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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 29 Girls (Part 1)

Chapter 29 Girls (Part 1)

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“I’ll go first.”

Hyun-ji grabs her bag and gets up from her seat.

“Hey. Where are you going? Stay and play some more.”

The guy that was sitting next to her with dyed blond hair suddenly grabs her wrist and pulls.

At that, Hyun-ji falls back into her seat, giggling and tries to get back up.

“No, I have to go now.”

“No. Don’t go.”

The guy is trying to be cute and joke but grabs Hyun-ji’s wrist tightly and won’t let go.

Hyun-ji had laughed with him, thinking it was a joke, but her face grows confused.

‘What is this now?’

I speak politely to the guy.

“I’m sorry for crashing the atmosphere, but we have no choice due to family circumstances right now.”

“Eyyyy what circumstance? We were in the middle of having fun and it’s not like your little sister is a kid either.”

“We have a situation. I’ll be taking Hyun-ji and leaving now. Please let go of her hand.”

“I wish I could…”

The blonde guy lifts up the hand holding Hyun-ji’s hand up high.

“The hand won’t come apart, it’s strange.”


“Ah you idiot.”

His friends think it’s funny and laugh.

Funny? This isn’t a joke.

“Please let go.”

Flustered Hyun-ji tries to shake his hand off but the man doesn’t let go.

The atmosphere continues to grow chilly.

‘Ahh seriously…’

Park Go-chan was like this too and at this point, I grow curious. Do I look like the type that can be easily taken advantage of?

Why does everyone quarrel with me without a care in the world, assuming that I will be flustered and not know what to do?

“Why doesn’t hyung-nim just drink and play with us? Huh?”

Then the blonde bastard lifts up a beer.

At that moment.

Kwok! (hitting sound)


Without restraint, I extend my hand and grab his neck.

“Will your hand let go now?”

“Kuuk! Kuuk!”

“You wanna sit me down next to my younger sister and play? You wanna die?”

Alright. This bastard saw me correctly. I was not the kind of person that could use violence without hesitation. Up to a while ago, I really was like that.

But then I killed tens of hundreds of red apes and disposed of Park Go-chan’s body and the me of my past is gone.

‘Now do you realize that you are not the average person? That you are actually a very special kind of person?’

I don’t know, fuck.

That doesn’t sound like a compliment. I’m saying that this me, where I feel like I could smash his neck and kill him, I don’t like it.


“Hyun-ji. You go out.”


Now that her hand is free, Hyun-ji quickly heads outside.

“I’m gonna go too.”

“I’m gonna go with you.”

Hyun-ji’s two friends frantically grab their bags and get up.

“Let go of that hand!”

A friend of the blonde guy gets up and yells.

After Hyun-ji and her friends all leave, only then do I let go of the guy’s neck. He gags and tries to catch his breath, this blonde bastard.

His two friends stare at me with intimidating eyes.

I speak.

“I’m sorry about that, but your friends joke was a bit too much. I apologize again. Have a fun night.”

I bend at my waist and respectfully say goodbye and quickly get out of the room.

Well, I understand. They spent a lot of money to get a room and were playing and I just barged in and ruined the good atmosphere. Who would like that? Not to mention, today’s club is a sausage fest.

Just seeing the few girls that were in there, Hyun-ji and her friends were on the high end.

But still, he can’t be beaming and smiling in front of a girl’s real oppa.

Hyun-ji and her friends were waiting outside the room.

“Let’s go.”


I take the downcast Hyun-ji and start to leave the club.

And then.

“Where are you going you shit?”


I look behind me and that blonde bastard has jumped out and is huffing and puffing and glaring at me.

Aww I just want to brush him off as a jerk, but in his hand, he is holding an empty alcohol bottle.

“I said where are you going!”

The blonde guy with bottle in hand briskly walks towards me.


“Oh my gosh!”

Hyun-ji and her friends are terrified. The gaze of the people around us start to focus in on us.

What if we end up going to the police station?

The blonde guy gets close. My right hand moves like a reflex. With the tip of my hand, I brush off the bottle that the guy is holding.


Surprising, the bottle is completely shattered except for the neck that the guy was holding on to.


The blonde bastard freezes like ice.

‘Me. I’m surprised too!”

Momentarily, strength flooded my body and without even knowing, I had tried using it. I thought perhaps it was possible and I really did it!

‘It said the physique of a marine, and it was true!”

Things like this are possible too. I am admiring the strength of the physical strength buff entry level 4.

“Why? Got something else?”

At my question, the blonde bastard, with an idiotic expression, shakes his head back and forth. He’s finally caught on that I am not an opponent that he should fight.

Eventually, the fight was concluded and we left the club.

“Oppa, I’m sorry…”

Hyun-ji is totally about to cry. Even so, she’s holding on tightly to my sleeve and seeing this kind of behavior, she was born with aegyo.

Without the energy to get mad at her, I just sigh.

“It’s alright. Like the guy said, you’re not a kid either. Who you hang out with and play with, I don’t think it’s a place for me to interfere.”

“No oppa, please done misconstrue it. While playing here, I’ve never been in a situation like that.”

At Hyun-ji protesting her accusation, her friends offer up their words.

“It’s true. The people we usually hang out with have good manners.”

“They were so insistent, we were just talking with them…”

I gesture with my hand.

“That’s fine. Anyway, why did you turn off your phone? We couldn’t contact you and were worried. You should’ve called saying you were late.”

“Hing (whining sound) If I say I’ll be out playing, unni doesn’t let me.”

“Why do you need noona’s permission? Not like you ever listened well anyway.”

“Lately, I’ve been getting my allowance from unni…”


“Umma says she is now preparing for old age, so unni is going to be responsible for me now. The credit card that I carry is unni’s.”


I get the gist of it. The only person that can control our rein-less fowl, Hyun-ji, is noona. That’s why noona took the reins from umma and started personally overseeing it.

“Whew. You 400-er.”

“What is a 400-er?”

“It’s your TOEIC score you.”

Hyun-ji’s face becomes awfully distorted. Her friends began to giggle and laugh.

“Aww what? That’s so embarrassing!”

“You know what embarrassed is?”

“Oh yeah. Like what was your TOEIC score?”


“Oh my. So high! I respect you! What’s your secret? You must be an industrial spy!”

“Better than 400! The score is 400, are you going to yell at your human resources manager? Were you just going to meaninglessly talk at your interview?”

At Hyun-ji’s and my bickering, her friends were laughing like crazy. And so the awkward atmosphere that came about from the fight disappeared.

As the atmosphere changed, one of her friends, with the long straight hair and impressionable double eyelids, a cute girl, asked a question.

“Anyway, oppa, did you learn martial arts?”

“Oh right! I was so surprised too. Oppa, how did you break that alcohol bottle?”

Hyun-ji claps her hands and asks me.

I scratch my head.

“Not martial arts, just exercise you know? I’m exercising hard these days.”

“I saw you going for a hike every day, but now that I see you, your body has strangely become good?”

Hyun-ji taps my shoulders and my chest in an interested manner.

“A while ago, you weren’t like this. Does exercise usually show results this fast?”

“Well, it’s not like I had anything else to do. All day I just exercised. I was surprised I could break that bottle too. Must have just been coincidence.”

“You must have really exercised a lot. Oppa, show me the abs. Abs!”

Gasp. The girl with the long straight hair and double eyelids twinkles her eyes and asks me.

“Oh. Uh…I can’t. I don’t have abs and things like that.”

“Huh? Nuh-uh. You’ve got abs? since when?”

Hyun-ji is poking my belly.

I feel like a lamb surrounded by carnivore females. They’re scary!

“Hee hee anyway, I see you in a different light now oppa. I had no idea you had a side like that. Turns you you’re really brave.”

Hyun-ji wraps her arm in my and shows aegyo. I brush her hair.

“Child, even if you act cute like this, today is your end. Noona is waiting for you.”

You think I wouldn’t know your intentions?

“Hiiiingggg oppa don’t be like that, keep it a secret. Can you just say I was with friends talking at a café? Huh?”

“Oh yeah, that will work real well while you’re reeking of alcohol.”

“Min-jeong! Perfume!”

Hyun-ji snaps her fingers and the double eyelid girl, called Min-jeong, quickly takes out perfume from her bag and sprays.

The smell of jasmine strongly stimulates my nose.

Hyun-ji spins round and round in front of the perfume and spreads her arms in a ta-da.

“How is it? It doesn’t smell anymore, right?”

“The perfume smell is more suspicious.”

“Oh what?”

“You should just give up. Nothing will work with noona. So why did you have to go and turn off your phone?”

“I’m busy and kept getting calls. I thought I would get caught with the music so I was gonna say my battery died. Hing, I’m so dead.”

But then suddenly, the double eyelid girl shoves her face up to right up to mine and asks,

“Oppa, lets exchange phone numbers.”


What out of the blue nonsense is this?

“Next time Hyun-ji turns off her phone and goes submarine, you can just call me. We always hang out together.”

“Oh should I? Then thanks.”

I hand over my smartphone to the double eyelid girl. She takes my smartphone and quickly begins to input her number. But then Hyun-ji, who has been seeing this all go down, starts to frown.

“Hey! You treacherous bitch. Stop”


“Who do you think you’re hitting on? Bad bad! Get away from my oppa. “

“Humph. What did I do?”

The double eyelid girl calls and then saves my number on her phone. Even with Hyun-ji’s threats, she’s very persistent.

I get my phone back and verify. And the friends name is ‘Yoo Min-jeong ^^*’ is how she input it. In the midst of all that, even with the emoticon, she has fast fingers.

Impressive persistence.

Wait. Have I been hit on?

A strange atmosphere has been made.

“Anyway, how are we gonna get home? All the taxis have stopped.”

Another friend asks again

“Oh right. We can walk home but what about you guys?”

Hyun-ji looks worried too.

Min-jeong sighed.

“We were originally gonna spend the whole night playing here and then take the first taxi back.”

“I’ll be on my way. You guys should just keep playing.”

At this, her friends strongly disapprove.

“Nah. I don’t even wanna to go clubs anymore.”

“What if we meet those guys again? We’ll just have to grab a taxi and go.”

I began to feel guilty. If it wasn’t for me, they’d all be having a fun time. But of course, I can’t stand to watch my younger sister get picked up by that asshole blondie bastard!

“It’s my fault so I’ll pick up the taxi fee.”

“Huh? Oh no.”

“It’s ok…”

But then I take out my wallet and open it up and begin a cold sweat. Where did it go?

My four $10 bills.

‘Huk! Right! Kang Chun-seong!’

Only then did I remember that I had given all my cash to Kang Chun-seong. I’m flustered and frozen like a stone statue and Hyun-ji comes over slowly. She pokes me in the side with her elbow and quietly asks me

“Hey sir.”


“You didn’t by chance open your wallet and find that you have no money, you unemployed oppa?”


“Wow this is so embarrassing!”

Hyun-ji laughs hysterically.

Her friends cover their mouths and laugh along.

Amidst the carnivorous girls, bent over in laughter, I am so flustered that I can’t raise my head. This isn’t right. This isn’t it! I could’ve finished off looking so much more cooler!

…in the end, her friends paid with their money to grab a taxi and go home.

I return home with the still laughing and teasing Hyun-ji.

But Hyun-ji had to pay her proper dues down on her knees in front of noona.

“Starting next month, I’m lowering the credit card limit to $300.”


“It is until you raise your TOEIC score to at least 800 at least.”

That is not something that is possible with Hyun-ji’s head.

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