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Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master (Web Novel)






Zhuang Bifan


Action Adventure

Orginal Language:



Lin Li accidentally enters another world while playing with his smurf mage account just after he maxes out all kinds of crafting skills, bringing with him various top-grade materials. Although his character is practically powerless, what he gains in return is unprecedented magical talent! Can he survive by himself after being thrown into another world?

556 • 2019-04-12 19:48:40


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 449: Drawing Circles2020-04-03
Chapter 4482020-04-03
Chapter 447: The Abyss of Tharlen2020-04-02
Chapter 446: Magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant2020-04-01
Chapter 445: Tear of Space2020-03-31
Chapter 444: Staff of Time2020-03-30
Chapter 443: Evil Eye Tyrant2020-03-29
Chapter 442: Four-headed Chimaera2020-03-28
Chapter 441: Black Current2020-03-27
Chapter 440: A Long Trip2020-03-26
Chapter 439: Magical Crystal2020-03-25
Chapter 438: Elemental Iron2020-03-24
Chapter 437: Careless Thrusting2020-03-23
Chapter 436: Book of Eternity2020-03-22
Chapter 435: A Promise from 1300 Years Ago2020-03-21
Chapter 434: The Door of Truth2020-03-20
Chapter 433: Mutated Dragon’s Tongue2020-03-19
Chapter 432: The Tribute of Darkness2020-03-18
Chapter 431: Heart of the Fallen2020-03-17
Chapter 430: Confession2020-03-16
Chapter 429: Thousand Soul Spell2020-03-15
Chapter 428: Dark Blade2020-03-14
Chapter 427: Black Front Fortress2020-03-13
Chapter 426: Blueprints of the Sky Castle2020-03-12
Chapter 425: Reincarnation of Darkness2020-03-11
Chapter 424: Eternal Shrine2020-03-10
Chapter 423: I Don’t Believe2020-03-09
Chapter 422: Spy2020-03-08
Chapter 421: Special Welcome2020-03-07
Chapter 420: You once took off my pants2020-03-06
Chapter 419: Murder2020-03-06
Chapter 418: Trap2020-03-06
Chapter 417: Killing with a borrowed sword2020-03-06
Chapter 416: Mageweath array2020-03-06
Chapter 415: Treasure2020-03-06
Chapter 414: Diary2020-03-05
Chapter 413: Seal2020-03-04
Chapter 412: Wallet2020-03-03
Chapter 411: Lich Falling to Death2020-03-02
Chapter 410: Channels and Domains2020-03-01
Chapter 409: Level-192020-02-29
Chapter 408: Corpse Explosion2020-02-28
Chapter 407: The Lich’s strength2020-02-27
Chapter 406: All-Knowing Potion2020-02-26
Chapter 405: Frost Dragon Gun2020-02-25
Chapter 404: The Humerus Wyrm in the dark2020-02-24
Chapter 403: Cycle2020-02-23
Chapter 402: For the sake of being there2020-02-22
Chapter 401: Holy Light, Gloomy Dark2020-02-21
Chapter 400: Eternal Light Spell2020-02-20
Chapter 399: Level-21 Magic2020-02-19
Chapter 398: Death Knights2020-02-18
Chapter 397: True Abilities2020-02-17
Chapter 396: Multicolored Potion2020-02-16
Chapter 395: So Many Bats2020-02-15
Chapter 394: Mutant Skeletal Warriors2020-02-14
Chapter 393: Brother2020-02-13
Chapter 392: Spirit Wolf2020-02-12
Chapter 391: Red Leopard2020-02-11
Chapter 390: Strange Magical Crystal2020-02-10
Chapter 389: Silencing People2020-02-09
Chapter 388: Advance Party2020-02-08
Chapter 387: Working Together2020-02-07
Chapter 386: Benefactor2020-02-07
Chapter 385: The Wind is Strong Outside2020-02-07
Chapter 384: Scar of Death2020-02-07
Chapter 383: Barbecue in the Forest2020-02-06
Chapter 382: Emendas2020-02-05
Chapter 381: Finding Trouble2020-02-04
Chapter 380: Pervert2020-02-04
Chapter 379: Malfa Family2020-02-02
Chapter 378: Masquerade2020-02-01
Chapter 377: Recognition2020-01-31
Chapter 376: Dragon’s Tongue2020-01-30
Chapter 375: The Other One2020-01-29
Chapter 374: Frost-fire Storm2020-01-28
Chapter 373: Dead Knot2020-01-27
Chapter 372: A Mutant At That2020-01-26
Chapter 371: Crimson Python2020-01-25
Chapter 370: Sky-breaker2020-01-24
Chapter 369: Lava adamantine2020-01-23
Chapter 368: Lord of Nightmares2020-01-22
Chapter 367: Gryphon Egg, Potion Bottle2020-01-21
Chapter 366: Viper’s Poison2020-01-20
Chapter 365: Magic Lamp2020-01-19
Chapter 364: Starlight Herb2020-01-18
Chapter 363: Inauguration Ceremony2020-01-17
Chapter 362: Sanctuary2020-01-16
Chapter 361: Arbitrator2020-01-15
Chapter 360: Bad News2020-01-14
Chapter 359: How About We Discuss A Deal2020-01-13
Chapter 358: Business at the door2020-01-12
Chapter 357: Vanskore2020-01-11
Chapter 356: Death Frost2020-01-10
Chapter 355: Rectifying A Mistake2020-01-09
Chapter 354: The First Batch of Members2020-01-08
Chapter 353: Tower of Dusk2020-01-07
Chapter 352: Crystal Cannon2020-01-06
Chapter 351: All-Kill Array2020-01-05
Chapter 350: Ward of Bad Luck2020-01-04


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