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Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha wo Taosu Tameni Maou ni Shoukansaremashita~ (Web Novel) - Chapter 49.3: The Town of Freedom Fighter

Chapter 49.3: The Town of Freedom Fighter

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In that sense, Teseshia was a City of Freedom.

Once we arrived at the headquarters of the Freedom Fighter Association, Chairman Snefowl introduced us to a girl by his side.

「Hero of Light-sama, this is one of our Freedom Fighters, Shizufaeria.」

「It’s nice to meet you again, Hero-sama.」

The girl placed her hand on her chest and bowed to us.

I did recall meeting her before. She should be the one that was attacked by the Orcs.

Shizufaeria was requested to act as our guide.

To be honest, Clasus had first requested Godan, who stood behind Shizufaeria.

It seemed that he was the best Freedom Fighter in the city and would have no problem entering the labyrinth due to his extensive experience with the labyrinth.

However, because of what he tried to do to Sahoko a few days ago he was blacklisted. Reiji had been so angry he requested a change of the guide.


He took the opportunity to demand that the next guide be a cute girl.

It was my opinion that there were almost zero cute girls among the Freedom Fighters, but I definitely didn’t wish to have a sweaty, burly man as our guide.

The guide had to at least have a slightly better face than Godan.

[TL: Poor Godan, even though you were born with that face]

That was where Shizufaeria came in.

She had a considerably cute appearance, long chestnut-colored hair, and a thin but not very tall frame. In short, she was cute.

At least there would be no complaints from Reiji.

Nevertheless, Shizufaeria’s arms were far thinner than other Freedom Fighter girls. Could she even swing a sword with such thin arms?

To be honest, she didn’t seem to be someone who was still growing as a Freedom Fighter at all. Her face and appearance told me she was raised in a warm family.

Even her name didn’t have a Freedom Fighter-like ring to it.

The Shizu in Shizufaeria meant calm and Faeria was referring to the Goddess Faeria. Her mother was definitely a follower of the Faeria faith.

Goddess Faeria, the wife of God King Oudith, was the goddess of marriage and family. Her existence was worlds apart from war and battle.

If her parents were Freedom Fighters, there would be no way they’d name their daughter Shizufaeria.

I assumed she was the daughter of a knight or noble house of a destroyed country somewhere.

Her parents must’ve come to Teseshia after their homeland was destroyed by demons. Such tales aren’t that rare.

「It’s nice to meet you, Shizufaeria.」

Reiji took Shizufaeria’s hand, and her face turned bright red. It seemed she had little to no experience with men.

By appearance, Reiji was like a prince and seemed to have a good head over his shoulders. That was why most women fell for him.

But inside, he was a completely lecherous beast.

Maybe this girl would become one of Reiji’s victims, too. As long as I was around, I could prevent him from laying his hands on various girls. I couldn’t prevent him from doing so when I wasn’t around though.

Although I knew it was practically impossible to stop him from flirting with girls left and right, I still tried to stop him whenever I could.

Reiji’s indecent attitude was already getting out of control.

It was already extremely difficult for me to hear Sahoko’s vivacious voice in the middle of the night while we traveled together.

I was lucky I shared a room with Shirone during the journey. I still couldn’t believe how Shirone could sleep soundly with such loud moans as background noise.

It seemed that Shirone simply didn’t care about what Reiji did to other girls.

Despite having known her for a long time, I still couldn’t understand Shirone’s attitude sometimes.

「Please call me Shizufae, Reiji-sama. You may order me as you like.」

Shizufae bowed to Reiji.

Thus, we secured a guide. We would go to the labyrinth tomorrow.

◆ Hero of Fire, Novis

Yesterday was a nightmare.

I was bedridden for the whole day and, thanks to that, I couldn’t do anything.

Thus, the majority of the cleaning up yesterday were left to the Hero of Light and his companions.

I felt useless despite being hailed as the Hero of Fire.

That Godan guy’s injury was lighter than mine, thus he returned to Teseshia last night.

I strolled around Teseshia. The townscape was the same as the one in my childhood memories.

I wondered how Shizufae was doing. She made a stop before she went to Ariadya but it was for an escort job. She might have gone back already.

Suddenly I was embraced from behind as someone called my name.

「Yo~, Vi~s ♪!」

「B-Big Sis Keyna?! You almost got me there! 」

Keyna was my childhood friend. It had been a while since I last met her.

Because of a nominated commission from the northern country, I went by myself and left behind my other comrades. For a certain reason they couldn’t leave Teseshia.

The last time I met Big Sis Kenya was a month ago.

「What a rude thing to say. Who do you think was the one who made you a man? 」

Big Sis Keyna smiled mischievously.


I couldn’t do anything but groan in sorrow.

Honestly, Big Sis Keyna was someone I could never win against.

I was born and raised in the Faeria Temple along with Big Sis Keyna.

I didn’t know anything about my parents.

Big Sis Keyna was picked up by Shizufae’s father and was entrusted to the Faeria Temple.

I, Shizufae, and Big Sis Keyna were raised like siblings. In short, Big Sis Keyna knew just about everything about my embarrassing childhood.

「Big Sis… Please don’t say that to Shizufae…」

I had bitter memories of being prostrated in front of Big Sis Kenya while she smiled delightfully as she taught me about various things. [TL: taught what?]

Thus, I never regretted it.

But Shizufae could snap if she knew about it. That matter was an absolute secret between us.

Big Sis Keyna couldn’t hold back her laugh as she patted me on my back.

「Ka~y!! I won’t tell Shizufae. That girl is too stubborn, after all.」

「Come to think of it, what about Shizufae? Has she returned to Teseshia? 」

「Hm? Shizufae has returned, too. She should be in the association right now.」

「The association? 」

All Freedom Fighters had to register themselves in the association to get the permit to operate in the area. And they had to register themselves again once every three years.

But she wasn’t supposed to be registering again this year.

Why did she go to the association?

「Ah, she went along with Godan, the Hero of Earth. He didn’t tell us the reason for calling her, though.」

The way Big Sis Keyna described it worried me even more.


I knew Godan was the violent man I met yesterday. Shizufae’s body was in danger. I was about to run toward the association when Big Sis Keyna stopped me on in tracks.

「Oioioi, what’s the matter, Novis? No matter how absurd Godan is, he is still a member of the association.」

「I know that, but still… Big Sis Keyna. What if something really happened? 」

「 Shizufae isn’t that kind of person. When it comes to swordplay, she’s even better than Novis or me.」

[TL: Something is strange here, Keyna actually using “Ore” instead of “Watashi”]

As she said, Shizufae’s swordplay was way better than mine.

The problem was her lack of strength. In fact, she couldn’t even cut a goblin with her current power. But that critical problem was resolved with a magic sword.

Even someone like Godan couldn’t do anything to her as long as she used her magic sword.

「It’s another story if Shizufae allowed it herself. It would be a different matter if the other party was the Hero of Light but I think Shizufae will simply ignore Godan.」

Big Sis Keyna smiled at me.

I’ve heard about the Hero of Light. I mean, JUST yesterday I went through THAT nightmarish experience at the hands of the Saint, the comrade of the Hero of Light.

I heard he was a pretty boy and was far more powerful than the Saint.

All his comrades were women with beauty on the same level as the Saint.

I still remembered the soft feeling of the Saint’s boobs.

To be honest, I was extremely envious of the man who could always enjoy those wondrous boobs. Even Shizufae’s boobs weren’t as big as the Saint’s.

Nevertheless, why was Big Sis Keyna suddenly talking about the Hero of Light?

Godan was a clumsy, rock-headed man. Shizufae wouldn’t let someone like him do something strange to her body.

「You’re right.」

I agreed with her, but I couldn’t stop worrying about Shizufae. However, even with my Hero status, I’d be in trouble if I suddenly raided the association.

Hence why Big Sis Keyna stopped me from acting recklessly.

I was worried to death about Shizufae, but I didn’t want Big Sis Keyna worrying about me.

「Atta boy, Novis. It’s been a while since the last time we met, so let’s grab some drinks to celebrate.」

Big sis Keyna entangled her left arm around my neck. My face was unexpectedly buried into her soft and tender breast.

And thus, I was pulled along by her.

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