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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 54 Outcomes (Part 2)

Chapter 54 Outcomes (Part 2)

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When I arrived at the mountain home, I ate the sandwich and milk that was prepared for me by the old groundskeeper headed right into the woods.

The urgent problem that has been given to me is to test out all my skills and learn an appropriate fighting style.

I’m thinking I’ll test out all my skills first before deciding how to use my remaining 150 karma.

“Board retrieval.”

The board appears in front of my eyes.

“Show me all my skills.”

As I say so, the words on the board change and list out all the skills I have.

-Showing all acquired skills.

-Main skill: spirit summons (entry level 1)

-Assist skill: physical strength buff (entry level 5), guider (entry level 1)

-Special skill: skill synthesis

-Synthesis skill: divine protection of wind (entry level 1), divine protection of fire, (entry level 1), reflex (entry level 1), flame of life (entry level 1)

Thanks to the synthesis skill, I’ve increased my number of skills quite a bit. Each one is useful and none are a waste and it makes me happy.

“Show me the ones among these that can be raised a level with 150 karma.”

-Showing skills that can be raised a level with 150 karma.

-Assist skill: guider (entry level 1)

-Synthesis skill: divine protection of wind (entry level 1), divine protection of fire (entry level 1), reflexes (entry level 1), flame of life (entry level 1)

They are all entry level 1 skills. I fall into pondering on which of these to level up.

First, take out the guider. Raising the level on this would just be a waste.

The flame of life is also out. Even if I raise it, it’s only good for chairman Park Jin-seong, and not much use to me.

‘Then the divine protection of wind, divine protection of fire, or reflexes, one of those three. I’ll decide after testing out all these.’

I decide to lightly experiment with all the skills.



A slender cat appears and delicately sits on my shoulder.

“Will you find me a boar?”


Sylph quickly flits away.

I decide to make my opponent a boar. Other than a vicious boar, there really isn’t much else out in these woods.

Sylph returns pretty fast and points to the right. Following her guidance, I start to lightly run.

“Divine protection of wind.”

I start the skill.

And something amazing happens.



Every time I take a step, wind blows from my feet and my body is lifted a little bit. Just like it sounds, it feels like I’m running on air.

Lightly, lightly, due to the wind, my body is lifted into the air.

At first, it’s difficult to get my balance, but because of the reflex skill, I quickly adjust to it.

‘Let’s get some speed!’

I really push my feet into the ground and the force from my feet becomes stronger.


I easily jump forward 2 meters.


Using the big jump, I bolt forward running.

Jump, jump, I speed forward at an incredibly fast pace.

I was moving so fast that not even 30 seconds passed before I reached upon the boar that Sylph was leading me to.


With a yell, I take a big hard step and jump up.

The biggest jump is 4 meters.

Hopping as if I’m flying, my eyes meet that of the boar.


The boar is taken by surprise and falters back a few steps. But from his nostrils he breathed out fumes, building up for a fight.

Of course, I am not worried.

I have the physical strength buff entry level 5 and thus can take the power of the boar’s attack with my strong body and quick reflexes.

I make a left jab towards the boar.



Wind blows from my fist and lands on the boar’s face.

‘I can fight like this.’

I attack the boar with a series of jabs. And every time, a gust of wind lands on the boar’s face.

But the power of the gust of wind doesn’t seem all that strong. The boar keeps taking the hits and continues to charge at me.

I use all the strength I can gather to punch, but the gust of wind with all my strength cannot stop the boar’s advance.


I easily dodge to the left. Like a bullfighter, I avoid the attack and counter with a light jab.

The best fighting technique when using the divine protection of wind is out boxing.

But to speak more accurately, its more useful in avoiding but not that much a help with attacking.

‘Is this because this is entry level 1? Then I suppose the divine protection of fire won’t be that strong either.’

Even if I shoot out the fire from my fists, I’m thinking it won’t be strong enough to turn the boar into whole roast boar. Then again, these are all entry level 1, I guess I shouldn’t expect so much.

‘Huh? Hold up…’

Something flies across my brain.

‘If I combine the fire and wind, will they become strong?’

I try it out right away.

“Divine protection of fire!”

Then I punch with full force at the boar. From my first, a gust of wind and flame come out at the same time.



The boar screams and backs up.

My thinking was correct. The flame and wind basically make an explosion.

The aftermath of the explosion hits the boar on one side of its face and its fur gets singed. It’s the level of a light burn.

‘Using the divine protection of wind and the divine protection of fire together makes for something threatening at least.’

When I was using just the gust of winds, the boar took a few hits and then didn’t fear it at all.

But when the fire rode the gust of wind and exploded, it was hot and the boar was scared of it.

Pung! Puung!


The boar was in pain and backed up far away. But it wasn’t a defining blow.

‘I have to hit it directly for effect.’

My body at the physical buffer entry level 5 is the limits of human physicality. It will most likely be more effective to use this power and directly hit instead.

But as I try to directly hit it, another problem presents itself.

It’s hard to hit it.

The opponent isn’t a human and because the boar is low to the ground, it’s difficult to attack.

I have to kick instead of using my fists but that isn’t easy either.

Whenever I get close, the boar rushes at me.

With a boar that rushes strongly at me, I can be the one to suffer if I try kicking it head on.

After i avoid it lightly to the side, I quickly kick the boar in the side.


At the same time as the kick lands, the explosion from the wind and fire goes off.


The boar steps back.

‘A slight miss!’

I didn’t get a good kick. My posture was messed up for it.

On top of that, I’ve never learned any fighting so I wouldn’t have any know how.

‘Know how?’

I know how I’m going to use that 150 karma now.

“Board retrieval!”

While I’m countering this boar I retrieve my board and shout.

“Karma prize, raise level on reflex skill!”

As I do so, I can see the words on the board change.

-Reflex (synthesis skill) level has been increased.

-Reflex (synthesis skill): get the skill to maneuver body.

*entry level 2

-remaining karma: 0


I once again escape the boar’s lunge. And like last time, I kick the boar in its side.




The sorrowful scream of the boar!

This time, it landed correctly. It is thanks to the reflexes and its resulting increased athleticism.

I take advantage of the boar faltering and nimbly kick it again in the face.

It’s a style kind of like taekwondo. I keep my spacing/distance and extended my kick towards the boar.

When the boar is turned raggedy from burns, the wind protection is up.

’15 minutes went by fast.’

As the wind protection disappears, only the fire comes out.

Hwa lu luk!

There is no explosion so the power is weaker.

But the boar has already been injured a lot and is exhausted. It feels like animal cruelty and I feel terrible. I decide to end it.

“Sylph, finish it.”


The end is a blade of wind.

It’s the flaw with the bare hands fighting. With an opponent with good endurance like this boar, it is difficult to end a life with my bare hands with the killing power I have.

‘I should use bare hands fighting more for defense. If I get close and fight, Sylph can attack from farther away.’

The boar, with a slit throat, falls over and dies.

The fight is over and coincidentally, my phone vibrates.

[Chairman Park Jin-seong: where are you?]

[Me: I just caught a boar.]

[Chairman Park Jin-seong: Really? Bring it over.]

Wait, this oldie, considering his age, he texts really fast. Is it cause he’s the owner of a IT business that makes smartphones?

I pick up the boar and return to the mountain home. It was a short fight but it’s a rather large boar and not in vain.

“Why is it all burnt up?”

The groundskeeper elder asks as he handles the boar.

Meanwhile, I hand a flame of life to chairman Park Jin-seong.

Chairman Park Jin-seong eats it and his face looks refreshed.

“I live for these.”

“Is it tasty?”

I ask because I’m actually curious. It’s because I am the owner of these flames and I’ve never gotten to taste one.

“It’s not tasty per se, but the moment you eat it, the fatigue goes away and the energy flows and feels great. I can definitely feel myself getting healthier.”

Chairman Park Jin-seong looks to be in a good mood today.

“Yesterday, my physician examined me and complimented me and said my condition looks good. I’m supposed to go back in a week and get another exam.”

“I hope it has an effect.”

“It will. That’s how I feel. I am so full of energy so it must have an effect.”

I hope too that it does have an effect. That way, I can get more money.

“Oh right, I received word from the Nordic Exam Group. They want to see you next Monday.”


“Denmark. You can come with me.”

“You’re going to go too?”

“I have to eat the flame. I can’t miss it even for a day.”


I can sense his strong will to improve his body. Then again, his life does depend on it.

“You’re coming for me, I feel a little bad about it.”

“Don’t be, my kids are running the business so I’m free. I’ll just take this opportunity to visit my North European offices.”

“Then we’re going on your private jet?”

“Of course. You’ll come with me.”

Ah, he’s like a rock. I kind of liken it to the father that takes you to preschool.

I did want the protection of chairman Park Jin-seong’s strong entourage but I had no idea I would get this much support.

“Don’t be burdened by it.”

Chairman Park Jin-seong is like a ghost that reads my mind.

“You deserve that much. You are this Park Jin-seong’s lifeline.”


“Only think about surviving the exams. If you survive, you will get all the wealth and honor. And if you can cure me, I will count you as my savior and you and your family, I will take care of. That is a promise chairman Park Jin-seong is making to you.”

“…I understand.”

That day’s lunch entrée is a gridiron grilled boar. With bean paste soup and kimchi and all sorts of side dishes and multigrain rice is all incredibly tasty. His cooking skills are worthy of chairman Park Jin-seong’s praise.

Seeing the old groundskeeper’s fierce loyalty, it makes me think that chairman Park Jin-seong is worthy of trusting. He repays as much help as he receives which is why he gets such loyalty.

‘I have gained a good helper.’

Chairman Park Jin-seong is like a lifeline to me, an examinee in crisis with no teammates.

The skill synthesis and flame of life have saved me.

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