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Archfiend (Web Novel) - Chapter 485: Recruiting a Son-in-Law

Chapter 485: Recruiting a Son-in-Law

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Translator: XTB

“Tough.” Yue Congrao wasn’t angry. He laughed and then followed with a long sigh, “Yes… who has not walked step by step from Qi Condensation through Foundation Establishment. To stand in your point-of-view, Ancientpine is wrong, wrong beyond reason. To the extent one can curse him for deceiving the bonds of human relationships. He dared not want for the two lives of his close disciples… but to stand in China’s point-of-view, is he wrong?”

“You know what is below Danxia Temple. Once an archdemon of such level emerges, the entire world will be destroyed in a single day. At that time, you were the best candidates. Everything was logical. When he tossed you out, do you really think he was not grieved? The old man of the Fang Clan was once our peer. Do you really think he was willing to do this?”

“But he still did so. Do you think he is wrong?”

Xu Yangyi didn’t answer.

There was no answer to this.

He was someone involved, and so was his former master-ancestor. Who was wrong and who was right?

“You are not wrong, and he is not wrong either.” Yue Congrao finally sighed. “It is the entire cultivation world that is wrong…”

“So you staked Nanzhou, but only a couple Dao Masters issued your warrant domestically. Did you think they would send it internationally? Yes, Daomaster Titanspirit alone would do so. But…” He glanced at Xu Yangyi. “Daomaster Ancientpine blocked him.”

Xu Yangyi fell into a daze.

That was to say… his present worry that he would be exposed was a groundless fear?

“In fact, that truly isn’t the case.” As if he saw through Xu Yangyi’s thoughts, Yue Congrao continued, “Many Dao Masters want to kill you. Perhaps they haven’t said it, but so long as they have an inkling, countless half-step Core Formation cultivators will do their utmost for them. Do not use America’s few cultivators to measure the number of China’s Foundation Establishment cultivators. Even if they can’t kill you, this will continue for a long time. Would you still be able to cultivate?”

He studied Xu Yangyi deeply. “I can count the number of people I have seen with your talents on my fingers. Your odds of reaching Core Formation are extremely great. As for the present Dao Masters, no matter how much they increase their lifespans, even if the Chinese government takes action, they can live at best for another seventy to eighty years. You are thought of by a den of thieves. Have you forgotten the Grand Dao of Core Formation?”

“Junior dares not forget for a single day,” Xu Yangyi said deeply, “I want to form the core, but more importantly my blood hatred hasn’t been avenged yet. Also, I haven’t accomplished my promise from back then.”

“This is the second point that I favor you on, a heavy promise.” Yue Congrao lightly stroked his teacup. “However, I have a way, so that they won’t be able to find you anymore. They wouldn’t even dare to look for you.”

Xu Yangyi’s gaze flashed and then he laughed wryly, “Angel?”

“What? You think my daughter isn’t worthy of you?” Yue Congrao’s gaze was like a blade.

“No…” Xu Yangyi was grumbling in his heart. Why did the topic of conversation seem to wind up back in the past again?

“Angel is a child with a bitter fate.” Yue Congrao didn’t continue to press the issue. He looked at his teacup and said softly, “I… Back then, my talents weren’t the best. They were inferior to yours right now, but my seeking heart was exceptionally firm. At that time… I came here to America with the mindset of becoming very wealthy.”

Xu Yangyi didn’t interrupt. At such a time, Yue Congrao only needed to speak his mind.

Core Formation masters were also people. Especially a Core Formation master like Daomaster Yue who had wandered away from China. There was a moderate gap in train of thought in comparison to pedantic Dao Masters.

In all likelihood, this was also the reason Yue Congrao never become mainstream in China.

“At that time… the House of Dracul was entering America without restraint. You could not have seen it… At that time, the Dracul’s and Corvinus’s Dao Masters all took action and killed their way to an abyssal hell in America. Young fellow, I advise you. The foundations of these two families are deep. At all costs, do not associate with them too deeply.”

Xu Yangyi bitterly laughed in his heart.

Bloody Moon was already moving to kill him, and there was also Savidean VII. On the contrary though, he felt that Savidean wasn’t a problem right now, but Bloody Moon was pressing down on his shoulders like an enormous mountain. As it was said, problems came in pairs.

“At the time, I was still insignificant initial Foundation Establishment. I believed myself to have no hope for Core Formation, and I joined the House of Dracul. The Corvinus of that time were too barbaric, and their philosophy was somewhat different from mine.”

“It was here that I met Angel’s mother.” His eyes gained a rare trace of gentleness. “She… was a very beautiful woman who was very good at understanding other people.”

He paused for several seconds and then continued, “Nonetheless, a pretty scenery is not for long. She… fell during the Holy War, and… she was also pregnant. I suffered trials and tribulations to let Angel be born. And then I suffered trials and tribulations again to raise her… China, to me, is just an ancestral land.”

Daomaster Yue spoke calmly, but in this calmness Xu Yangyi heard a sliver of grief concealed by time.

“I spoil her more than what the richest person in the world could. Whatever she wants, I grant. I help her cultivate, and I helped her Foundation Establishment. But not because I want her to tread the path of cultivation. I only want her to live a little longer to accompany me a little bit more, for some happiness.”

“Her talents are exceptional. To this day, she has cultivated for twenty-six years and already advanced to Foundation Establishment. I dare say that in any nation and any capital that this record would be shocking.”

“But it is also time she should choose her Dao Companion.” He stowed away the heroic air in his words and sighed, “I spoiled her too much. Right now, no one dares to marry her…”

Upon reaching this point, he paused, glanced at Xu Yangyi, and changed his tune, “Her standards are quite high; she didn’t like anyone. Until I chose you.”

Xu Yangyi wryly laughed, “That is Junior’s honor.”

“Your talents are strangely great. After Foundation Establishment each step is harder than the last. In several decades, you actually cultivated to middle Foundation Establishment! But that is still not the most important thing. On the contrary, all the Dao Masters know now that you are the Dao of Pill’s inheritor!”

Xu Yangyi’s eyes flashed in understanding.

“It wasn’t that hard to guess,” Yue Congrao laughed, “As all of China’s Core Formation searched for one person, they weren’t able to in decades. But as it happened, that Pill Dao master also disappeared after you left. It was no such luck. As for me, I luckily have some methods in New York. Perhaps you didn’t know, but I was already watching you for three whole days as you were concocting pills.”

Xu Yangyi made a long sigh, “I was careless.”

“No, you were rather careful already. It’s just that you might not have expected that there were always a pair of Core Formation eyes watching you after you came here.” Yue Congrao flicked the table at his side. “Marry Angel, and no one will dare to trouble you.”

Xu Yangyi was silent, but he said after a long time, “Why does it have to be me?”

“Talents, gifts, nature, and potential. You look down on yourself too much,” Yue Congrao quickly said, “I cannot even think of a better son-in-law than you. But more importantly…” He shot Xu Yangyi a deep look. “I let Angel see your projection, and she liked you.”

Silence. After several minutes, Xu Yangyi gritted his teeth and clasped his hands, “I apologize.”

“Then it’s settled. For these next couple days, Angel will start following you,” Yue Congrao said, allowing no other response.

“If I don’t settle Nanzhou, it’ll always leave a knot in my heart.” Xu Yangyi lowered his head and went up against Yue Congrao’s Core Formation spiritual pressure. “I have no thoughts of finding a Dao Companion.”

“No? It doesn’t matter. It’s just a little bit more contact,” Yue Congrao said nonchalantly. “Familiarity breeds fondness. I allow you two to get in the car first and then buy the tickets.”

Xu Yangyi looked at Yue Congrao in shock. Were these really words that a Core Formation supreme should say?

“I am more concerned…” Yue Congrao glanced at him not without worry. “That the one to be put in the car first… might be you…”

So how thirsty is your daughter, exactly? Xu Yangyi could only think to himself.

“Good, then this matter is settled,” Yue Congrao said.

“Dao Master!” Xu Yangyi was worried. “Junior has no improper thoughts about your daughter!”

“She’ll be fine, then.”

“Dao Master… I really don’t like her!”

“Is it that you think my daughter isn’t pretty or her family background isn’t worthy of you?”

It was over.

This was a complete miscommunication, like a chicken talking to a duck.

At this moment, Yue Congrao didn’t have the slightest bit of Core Formation prestige. Rather he was like a father mad at his son-in-law.

Are you in such a hurry to push your daughter out? Is this how much trouble she gave you?

Still, Xu Yangyi didn’t dare to say these words.

“Okay, let’s stop here.” Yue Congrao snapped his fingers, and Xu Yangyi soon discovered that he actually couldn’t say a word.

“Since you’re not talking does that mean you agree? Good. From today onwards, I give my daughter to you. In a year, I hope to see a grandson. It doesn’t matter whose surname it is.”


Xu Yangyi no longer wanted to say anything. He kept quiet. Well, he was forced to.

Yue Congrao leisurely sampled his tea. He didn’t even know that it was dusk now. It was to the extent that he lazily turned on the television and started watching a talk show. At the side, Xu Yangyi watched with an ashen face.

Such a comforting and tranquil scene of father and son-in-law was truly warm… Hell, this was bullshit!

Dong… The clock on the wall struck eight o’clock. The sky was completely black now. Yue Congrao looked at his watch and a wisp of serenity flashed across his face.

He didn’t turn around, his back facing Xu Yangyi. “You didn’t think… that I specifically found you for this matter?”

Then what for?

Xu Yangyi’s gaze stirred, and Yue Congrao seemed to recall something.

“Oh, I forgot.”

With a snap, Xu Yangyi was finally able to talk again.

“I found you for for a great matter… a tremendous matter.” Yue Congrao waved and countless talismans sunk into the surrounding space. No would be able to scout this place unless their realm was higher than his.

He stood up, extended his hand, and beckoned. A giant scroll flew out from nowhere.

It was incredibly ancient, and there were many places on the surface that were tattered. Regardless, Yue Congrao placed it in front of him with great solemness. Even with his prestige as a Dao Master, he still spent ten minutes to open the scroll, streaks of white qi rising from his head.

Crash… The ancient yellow scroll greeted the wind and unfurled, like a growing dragon.

“I… have secluded myself in America for a hundred years… all for this…” His gaze was somewhat reddened, and his fingers were faintly shaking. With gentle movements, he stroked the scroll. “I… have always been looking for someone able to refine it, from China to America… yet not one soul was capable!”

1. “Groundless fear”. I think this is a pretty cool idiom. “杞人忧天”. The man of Qi fears the sky is falling. Obviously, the sky is not falling.

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