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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 51 Flames of Life (Part 1)

Chapter 51 Flames of Life (Part 1)

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Chairman Park Jin-seong had yet to find a skill that could cure his illness. It is possible that such a skill does not even exist.

But even so, there is a possibility with me.

Skill synthesis!

With the special skill that I have, the skill synthesis, I can create skills that don’t exist.

As long as I synthesize correctly, that is.

In my head, I can think of one way of going about it.

The healing potion!

‘It said I can use an item for synthesis.’

In the item bag, there is still some of that healing potion left over. If I use that as the item in the skill synthesis, it might create a skill that can cure illneses.

If I can get a skill like that, not only can I use it for curing chairman Park Jin-seong, but it will be beneficial to me too. Wandering around a foreign world, I can pick up all sorts of diseases. Starting with food poisoning.

I have thought it up to here when I address chairman Park Jin-seong.

“I have one thing I would like to try out, could you wait a moment?”

“Of course.”

Chairman Park Jin-seong’s gaze changed. As if he is putting expectations on me.

I don’t want to show others my skill synthesis so I go into the woods.

“Board retrieval.”

The board appears.

First, I retrieve the healing potion from the item bag. Then I say to the board.

“Karma prize, I want to turn this healing potion into an item.”

-Turning the healing potion (160/200 ml) in your possession into an item will cost 150 karma. Would you like to itemize it?

-Remaining karma: 300

150 karma? It’s too expensive.

But I get it.

The value of the healing potion is at least worth that. Pouring it onto even a fatal wound will heal it so it is kind of like a spare life.

“I’ll do it.”

-Healing potion (160/200 ml) has been itemized.

-Remaining karma: 150

I sigh. I’ve used up 150 karma, so I have to succeed.

“Skill synthesis.”

-Please select the skill or item.

- Skills capable of being synthesized: spirit summons (Sylph), spirit summons (Kasa), physical buffer, guider.

- Items capable of being synthesized: Mosin-Nagant, item bag, healing potion (160/200 ml)

*A synthesized item will be used.

“I synthesize the spirit summons Sylph and the healing potion.”

-Synthesizing spirit summons (Sylph) and healing potion (160/200ml).

-Synthesis failed.


My heart thuds as it fails.

Is synthesis not possible? Then there’s no point in having turned the healing potion into an item.

I become anxious and continue the trial.

“I synthesize the spirit summons Kasa and the healing potion.”

-Synthesizing spirit summons (Kasa) and healing potion (160/200ml).


A light started to shine from the board.

-Synthesis success. You have acquired the flame of life (synthesis skill).

-Healing potion (160/200ml) has been used.

-Flame of life (synthesis skill): breathe the flame of life and sprout life. Possible one use per day.

*Entry level 1: weak effect on revivification and age prevention.

‘It worked!’

I shudder.

A skill that warms the cockles of life!

Right now, at entry level one, it can only weakly effect the revival and anti-senescence, but as the level increases, the skill may become more powerful and be able to cure diseases as well.

I return to chairman Park Jin-seong.

“How did it go?”

He asks right away.

“I got a result. I will show you.”

“Hurry and show me.”

I nod my head and directly follow by saying the skill name.

“Flame of life!”



Atop my palm, a flame, small like a glimmer, forms itself.

“What is that?”

“It is a flame that revives life. Um, would you like to try it?”

“You want me to eat it?”

Chairman Park Jin-seong suspiciously looks at the flame floating in my hand.

“I’ll try it.”


I hand over the flame. Chairman Park Jin-seong stares blankly at the flame, blinks his eyes shut, and puts it in his mouth.

After eating it, chairman Park Jin-seong opens his eyes and is amazed.

“Feels hot.”

“How do you feel?”

“My fatigue is completely gone. This truly is amazing! Can you make me another?”

“I can only make one a day. The explanation said it gives a weak boost towards revival and anti-senescence, but I think it may work for you in maintaining your health for now.”

“You say… one a day…”

Chairman Park Jin-seong’s eyes change again.

So, the meal is but one. If he wants another, shouldn’t there be more to the price?

I calmly await chairman Park Jin-seong’s answer.

“One a day, I wish to purchase these.”

“If the conditions are right, I have no problem providing these for you.”

“$100,000 each.”

(TN: He says 100,0000,000 South Korean Won but USD is easy to understand)

“Excuse me?”

I’m completely surprised.

A hundred thousand dollars for one?

Does that mean he’s going to pay me 100k every single day?

At a number far larger than what I was expecting, and being an ordinary person, of course I’m surprised.

“Even though you haven’t quite experienced what its full effect is yet?”

“Doesn’t matter. Even if it cannot block the degeneration from my disease, I will pay you at least $100,000.”

Chairman Park Jin-seong gets up from his seat and stretches out his arms and stretches some more. And he continues speaking.

“It has been a long time since my body has been so energized and full of vitality. For giving me one lively day, the price of 100k is cheap.”


“I will take one a day for a week and then get assessed by my doctor and see its effectiveness. If it is shown to have an effect on my disease recovery, I will raise the price I pay. In regards to payment, you won’t be disappointed. I am Park Jin-seong.”

This country’s wealthiest man, Park Jin-seong.

Then again, 100k for a day probably isn’t a big deal for him. His life is on the line so he’s probably willing to spend even more.

“But there is one problem.”

I seriously delve into the ‘real’ deal.

“Problem? Is the price not enough?”

“No. I have no issue with the price. The problem I wish to convey might be a problem for you as well.”

“Do tell.”

“I have a high chance of dying in the next exam.”


“I lost all my comrades in the third exam. Going forward, I have to clear the exams alone.”

Chairman Park Jin-seong’s face is in shock.

“I heard your team is very bright and promising. There was that fellow, a Kang something, an impressive martial artist. But they all…”

“They all died. The chances are high that the Korean Arena Research Center will give up on me.”

“Oh my…”

Chairman Park Jin-seong’s face is beyond dismayed.

If I die, he has no way of getting more flames of life. He’ll lose what hope he has just found.

“It’s possible that including the one you just ate, 19 may be all that you can get.”

“That won’t do. I have finally found hope, I cannot lose it so easily.”

“I, of course, have no intention of dying. I am alone, but I will fight tooth and nail to live.”

“You, you haven’t given up yet, have you?”

“Of course not. I will live no matter what. I am informing you just in case, so you are prepared.”


He will get it. He will understand what it is I want.

I can save you, so you save me too. That’s what I’m saying.

“You, what is your location?”

“What do you mean, location?”

“The district you are in in Arena.

“I have just escaped the forest at the southeast corner of the continent. I ran west, straight through the forest of red apes and lycanthropes. I lost all my teammates to the lycanthropes…”

“I understand. I will find a way.”

At those words, I make a fist of happiness.

If chairman Park Jin-seong will step up to aid me, there is nothing stronger that could back me up. If anything, he may support me better than the national Korean arena research center.

“The research center will contact you before the day is up.”

“Contact me?”

“There is no need for you to stay with them anymore. Those bastards want money more than businesses do. Examinees without hope get rejected as worthless.”

Chairman Park Jin-seong shares the same opinion as Cha Jin-hyuk.

“Speaking of which, you were unemployed, right?”

“… yes.”

Poked in a weak spot, I flinch.

“Tsk, a young lad.”

At chairman Park Jin-seong’s scolding, I hang my head in shame. Compared to chairman Park Jin-seong who made a fortune from his bare hands, my life is embarrassing indeed.

“Get a job in the morning.”

“A job?”

“Yes. You want to get pat down by the National Tax Service? You need a reason you are getting 100k a day. I will hire you on as my personal attendant and set your monthly wage at 3 million.”

That’s 36 million a year.

This net worth is similar to some premier league soccer player.

“You may have guessed by now, but Jinseong group is recruiting examinees and attaining majeong as well. We are researching how to turn the majeong into a new source of energy. Even though there is another purpose.”

The real purpose is to cure disease.

“Formally, the government does not approve businesses related to the Arena but it doesn’t forbid anything either. I have put a lot of support funding into the Korean arena research center so there won’t be a problem getting you out.”

And so, I am abruptly hired into Jinseong Group.


I have returned home and am resting when I really do get a phone call.

The person contacting me is none other than Cha Ji-hye.



-A request came in for you from Jin-seong Group and it caught me by surprise. What relationship do you have with chairman Park Jin-seong?

“This and that.”

I spare my words.

Cha Ji-hye doesn’t dig deeper.

-Anyhow, Jinseong group is a big supporter of the research center and thus we couldn’t really refuse his request. In following with his request, we, the research center, will sever our contract with you, Kim Hyun-ho, do you agree?

“Yes, I agree.”

-Okay, in that case, from today onwards, our contract with you is void. And personally, I am glad. I don’t know the details of the situation, but for you, Mr. Kim Hyun-ho, receiving chairman Park Jin-seong’s aid will be more help to your survival than from us.

“Thank you for everything so far, miss Cha Ji-hye.”

-I am rooting for your ultimate survival.

“Thank you.”

And the phone call ended just like that.

Wow, how quickly this relationship with the research center wrapped up. Chairman Park Jin-seong’s power is indeed powerful.

And then a few moments later, a call comes from chairman Park Jin-seong.

-Did you get the call?

“Yes, the contract with them is gone.”

-Good, good. I will send a person tomorrow, so we can chat then. I am looking for examinees who can help you in Arena. I have asked various national centers, so the results will be in shortly.


He is really fast at getting stuff done.

Meeting him for the first time, hunting, and eating together was just this morning. And now, not even a half a day has passed and he has already moved things along this far.

I can feel what kind of person chairman Park Jin-seong is and how desperately he wants to live.

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