said that he would bring me back to Huaxia and hand me over to police.”

“What? Yumeng, don’t scare me!” Feng Qingqing says in horror on the phone.

“Mom, do you know that you are wanted worldwide by the Huaxia police? You must be careful. Don’t get caught by them. Otherwise, you’ll spend the rest of your life in prison.”

“Don’t worry! I have changed my name and identity as a Japanese immigrant. I’ve changed your identity too. You’ll also be a Japanese immigrant in the future. It is nearly impossible for the Huaxia police to find us. How are you now? Are you being bullied? I’ll send someone to save you.”

“Mom, you know how powerful Li Yong is! Even Mr. Shouda was seriously injured by him and dares not to come out again. Can you find a master who is more powerful than Mr. Shouda?

Feng Qingqing says sadly, “What should I do? Yumeng, I must save you. You are all I have.”

“Mom, don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Even if I get caught by them, I won’t sell you. I have thought it clearly that even if we give them all the money, they won’t let go of us. Mom, don’t worry about me, and don’t tell me the truth. Don’t trust me anymore and never tell me your position, because I am afraid that one day I will fall into the hands of the Huaxia police and will be forced to tell them. Mom, goodbye. Don’t call me again.”

Feng Yumeng hangs up the phone and then uses her strength to throw the phone out. The phone reflects the sunlight and dazzles her eyes. She feels painful and has to close her eyes temporarily.

Now she knows that the tears slip over her face and drop down.

Li Yong sits up. He heard their conversation just now. He has been waiting here for many days and didn’t expect such a result. Seeing Feng Yumeng coming back, he asks, “Did you have a phone call just now?”

Feng Yumeng stands in front of Li Yong and says seriously, “Yes, I received a call from my mother. Li Yong, I have thought about it clearly. You can just bring me back to Huaxia and hand me over to the police! I’ll undertake the guilt for my mother.”

“What? I want the money, not you.” Li Yong says angrily.

“But my mother has already spent the money and she has no money to return to you now. You’d better hand me over to the police!”

“You still owe me 2.6 million yuan! Your mother owes me 1.5 billion yuan. The total amount is 1502.6 million yuan. Do you want to go to jail to avoid giving the money back to me? Who should I reclaim the money from if you go to jail?”

Feng Yumeng’s heart hurts. She doesn’t know why the tears drop again.

She even hopes that Li Yong can be more fierce or beat her and send her into jail, letting her lose her freedom forever. But Li Yong still wants her to return the money to him. What does he mean?

Is he going to let go of her? Or is he going to send her into prison after she returns all the money to him?

She doesn’t have to go to jail for the time being in either case.

She doesn’t know whether she should be happy or sad. She just stands in front of Li Yong and keeps shedding tears.

Li Yong will never give up the idea of reclaiming the 1.5 billion yuan that was cheated of. But he also knows that he can’t be hasty about this matter. He has learned that Feng Qingqing has spent the money and bought a farm in the United States.

Since the money has been spent, he can’t get the money even if he finds Feng Qingqing!

Therefore, Li Yong decides to wait until Feng Yumeng contacts with Feng Qingqing next time. He will go to the United States to find Feng Qingqing after he knows her specific address.

At that time, she will have already established the farm. If he can’t get the money, he will get the farm.

“Why are you crying? You must give back the money to me.” Li Yong says seriously.

“But I have to work for many years to return 2.6 million yuan to you, not to mention 1.5 billion yuan. When can I make so much money? When can I return it to you?” Feng Yumeng whispers.

“Then you should earn money. I’ll hand you over to the police when you earn enough money.”

“What if I can’t earn it for the whole life?” Feng Yumeng asks.

“Are you so stupid?” Li Yong pats her on the shoulder. “I can give you a job and provide you with free food and accommodation. You can earn 200 thousand yuan a year and you can return the money after working for 13 years. Then you can continue to work and earn money to return the 1.5 billion yuan. We’ll get even with each other when you return it. Do you want to do it?”

“Yes.” Feng Yumeng says without hesitation. She will do anything as long as Li Yong doesn’t send her into prison.

“Well, clean up yourself and I will take you there.” Li Yong says.

Then Feng Yumeng begins to pack up her things. She bought too many clothes and packs them into a big bag. Fortunately, Li Yong is strong enough. He can easily lift the bag and takes Feng Yumeng downstairs.

When they arrive at the parking lot, Feng Yumeng remembers that she still has a sports car, so she says, “Li Yong, my sports car is worth more than 10 million yuan. I’ll give it to you to offset the 2.6 million yuan I owe you. Okay?”

“It’s a second-hand car. It’s not worth 2.6 million yuan.” Li Yong says with disdain.

Feng Yumeng grits her teeth angrily and says again, “I have a villa that is worth 100 million yuan in the southern district. I’ll give the money to you after I sell it, okay?”

“Okay! You give me 100 million yuan, and you’ll still owe me 1.4 billion yuan.” Li Yong says happily.

Feng Yumeng is regretful to say this, but she can’t take her words back. If she didn’t say it, Li Yong couldn’t know that she still had a villa. Then that villa would still belong to her.

After keeping silent for a moment, she says with regret, “That is my home and my residence. I will have no place to live in if I sell it. I won’t sell it. I can’t sell it.”

“Then you can sell it to me! I can temporarily lend it you to live in. Let’s go. Take me to look at it.” Li Yong says happily.

“I…” Feng Yumeng wants to refuse him, but she dares not.

Half an hour later, she reluctantly brings Li Yong to her own villa.

This place is a prime area in Tokyo. It’s a villa district. Each set of villa was worth 100 million yuan a few years ago. Now it is worth more. Feng Yumeng’s villa is close to a river with wide view and good scenery.

Leaded by Feng Yumeng, Li Yong visits this villa with nice and beautiful decoration. He is very satisfied and says, “Very good. Now your villa and sports car belong to me. In the future, you should work hard and continue to make money to return to me. Where is the real estate license? Bring your license and go with me. Let’s transfer the ownership.”

Feng Yumeng hesitates and says, “The real estate license is not here. I can’t transfer it to you temporarily.”

“Where is it?” Li Yong asks.

“I don’t know where my mother put the real estate license. Besides, there is my mother’s name on it. Even if I find it, I can’t transfer it to you because my mother is not here.” Feng Yumeng whispers.

Li Yong thinks and says, “Then let’s sign an agreement that you’ll give the villa to me to offset the debt.”

“Okay.” Feng Yumeng has to agree reluctantly.

Then Feng Yumeng drafts an agreement in the living room and gives the villa to Li Yong at a price of 100 million yuan to offset the debt. From now on, everything here belongs to Li Yong.

Li Yong is very satisfied. He accidently has one more real estate property.

Then, after determining the content of the agreement, they both sign on it.

Li Yong really wants to stay here for a few days and enjoy the luxury life here.

But he has been abroad for half a month and is homesick now.

Li Yong doesn’t stay here for a long time. He directly brings Feng Yumeng to Yuting Adult Health Products Wholesale Center and introduces Feng Yumeng to Wu Yuying. He asks Feng Yumeng to take the place of Zong Li and takes Zong Li away.

“Where have you been these days?” In the waiting hall, Zong Li packs up her bag and asks. She has earned some money these days and brings some Japanese specialties to her parents.

Li Yong doesn’t explain. He finds that he doesn’t know when someone downloaded WeChat on his phone. He opens it and finds that there is only one friend.

“Who are you?” Li Yong sends a voice message. He hasn’t used WeChat for a long time. He feels strange that why there is WeChat on his phone with a friend.

“Yong, it’s me.” This friend immediately replies with a voice message. Li Yong hears it and finds that it’s actually Luo Qingmin.

“Qingmin, when did you use my phone?” Li Yong asks. Then he hurriedly checks those photos and videos. Fortunately they are still there. It seems that Luo Qingmin didn’t find and delete them.

But when Li Yong is checking the photos and videos, Zong Li also looks at his phone. When she sees those erotic pictures, she closes her eyes. Her face blushes like two little apples, but she continues to look at the pictures.

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