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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 1988 - Qin Yuanfeng, Tomb Keeper

Chapter 1988: Qin Yuanfeng, Tomb Keeper

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Translator: Lordbluefire  Editor: Lordbluefire

The challenge letter caused a commotion in the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. Everyone knew that a storm of blood would soon occur in the Qin Clan.

Once, when Qin Wentian was still weak, he went to the Qin Clan on the date of Qin Dangtian’s wedding, causing a bloody storm to manifest.

Now, the strength of the Heaven Vault in Qin Wentian’s control far surpassed their strength level back then. Even without the Qiankun Sect and Nine Heavens Mystical Palace, just based on the Heaven Vault’s heavenly deities alone, he was strong enough to almost contend against the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. Qin Wentian most probably didn’t even have the Qin Clan in his eyes.

In addition, there long was a grudge between Qin Wentian and the Qin Clan. Evidently, this challenge letter might be the final battle to settle all things.

There was a specific date stated in the letter. The Qin Clan was waiting, the experts of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms also arrived but they didn’t appear out in the open, choosing to observe in the dark instead. But they also understood in their hearts that they were bound together with the Qin Clan. Everyone who participated in the battle within the Heaven Vault was standing on the same side, no one could escape. Once Qin Wentian destroyed the Qin Clan, his next target would surely be one of them.

In the Qin Clan, inside an ancient hall, Qin Zheng stood with his hands behind his back. His divine sense extended outwards, enveloping boundless space as he spoke, “Everyone, since you are already here, why hide yourselves? Could it be that you all feel that hiding would work if Qin Wentian really wanted to deal with you all?”

“This fellow…” All the experts silently cursed. Qin Zheng wanted to force them to appear.

The Thunder Clan Leader led the Thunder Clan’s experts and stepped out. His grudge with Qin Wentian was also a very deep one. There was really no way for them to avoid being Qin Wentian’s target. Hence, he decisively walked out.

With someone taking the lead, the experts of the hegemonic powers all appeared one after the other.

“Qin Zheng, you seemed very calm.” The Prison God Clan Leader spoke.

“My son Dangtian has returned from the Divine Mausoleum and he has obtained its inheritance. He also met with the tomb keeper before. In addition, Dangtian’s current strength is even above mine.” Qin Zheng calmly spoke, causing the hearts of everyone to tremble. Heaven’s Son Qin Dangtian was already stronger than Qin Zheng?

Also, he came back from the Divine Mausoleum and has obtained the inheritance there? In that case, there might be some connection between him and the tomb keeper?

Heaven’s Son Qin Dangtian. Although he was defeated back then, he was still a supreme character.

The Qin Clan was truly a terrifying clan, producing such a character like Qin Dangtian and Qin Wentian. Sadly, if the two factions worked together, the Qin Clan might have reached an unprecedented height in this era.

Everyone quietly waited.

Qin Zheng turned his gaze toward the horizons, with his hands behind his back. Beside him, his beautiful wife was there as well. Her purple dress fluttered in the wind, she exuded a sense of cold elegance. Her beautiful eyes held a hint of anticipation. Qin Kexin was truly very outstanding, being able to fight against her husband Qin Zheng. If such a female became her daughter-in-law, she would naturally be very satisfied. She believed that her son would be able to succeed. As a mother, one would naturally always have blind trust and confidence towards their children.

Naturally, Qin Dangtian himself truly possessed confidence and strength too. The him today was no longer the current him. The Heaven’s Son underwent a transformation, he already has an opportunity to come in contact with a supreme and higher level. He didn’t fear anything at all, and was anticipating the challenge. He was yearning for Qin Wentian to come by. This time around, he would cleanse all his humiliation using Qin Wentian’s blood.

Countless people in the Qin Clan stared at the air, quietly waiting. In the past, the Qin Clan suffered a calamity. This time, what would be awaiting the Qin Clan? Not even in their wildest dreams could they imagine what was waiting for them.

The experts in the Qin Clan were as numerous as the clouds. But at this moment, the atmosphere was completely silent. From afar, the sound of a wind gusting by could be heard. There seemed to be a stream of air flowing towards here.

Gradually, a powerful pressure could be felt. Even the wind turned cold.

Finally, a group of figures appeared in the vision of everyone.

“They are here.” The people silently mused, they saw a giant demonic beast soaring through the sky. This demonic beast was none other than the Kun Sovereign.

On his back, many figures could be seen standing there. All of them exuded an extraordinary aura. The man in the lead was robed in white, his long hair fluttered in the wind. If this wasn’t Qin Wentian, who else could it be?

But, the tomb keeper seemed like he didn’t come at all.

Beside Qin Wentian, that powerful mysterious young woman could be seen. She actually came here with Qin Wentian. This caused many people to wonder if this mysterious beauty had some sort of emotional relationship with Qin Wentian?

However, when Qin Wentian stood together with her, they did seem like a matching couple. One was handsome, the other was beautiful and both were supreme geniuses.

Waves arose in Qin Dangtian’s heart when he saw Qin Wentian. However, his countenance was calm. Clearly, he was suppressing his emotional waves.

Finally, the day has come? All their grudges would be settled today. It’s indeed time for everything to end.

The Kun Sovereign stopped in the airspace above the Qin Clan. Qin Wentian stared at the experts here, his expression was calm, there were no fluctuations.

“We meet again.” Qin Dangtian turned his gaze to Qin Kexin as he spoke.

Qin Kexin cast a glance at Qin Dangtian, she was as cold as ever, like she has no emotions. But it seemed more like she couldn’t be bothered. Qin Dangtian didn’t mind. He understood her personality was like this, cold and aloof. However, she did indeed have the qualifications to act like that.

“My name is Qin Dangtian. I obtained the inheritance in the Divine Mausoleum.” Qin Dangtian continued, causing a strange look to appear on the faces of the people here. Looking at Qin Dangtian’s attitude, could it be he wished to pursue this exceptional beauty?

Qin Wentian also had a strange look on his face. Qin Dangtian was interested in Kexin?

What a contrived plot. However, Qin Dangtian probably didn’t know how ridiculous his thinking was. Who was Qin Kexin? She was his blood sister, the daughter of Qin Yuanfeng. Who was Qin Dangtian? He was the son of Qin Zheng.

Qin Kexin basically didn’t bother with Qin Dangtian. After some time, Qin Dangtian turned his gaze back to Qin Wentian as he calmly spoke, “You are finally here.”

Qin Wentian swept his gaze towards Qin Dangtian, and then to Qin Zheng and his wife, before finally sweeping over the people of the Qin Clan.

“Today, I came to the Qin Clan not only to settle the grudges of the past. I also want to let the Qin Clan to meet a few people.” Qin Wentian calmly spoke. After that, an aged and weak-looking figure walked over. He was none other than the Skyorder Heavenly Deity, Luoshen Yu.

Bringing Luoshen Yu here was the idea of Qin Wentian’s mother, Luoshen Qianxue. The Qin Clan has to repay this debt in blood.

“Just a loser dog, nothing but a trash.” Qin Dangtian glanced at Luoshen Yu and mockingly spoke.

“In that case, are you not a trash before me as well?” Qin Wentian coldly countered.

“That was before. Today, things will be different.” Qin Dangtian stared at Qin Wentian, his battle intent surging up into the skies.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to fight. There are still two people I want the Qin Clan to meet.” Qin Wentian calmly spoke. “I once said that the Qin Clan shall regret everything they have done. Today, everything will come true.”

“Our Qin Clan will definitely not feel regret.” A heavenly deity standing behind Qin Zheng coldly spoke.

“You still want to get back justice for your father? He is the traitor of the Qin Clan and ought to die. Why would we feel regret? As for you, you are too rebellious and is set on walking down your father’s path.” Another deity spoke. Qin Wentian stared at the ugly faces as a cold smile appeared on his face. He wanted to see what expressions these people would have later.

Qin Wentian didn’t continue to speak, he quietly stood there as the atmosphere turned silent. At this moment, a beam of light cascaded down the sky as two figures flew down, like they were from beyond the heavens. They appeared at a location near to Qin Wentian, standing there as they turned their gaze to the Qin Clan.

When Qin Zheng and his wife clearly saw who these two people are, their bodies trembled violently.

“You are actually still alive.” Qin Zheng stared at Qin Yuanfeng. Back then when Qin Wentian appeared, they had already guessed that Qin Yuanfeng might still be alive. Now, it seems that their guess was true. Qin Yuanfeng has returned.

Many old men of the Qin Clan also felt their hearts trembling when they saw Qin Yuanfeng. They didn’t expect after doing so much, they still failed to kill him. He actually came back alive. Was he here to get revenge for everything they have done?

“You still dare to return?” An old man of the Qin Clan coldly spoke.

Qin Wentian quietly watched everything. Why wouldn’t his father dare to return?

“It’s been so many years since we last saw you. You’ve grown older.” Qin Zheng’s wife smiled at Qin Yuanfeng. However, her smile was more like that of a venomous snake and scorpion.

However, Qin Dangtian who was beside them suddenly felt a strong sense of unease.

“Father, mother, who is he?” Qin Dangtian’s voice trembled a little.

“Dang`er, this is your clan uncle. However, he is a traitor of the Qin Clan, he is none other than Qin Yuanfeng.” Qin Zheng’s wife spoke. At this moment, Qin Dangtian felt as though there were thunderbolts falling on his head. His heart trembled violently. His gaze stared at Qin Yuanfeng before turning to Qin Kexin. How could this be? How was this possible?

The tomb keeper was actually Qin Yuanfeng.

“No…” Qin Dangtian mumbled in a low shaking voice. When they saw Qin Dangtian’s expression, Qin Zheng and his wife frowned as a puzzled look could be seen in their eyes.

“Dang`er, what’s wrong?” Qin Zheng’s wife asked. Why would Qin Dangtian suddenly act so strangely?

Qin Wentian stared at Qin Zheng and his wife as he coldly spoke, “Are your reactions so slow? Do you still not understand?”

Upon hearing Qin Wentian’s words, it was like a lightning flashed through the minds of Qin Zheng and his wife. They seemed to have thought of something as they glanced at their son. A moment later, their expressions instantly changed. This was especially so for Qin Zheng’s wife. Her smile completely froze as her countenance paled.

She inclined her head and cast another glance at Qin Yuanfeng. Several months ago, that powerful illusory figure that appeared in the Heaven Vault, that lofty and invincible figure whom she hoped Qin Damgtian could be able to catch up to, was actually Qin Yuanfeng? Now that she looked carefully, the silhouette of that illusory figure did resemble Qin Yuanfeng.

“No, this is impossible.” She mumbled in a low voice, like she was trying to console herself. If Qin Yuanfeng was the tomb keeper, what ending would their Qin Clan face?

Everything would soon be concluded.

“Dang`er.” Qin Zheng turned his gaze to Qin Dangtian.

“Father, he is none other than the tomb keeper of the Divine Mausoleum.” Qin Dangtian’s words was like thunder from a clear sky. This caused the hearts of everyone in the Qin Clan to tremble. It was the same for the experts from the various hegemonic powers.

Everything that happened finally connected, all of them understood now. But the truth made them feel even more terror.

The tomb keeper was Qin Yuanfeng. In that case, what was his relationship with Qin Wentian?

They are father and son!

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