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Ancient Strengthening Technique (Web Novel)


This novel is about the main character, named Qing Shui, who transcended dimensions and arrived in the Kyushu continent. Storms of blood and wind, resulting in corpses and bones strewn about are extremely common here. The young warrior Qing Shui forged ahead in his path to cultivate, using 10 years to train himself, only to seek vengeance for the one who had forsaken his mother!

Note from Author: I Am Superfluous

To put it simply, this is a story about the rising up in ranks, and getting hot chicks along his journey to stand at the summit of this world.
848 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapter Addition Time
Author's Note2019-09-24
Chapter 2492 - Final Chapter The End2019-09-20
Chapter 2491 - Qing Shui Became the Nine Continents Divine Palace Headquarters’ Palace Lord2019-09-20
Chapter 2490 - Stepping into Eighth Mortal Step, A Turn for the Better2019-09-20
Chapter 2489 - Battle of the Martial Saints, A Battle Between Supreme Experts2019-09-18
Chapter 2488 - Qing Shui Challenged the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace's Headquarters2019-09-18
Chapter 2487 - Dazzling Strike, Berserk Stellar Transposition2019-09-18
Chapter 2486 - Two Years, Qing Shui Grade Seven Nurture God Realm2019-09-18
Chapter 2485 - Divine Grade Grand Formation, Nirvana Jade Liquor, Breakthrough2019-09-17
Chapter 2484 - Frightening Killing Strike, Tianlian Yushen Mountain2019-09-17
Chapter 2483 - Powerful Five Elements Hellhound2019-09-16
Chapter 2482 - Move Till He Dies From Erupting Blood Vessels, Massacre Battle God's God Slash2019-09-16
Chapter 2481 - Battle Gods' Resolving Method, Arranging for Battle2019-09-14
Chapter 2480 - Messed Up Divine Palace Nation2019-09-14
Chapter 2479 - Headquarters? Demon City, Divine City2019-09-14
Chapter 2478 - Violent Slash, West Rendu2019-09-14
Chapter 2477 - Venomous Black Snake, Hell Demonic Snake2019-09-13
Chapter 2476 - North Wind, West Ox, Yang Stone2019-09-13
Chapter 2475 - Nine Suns Purgatory, Myriad Treasures Battle God2019-09-11
Chapter 2474 - Nine Suns Domain, Divine Dragon’s Embryonic Form, Jade Brush2019-09-11
Chapter 2473 - Tantai Lingyan's Immortal Qi, Immortal Painter Battle Goddess2019-09-10
Chapter 2472 - Killing the Poison Wolf King, the Powerful Divine Battle Puppet2019-09-10
Chapter 2471 - Nine Suns Domain, Mortal Orthodoxy, Poison Wolf King2019-09-09
Chapter 2470 - Phoenix Feather Fan, Grade Six Hundred Treasure Chest, Dragon Binding Ropes2019-09-09
Chapter 2469 - He Clan Wiped Out, Great Yields2019-09-08
Chapter 2468 - Phoenix Paradise, He Clan's Old Ancestor Dies2019-09-08
Chapter 2467 - Life Hanging By A Thread, Using All Trump Cards2019-09-08
Chapter 2466 - The Mortal's Regrets of the He Clan's Old Ancestor2019-09-08
Chapter 2465 - The He Clan's Old Ancestor Can Deal Qing Shui An Instant Kill2019-09-06
Chapter 2464 - Making Threats And Temptations, Using Art Scroll to Destroy Formation2019-09-06
Chapter 2463 - Learning the Mortal Steps, the He Clan Comes to Break Formation2019-09-06
Chapter 2462 - Killing He Yining, Interspatial Bangle2019-09-06
Chapter 2461 - Nine-Mortal Steps, Seven Steps Nine Palace Crush2019-09-05
Chapter 2460 - Powerful Fiery Phoenix, Beihuang Fan's Breakthrough2019-09-05
Chapter 2459 - Divine Earth-Grade Artifact, Great Solar True Yang Mirror, Phoenix2019-09-03
Chapter 2458 - There Were Treasures, Killing Allv2019-09-03
Chapter 2457 - Forced Into Battle, Taichi Against Taichi2019-09-03
Chapter 2456 - Advance Paragon Pill, Accidental Contact2019-09-03
Chapter 2455 - Immortal Jade Cauldron, He Fan, He Clan2019-09-01
Chapter 2454 - Divine Grade Auction Hall, Divine Grade Stunner2019-09-01
Chapter 2453 - Qing Shui, Tantai Lingyan, Qing Tan2019-09-01
Chapter 2452 - Tantai Lingyan's Daughter, the Mortal City2019-09-01
Chapter 2451 - This Might Be Another Type of Life?2019-08-31
Chapter 2450 - Nine Moons Domain, Wenren Wugou?2019-08-31
Chapter 2449 - Powerful White Bone Spirit? Remodeling A Physical Body2019-08-30
Chapter 2448 Sea of Death, Big Fish, Death Ghost Ship2019-08-30
Chapter 2447 Three years passed, three years of changes2019-08-28
Chapter 2446 She Recalled a Little Something, Cultivation Partnership2019-08-28
Chapter 2445 Lingyan, Did You Pee Your Pants?2019-08-28
Chapter 2444 A Choice between Life and Death2019-08-28
Chapter 2443 She Destroyed Nine Stars Emperor City’s Divine Palace2019-08-26
Chapter 2442 Peculiar Physique, Lao Husan2019-08-26
Chapter 2441 The Fat Culinary God, Beautiful Women Are Like Wine2019-08-25
Chapter 2440 Beating The Shameless Miraculous Physician Hua2019-08-25
Chapter 2439 Grudge of the Nine Continents Medical Sect2019-08-25
Chapter 2438 Thoughts, Opening Imperial Cuisine Hall in Nine Stars Emperor City2019-08-25
Chapter 2437 Giant Spirit Divine Manor’s Treasure Map, Nine Stars Emperor City2019-08-23
Chapter 2436 The Powerful Marrow Nibbling Golden Dragon Silkworm2019-08-23
Chapter 2345 - Tyrannous Mountain Split, Ling Chen’s Terrifying Potential2019-08-22
Chapter 2434 - Invincible Nine Stances of Ancient Divine Battle Technique, Nurture God Realm Battle2019-08-22
Chapter 2433 - Formidable Ling Chen, Leader of the Troop2019-08-22
Chapter 2432 - Blood Poria, Blood Thread Snake, An Outstanding Character2019-08-22
Chapter 2431 - The Fatty’s Decision, Nine Continents Mighty Spear Sect, Ling Chen2019-08-21
Chapter 2429 - Divinity Mountain, Miraculous Physician Pang, Divine Square Cauldron2019-08-20
Chapter 2430 - Nine Continents Medical Sect, Killed From a Single Slap2019-08-21
Chapter 2428 - Great Treasure, Enjoy the Bliss of A Harmonious Harem2019-08-20
Chapter 2427 - Guardian Demonic Lion Was A Puppet, The Collapse of Daoist Temple2019-08-18
Chapter 2426 - Breaking Formation, Scary Guardian Demonic Lion2019-08-18
Chapter 2425 - Terrifying Stellar Transposition, Sacred Bangle2019-08-18
Chapter 2424 - Entering the Magical Wonderland, Mysterious Daoist Temple?2019-08-18
Chapter 2423 - Giving Heartmatched Fruit, Magical Wonderland in the Nine Star Mountain2019-08-16
Chapter 2422 - Lan Hechuan’s Depression, Ignorant Woman2019-08-16
Chapter 2421 - Blue Star City, a Noble Young Man with Perspective and Background2019-08-16
Chapter 2420 - Heading to the Upper Three Regions, the Nine Stars Domain's Ice Star Nation2019-08-16
Chapter 2419 - The Middle Three Regions' Dominator Bai Tian Was Defeated2019-08-14
Chapter 2418 - Battling Against the Middle Three Regions' Dominator2019-08-14
Chapter 2417 - Preparing to Leave, Forsaken Heaven Region's Dominator Appeared2019-08-13
Chapter 2416 - The Strength of Qing Shui's Nurture God Realm, The Caves' Abilities2019-08-13
Chapter 2415 - Qing Shui's Nurture God Realm, Seven-Colored Thunder Tribulation2019-08-12
Chapter 2414 - Two Conditions2019-08-12
Chapter 2413 - The Tragic Wu Chengqi, Mountain Push Stance2019-08-11
Chapter 2412 - She Is Going to Leave the Forsaken Heaven Region, The Wu Clan Has Come2019-08-11
Chapter 2411 - Beating Up Regardless, It Should Be Madam Qing...2019-08-10
Chapter 2410 - The Old Woman Was Beaten Up, Wu Clan's Dalang2019-08-10
Chapter 2409 - Unable to Mediate, Mission, Removing Obstacles2019-08-10
Chapter 2408 - Shameless Moves Toward Tantai Lingyan2019-08-10
Chapter 2407 - Helpless Qing Shui, Foolish Woman...2019-08-08
Chapter 2406 - Cool and Beautiful, the Beauty Remains2019-08-08
Chapter 2405 - Sacred Blue Immortal Grass, Head to the Demon Gate2019-08-07
Chapter 2404 - Heartmatched Fruit, News of Tantai Lingyan2019-08-07
Chapter 2403 - Divine Eye Stone, Divine Battle Puppet's Left Eye2019-08-06
Chapter 2402 - Forsaken Heaven City, Bei Clan, Old Woman2019-08-06
Chapter 2401 - Old Immortal Su, Guidance2019-08-05
Chapter 2400 Despondent Su Xianjun, He Also Has Ten Caves Realm2019-08-05
Chapter 2399 Mythical Fire Dragon, Su Xianjun’s Challenge2019-08-05
Chapter 2398 Luan Luan’s Issue, Su Clan’s Clan Head2019-08-05
Chapter 2397 Zhongyuan City Lord’s Child, Su Chun2019-08-03
Chapter 2396 Forsaken Heaven Region’s Zhongyuan City, Meeting Luan Luan2019-08-03
Chapter 2395 I lost, the Qian Clan overestimates their abilities2019-08-03
Chapter 2394 Culinary Competition, Green Divine Pepper2019-08-03