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Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master (Web Novel)






Zhuang Bifan


Action Adventure

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Lin Li accidentally enters another world while playing with his smurf mage account just after he maxes out all kinds of crafting skills, bringing with him various top-grade materials. Although his character is practically powerless, what he gains in return is unprecedented magical talent! Can he survive by himself after being thrown into another world?

335 • 2019-04-12 19:48:40


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 322: Radar2019-12-12
Chapter 321: Arcane Combustion and Countercurrent Vortex2019-12-11
Chapter 320: Magic System2019-12-10
Chapter 319: Arcane Combustion2019-12-09
Chapter 318: Eternal Frost2019-12-08
Chapter 317: Start of Battle2019-12-07
Chapter 316: Ice Howler2019-12-06
Chapter 315: The Dragon Mountains2019-12-05
Chapter 314: Ruins of Syer Town2019-12-04
Chapter 313: Head Referee2019-12-03
Chapter 312: Free Lunch2019-12-02
Chapter 311: Librarian2019-12-01
Chapter 310: Pickpocket2019-11-30
Chapter 309: The Granary of the Breezy Plains2019-11-29
Chapter 308: Mayor’s Visitation2019-11-28
Chapter 307: Treasure hunt again?2019-11-27
Chapter 306: Fight2019-11-26
Chapter 305: Protection Fee2019-11-25
Chapter 304: Dwarf2019-11-24
Chapter 303: Smithing Guru2019-11-23
Chapter 302: Show them some color to see2019-11-22
Chapter 301: Master Garza2019-11-21
Chapter 300: Two Fatties2019-11-20
Chapter 299: Ice Crystal Metal2019-11-19
Chapter 298: Rolling Snowball2019-11-18
Chapter 297: Doland2019-11-17
Chapter 296: Departure2019-11-16
Chapter 295: Meteorite Debris2019-11-15
Chapter 294: The Highlord’s Younger Brother2019-11-14
Chapter 293: Blood Oath2019-11-13
Chapter 292: The Gem of Curse2019-11-12
Chapter 291: Rage of the Natural Disaster2019-11-11
Chapter 290: The Song of Death2019-11-10
Chapter 289: The Great Massacre2019-11-09
Chapter 288: Psychic Storm2019-11-08
Chapter 287: Young and Old Archmage2019-11-07
Chapter 286: Enemy Attack2019-11-06
Chapter 285: Simple and Crude2019-11-05
Chapter 284: Arcana Potion2019-11-04
Chapter 283: Bait2019-11-03
Chapter 282: The Horn for Counterattack2019-11-02
Chapter 281: Allies and Comrades-In-Arms2019-11-01
Chapter 280: Yeah, I’m back2019-10-31
Chapter 279: Unrelenting Potion2019-10-30
Chapter 278: An End, A New Beginning2019-10-29
Chapter 277: Hello, Jarrosus2019-10-28
Chapter 276: Lord of Destruction2019-10-27
Chapter 275: Awakening2019-10-26
Chapter 274: Rules2019-10-25
Chapter 273: Level-Sixteen2019-10-24
Chapter 272: Hellfire2019-10-23
Chapter 271: Ashen Warlock2019-10-22
Chapter 270: Settling The Score2019-10-21
Chapter 269: Blood-vine Spell2019-10-20
Chapter 268: Round-Robin2019-10-19
Chapter 267: Prolonged Endurance2019-10-18
Chapter 266: Gotta endure it!2019-10-17
Chapter 265: Thousand Miles of Ice2019-10-16
Chapter 264: Three Man Round Robin2019-10-15
Chapter 263: Divine Protection Potion2019-10-14
Chapter 262: Hopelessness2019-10-13
Chapter 261: Destruction2019-10-12
Chapter 260: The Undead Lord’s Puppet2019-10-11
Chapter 259: Crystal2019-10-10
Chapter 258: Immortal King2019-10-09
Chapter 257: Battle of the Inferior Goods2019-10-08
Chapter 256: Showtime2019-10-07
Chapter 255: Guarding Against Thieves2019-10-06
Chapter 254: Battle Mage2019-10-05
Chapter 253: The Truth2019-10-04
Chapter 252: The Eve Of The Finals2019-10-03
Chapter 251: Comrades, Brothers2019-10-02
Chapter 250: The Dry Soul Curse2019-10-01
Chapter 249: The Curse2019-09-30
Chapter 248: Orrin in Trouble2019-09-29
Chapter 247: Business2019-09-28
Chapter 246: Master Hoffman2019-09-27
Chapter 245: The Bustle2019-09-26
Chapter 244: Mausoleum Map2019-09-25
Chapter 243: Mental Blast2019-09-24
Chapter 242: The Little Dragon Hawk’s Dad2019-09-23
Chapter 241: Little Dragon Hawk2019-09-22
Chapter 240: Dragon Hawk Queen2019-09-21
Chapter 239: Dragon Hawk2019-09-20
Chapter 238: Cinder Woods2019-09-19
Chapter 237: Dragon Roosting Plateau2019-09-18
Chapter 236: Twilight Forest2019-09-17
Chapter 235: Book of Ten Thousand Incantations2019-09-16
Chapter 234: Book of Ten Thousand Spells2019-09-15
Chapter 233: Cheering2019-09-14
Chapter 232: Taking Action In Person2019-09-13
Chapter 231: Milo Went Mad2019-09-12
Chapter 230: Shortcut2019-09-11
Chapter 229: Void Power Potion2019-09-10
Chapter 228: Secret Recipe2019-09-09
Chapter 227: Genius Pharmacist2019-09-08
Chapter 226: Outburst2019-09-07
Chapter 225: Sudden Change2019-09-06
Chapter 224: Explosive2019-09-05
Chapter 223: Shadow of the Darkness2019-09-04


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