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Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master (Web Novel)




Zhuang Bifan


Action Adventure

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Lin Li accidentally enters another world while playing with his smurf mage account just after he maxes out all kinds of crafting skills, bringing with him various top-grade materials. Although his character is practically powerless, what he gains in return is unprecedented magical talent! Can he survive by himself after being thrown into another world?

1216 • 2019-04-12 19:48:40


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 755: The Process Of Events2020-10-28
Chapter 754: The Self-conscious Soul Trader2020-10-28
Chapter 753: Win Over2020-10-27
Chapter 752: Half a Step into the Sanctuary-realm2020-10-26
Chapter 751: All In2020-10-26
Chapter 750: The Power of Nothingness2020-10-25
Chapter 749: Who is Right?2020-10-24
Chapter 748: Perfect Body2020-10-23
Chapter 747: Balak’s Magical Crystal2020-10-23
Chapter 746: Listless2020-10-22
Chapter 745: Fleeing from a Battle?2020-10-21
Chapter 744: Mammoth Behemoth2020-10-21
Chapter 743: Hell Python2020-10-20
Chapter 742: All Sorts Of Trump Cards2020-10-20
Chapter 741: Zago Demons2020-10-19
Chapter 740: Crystal Coffin2020-10-18
Chapter 739: What’s Yours Is Still Mine2020-10-17
Chapter 738: Dead Soul2020-10-16
Chapter 737: The Mage’s Hand2020-10-16
Chapter 736: Commander’s Badge2020-10-15
Chapter 735: The Highlord’s Weapon2020-10-14
Chapter 734: Thing Of The Past2020-10-14
Chapter 733: Interrogating The Soul2020-10-13
Chapter 732: Godly Soul Potion2020-10-12
Chapter 731: The Fire Demon King2020-10-12
Chapter 730: The Gates of the Abyss2020-10-11
Chapter 729: Battle of Domains2020-10-10
Chapter 728: Fire Demon2020-10-09
Chapter 727: Man of Honor2020-10-09
Chapter 726: Perils Lurking In All Corners2020-10-08
Chapter 725: A Guide to Fulfilling One’s Duty2020-10-07
Chapter 724: Trap2020-10-07
Chapter 723: Persuasion2020-10-06
Chapter 722: Titan Dragon Spear2020-10-05
Chapter 721: Fine Line Between Life and Death2020-10-05
Chapter 720: Angelano2020-10-04
Chapter 719: Titan-level Alchemy Colossus2020-10-03
Chapter 718: Bait2020-10-02
Chapter 717: Mage Killer2020-10-02
Chapter 716: Cemetery Guardians2020-10-01
Chapter 715: Ancient Wyrm2020-09-30
Chapter 714: The Holy Death Knight2020-09-30
Chapter 713: Magical Crystal Cannons2020-09-29
Chapter 712: Alchemical Undead Creatures2020-09-28
Chapter 711: Keyhole2020-09-28
Chapter 710: The Gate of Doom2020-09-27
Chapter 709: The Underground World2020-09-26
Chapter 708:2020-09-25
Chapter 707: The Agreement of That Year2020-09-25
Chapter 706: You Can’t Kill Us2020-09-24
Chapter 705: The Three Kings2020-09-23
Chapter 704: Returning To Shadowglen2020-09-23
Chapter 703: Darian2020-09-22
Chapter 702: Confrontation2020-09-21
Chapter 701: Sword Forging2020-09-21
Chapter 700: Many Acquaintances2020-09-20
Chapter 699: Returning to Alanna2020-09-19
Chapter 698: Next One2020-09-18
Chapter 697: Asserting Dominance2020-09-18
Chapter 696: Waves From All Sides2020-09-17
Chapter 695: Massacre Weapon2020-09-16
Chapter 694: One by One2020-09-16
Chapter 693: Level-232020-09-15
Chapter 692: Return2020-09-14
Chapter 691: The Tower In The Battle2020-09-14
Chapter 690: Chaos of Time and Space2020-09-13
Chapter 689: The Escape In The Last Second2020-09-12
Chapter 6882020-09-11
Chapter 687: Cracking the Mageweath2020-09-11
Chapter 686: Ghost2020-09-10
Chapter 685: Endless and Infinite2020-09-09
Chapter 684: Tide of Death2020-09-09
Chapter 683: Rebirth2020-09-08
Chapter 682: Undead Monster2020-09-07
Chapter 681: Rights To Control2020-09-07
Chapter 680: Core2020-09-06
Chapter 679: The Vast Sea2020-09-05
Chapter 678: Endless Labyrinth2020-09-04
Chapter 677: The Labyrinth2020-09-04
Chapter 676: Oil Lamp2020-09-03
Chapter 675: Nothingness2020-09-02
Chapter 674: Immortal King’s Descendant2020-09-02
Chapter 673: Shadow of the Highlord2020-09-01
Chapter 672: Tower of Death2020-08-31
Chapter 671: Magic Tides2020-08-31
Chapter 670: Replicating The Soul-devouring Domain2020-08-30
Chapter 669: Alchemy puppets2020-08-29
Chapter 668: Sneak Attack2020-08-28
Chapter 667: Laboratory2020-08-28
Chapter 666: The Study2020-08-27
Chapter 665: Gordon2020-08-26
Chapter 664: Sacred Unicorn2020-08-26
Chapter 663: Dead Seed2020-08-25
Chapter 662: Seed of Eternity2020-08-24
Chapter 661: Extremely Grateful2020-08-24
Chapter 660: Negotiating2020-08-23
Chapter 659: Crystal Ball2020-08-22
Chapter 658: Three Arrows2020-08-21
Chapter 657: Reincarnation2020-08-21
Chapter 656: Counterfeit Replicas2020-08-20
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