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Ancient One (Web Novel)


Previously one of the ten greatest Martial Emperor, Gu Feiyang somehow died near the mountains of Heaven Wave.

Fifteen years later, Gu Feiyang crossed through the cycle of rebirth.

He was back!

But this time, he was in the body of Li Yunxiao.

Since then, Li Yunxiao started a treacherous journey.

The world is in turmoil once more!

1013 • 2019-05-02 21:28:44


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 24.1: Arcane Master2019-11-30
Chapter 23.2: When the Wind Rises2019-11-30
Chapter 23.1: When the Wind Rises2019-11-30
Chapter 22.2: Floating Seal2019-11-30
Chapter 22.1: Floating Seal2019-11-30
Chapter 21.2: Heaven and Earth2019-11-30
Chapter 21.1: Heaven and Earth2019-11-30
Chapter 20.2: Purification2019-11-30
Chapter 20.1: Purification2019-11-30
Chapter 19.2: Alchemy2019-11-30
Chapter 19.1: Alchemy2019-11-30
Chapter 18.2: Trash Class2019-11-30
Chapter 18.1: Trash Class2019-11-30
Chapter 17.2: A Presumptuous Request2019-11-30
Chapter 17.1: A Presumptuous Request2019-11-30
Chapter 16.2: Luo Yun Chang Advances2019-11-30
Chapter 16.1: Luo Yun Chang Advances2019-11-30
Chapter 15.2: His Life Ruined2019-11-30
Chapter 15.1: His Life Ruined2019-11-30
Chapter 14.2: Underwear Thief2019-11-30
Chapter 14.1: Underwear Thief2019-11-30
Chapter 13.2: Wet Feeling Below2019-11-30
Chapter 13.1: Wet Feeling Below2019-11-30
Chapter 12.2: Five Meridians2019-11-30
Chapter 12.1: Five Meridians2019-11-30
Chapter 11.2: Opening My Meridians2019-11-30
Chapter 11.1: Opening My Meridians2019-11-30
Chapter 10.2: Slave2019-11-30
Chapter 10.1: Slave2019-11-30
Chapter 9.2: You Want to Force Me?2019-11-30
Chapter 9.1: You Want to Force Me?2019-11-30
Chapter 8.1: No Shortcut2019-11-30
Chapter 7.2: The Strongest Path2019-11-30
Chapter 7.1: The Strongest Path2019-11-30
Chapter 6.2: Domineering Body2019-11-30
Chapter 6.1: Domineering Body2019-11-30
Chapter 5.2: Explosion2019-11-30
Chapter 5.1: Explosion2019-11-30
Chapter 4.2: School Gate2019-11-30
Chapter 4.1: School Gate2019-11-30
Chapter 3.2: Arcane Master’s Association2019-11-30
Chapter 3.1: Arcane Master’s Association2019-11-30
Chapter 2.2: In the Classroom2019-11-30
Chapter 2.1: In the Classroom2019-11-30
Chapter 1.2: Waking Up2019-11-30
Chapter 1.1: Waking Up2019-11-30
Chapter 15.1: His Life Ruined2019-05-02
Chapter 14.2: Underwear Thief2019-05-02
Chapter 14.1: Underwear Thief2019-05-02
Chapter 13.2: Wet Feeling Below2019-05-02
Chapter 13.1: Wet Feeling Below2019-05-02
Chapter 12.2: Five Meridians2019-05-02
Chapter 12.1: Five Meridians2019-05-02
Chapter 11.2: Opening My Meridians2019-05-02
Chapter 11.1: Opening My Meridians2019-05-02
Chapter 10.2: Slave2019-05-02
Chapter 10.1: Slave2019-05-02
Chapter 9.2: You Want to Force Me?2019-05-02
Chapter 9.1: You Want to Force Me?2019-05-02
Chapter 8.2: No Shortcut2019-05-02
Chapter 8.1: No Shortcut2019-05-02
Chapter 7.2: The Strongest Path2019-05-02
Chapter 7.1: The Strongest Path2019-05-02
Chapter 6.2: Domineering Body2019-05-02
Chapter 6.1: Domineering Body2019-05-02
Chapter 5.2: Explosion2019-05-02
Chapter 5.1: Explosion2019-05-02
Chapter 4.2: School Gate2019-05-02
Chapter 4.1: School Gate2019-05-02
Chapter 3.2: Arcane Master’s Association2019-05-02
Chapter 3.1: Arcane Master’s Association2019-05-02
Chapter 2.2: In the Classroom2019-05-02
Chapter 2.1: In the Classroom2019-05-02
Chapter 1.2: Waking Up2019-05-02
Chapter 1.1: Waking Up2019-05-02
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