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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 57 Yoo Min-jeong (Part 2)

Chapter 57 Yoo Min-jeong (Part 2)

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Bibimbap, shredded daikon, minced meat pancakes, Min-jeong prepares a spread of all the various things she’s cooked.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, this is awesome! Did you really make all this?”

“You haven’t been learning that long and you’re already this good? I can only make ramen.”

Hyun-ji and Ji-hyun are amazed.

Well, honestly, it is nothing to be amazed at. It’s just interesting because Min-jeong is cooking at all.

Min-jeong looks at me and smiles prettily.

“What do you think? Doesn’t it look tasty?”

“Um, yeah. Can we eat it?”

“Of course. Everyone, eat.”

“It looks so good.”

“Thank you.”

It’s a so-so meal.

Min-jeong’s cooking isn’t bad and there are a lot of side dishes that mom had made so it all made for a plentiful meal.

Maybe it is because of my physique. I’m so hungry I eat two bowls.

But Min-jeong sees me get that second bowl of rice from the rice cooker and her eyes twinkle at me. I feel like she feels like she’s being my wife and it makes me sweat in nervousness. Min-jeong is now without reservations, hitting on me.

Hyun-ji and Ji-hyun in no way, didn’t notice all this.

A weird atmosphere settles in the air so I change the subject. I will toss you girls a subject you can’t ignore.

“Have you all decided where you’ll be working?”

Hyun-ji and Ji-hyun flinch.

Surprisingly, Min-jeong remains calm and speaks.

“I’ve decided to go into the business my relative oppa set up.”

I see.

That’s how she was able to relax and study cooking during this time.

“I’m so jealous! Can you do anything for me?”

The friend, Ji-hyun, must have a lot of employment problems cause she’s clinging to Min-jeong.

“Maybe? I’ll ask him but it’ll be difficult. It’s a small venture company so it doesn’t need that many employees. I got lucky because one accounting job became available. The pay isn’t much either.”

“Aw, what am I going to do? I’m studying for the TOIEC but with this it won’t be any help.”

“You guys, I’m getting threatened into getting the family fried chicken business!”

Hyun-ji starts to throw a tantrum.

Hmm, this sure brought a result.

I leave the three to chat and head into my room to pack my bag.

I don’t have a lot of things to take and I’m able to fit everything into one Boston bag. I get everything organized much easier than I thought I would, so I got my laptop and get on the internet.

He said the Nordic Exam Group headquarters is in Copenhagen, Denmark. I think there might be some time after we finish our business and I can get in some tourism so I decide to research some tourist destinations.

“Oppa, they’re leaving.”

It’s time for Hyun-ji’s two friends to return home so I go to say goodbye in the entryway. And then, Min-jeong suddenly asks me.

“Oppa, can you escort me home?”

“Oh, right! Me too! I want to ride in the Porsche!”

Ji-hyun clings on too.

Min-jeong did make dinner so I can’t not take her home either.

Hyun-ji finds it all a nuisance and decides to stay home, so I take the two girls to the car to take them home. The two people take in the luxurious interior of the car and are amazed.

I turn over the engine and Min-jeong speaks.

“Ji-hyun’s house is closer so let’s go there first.”

Ji-hyun full on stares at Min-jeong. Min-jeong just taps Ji-hyun’s hand. Maybe their stare was an exchanging of a whole story because Ji-hyun just giggles to herself.

“Thank you!”

I drop off Ji-hyun and input into my GPS navigation while I ask Min-jeong.

“Where’s your house?”

“Ahnsung blank-blank* efficiency apartment.”

(TN: Raws really said blank-blank)

I put in the address she gives me and realize that it’s right in front of Hyun-ji’s school. It’s only ten minutes from our house.

I now realize why Ji-hyun was giggling to herself earlier. Min-jeong told me to drop off Ji-hyun first so that she could be alone with me.

The atmosphere turns weird again.

“Your place is in front of the school?”

“My house is in Seoul but I’m living here alone because the school is in Cheonan.”


That strange feeling I get when she says she lives alone is just probably my own over thinking. I don’t really have anything else to say so I just turn the car.

Min-jeong and I both don’t say a word. It feels awkward which in turn makes me nervous.

We arrive in front of the efficiency apartment that Min-jeong lives at.

“We’re here.”

Min-jeong nods her head and gets out the car.

But lo and behold, she opens the passenger car door and sits next to me. Then she just stares at me.

“What, what?”

“Oppa, what are you so afraid of?”


I felt for sure that question was supposed to catch me off guard. Cause the next second, Min-jeong’s lips overtake mine.

After strongly indulging in my lips, she slightly draws back and looks me right in the eyes. We have maybe 10 cm between us? One pair of eyes stare into my soul.

“Oppa, it’s not like you don’t like me.”

I don’t even have a chance to say anything back. Her lips are on top of my lips again.

She touches and pushes and slightly bites and the whole feeling is actually very tender. From her lips to mine, I can feel her sweetness.

She grabs my neck with one hand, and with the other hand she grazes my thigh, all while deliberately kiss attacking me.

The reason the kiss can be so long is because I don’t resist and just innocently receive it all.

I have no idea how much time has passed.

The life suffocating kiss is done.

With a slightly flushed face, Min-jeong looks at me lovingly.

“Remember what I said? That I live alone.”


“You must be tired. Come in for some coffee.”

I park my car in the efficiency apartment underground parking lot and get dragged by Min-jeong’s hands and go up together.

If I go up, I’m sure a more exhausting situation will happen, but it doesn’t matter. I decide to just not think this through.

As soon as we get to her place we dig into each other.

We kiss and our tongues wrap around each other. Min-jeong takes off my shirt, and I lift her and put her on the bed. While I take off my pants, she takes off her clothes too.

Her seductive pale body in nothing but black lingerie excites me.

I get an excitement like all the blood is rushing to my brain and melting it.

Reason is no longer within my head.


Underneath the bed, two people’s clothes are messily strewn about.

Min-jeong is tucked cutely underneath the sheets and she smiled wryly as she touched my body. With a delicate touch, she stroked my chest and my abs.

I want to get under the sheets with her, but with Min-jeong’s firm request to see my body, I have to remain under the light, baring my body.

I make the same request and she says she can’t because she’s embarrassed. I feel a little annoyed by her hiding under the sheets alone, but her cuteness trumps it.

“It must be so hard to get a body like this.”


“I’ve never even seen a body this great on TV.”

Min-jeong touches my good-to-look-at perfect abs and is intrigued.

I got this body through a karma prize, not through hard work, and it pokes at my integrity a little.

‘But now what?’

The revolution is over and so is the regret and slowly, reason returns to me.

I am but a man and when Min-jeong came onto me without abandon, I didn’t say no, I just let it all happen.

But now I’m trying to figure out how to correct our relationship.


“Yes, Min-jeong is here.”

She says as she gets snuggled up to me. Who would say she isn’t friends with Hyun-ji, because she too has a plethora or aegyo.

“Do you sincerely like me?”

“Yes, I do.”


“Good car, good job, good body, good personality.”


It’s such a blunt response I temporarily am at a loss for words, but Min-jeong just looks at me and laughs.

“I’m joking.”

“I don’t think it was all a joke.”

Min-jeong giggles.

“That’s not all.”


“That night, I saw it all. You and those men.”

That second, my body becomes rigid with tension.

“You saw?”

“Yeah. I was worried for you so I stayed back and watched. I was going to call the police if they hurt you. I couldn’t hear, but those people, they were from Jinseong Group, right?”


“The chairman was saying something and you just downright refused.”

“I did.”

“After I saw that, I went head over heels for you.”

“Because those people were from Jinseong Group?”

“Nothing like that.”

“Then what?”

“I got the feeling you were a person doing something important. That’s when I fell for you. I could only think of you and all other guys just felt so trivial.”


“I can’t tell you I’ve lived my life modestly but that doesn’t mean I started hitting on you with a light heart.”

“…I don’t like party girls.”

“I don’t party anymore. After I graduate and start working, I can’t be a kid like that anymore.”

If only Hyun-ji would think like this too.

“I can’t promise you anything.”

“You don’t have to promise me anything. I just like you, oppa.”

I look at Min-jeong.

Unlike her usual playful and foxy self, she’s sincere.

I don’t know.

I don’t know when I’ll die, and I’m interested in Min-jeong but I don’t really like her in that way. It might be a relationship that who knows, when it will end.

But still, if she wants it, that’s not bad either.

It’s a little selfish, but living a life where I don’t know when it will end, having a girl I can meet would be nice. She’s pretty and takes care of herself (dresses well) and has aegyo, Min-jeong is plenty worthy.

I grab the blanket that is hiding Min-jeong. And she in turn grabs it tight when she says.

“If you don’t answer, I won’t let you anymore.”

Instead of an answer, I give her a kiss.

“Okay, let’s date. I don’t know how this will go, but let’s try.”

At my words, Min-jeong smiles.

“Oppa, it’ll probably last a lot longer than you think. Didn’t I mention it before?”

She takes the sheets off.

A gorgeous woman lies before me and she continues.

“Missing me so much you’ll go crazy, stepping on eggshells in case I’m mad, getting ecstatic when I do something small.”

She grabs my head with both hands and guides it to her cushiony breasts.

“That’s how all men who date me end up. There’s no point in anything else.”


When I get back home, it’s 2 am.

Neither mom or noona care that I was out so late. Because I’m not Hyun-ji.

I go into my room and play a game on my smartphone when Hyun-ji comes in with glaring goblin eyes.

“What were you doing out so late?”

“I was exercising.”

“Oh ho, exercise? Yeah, I’m sure you sweat a ton.”

At Hyun-ji’s sarcasm, I flinch.

‘Does she know?’

But of course. Hyun-ji shows me her smartphone screen.

[Min-jeong: hey, sister in law~ I’ll be really good~ >v<]

“I told you so many times and finally, you got reeled in by that fox, and now you’ve “exercised” together, have you? Was it good?”

“Uh haha! Dear child, let’s not exchange uncomfortable talk between siblings.”

“Wow, so you did do something that would be uncomfortable to talk about between siblings? Good for you!”

Dis bitch?

The day has finally come when I’m getting scolded from Hyun-ji.

“Now do you know how I felt when I went looking for you at that club? What? Your hand couldn’t let go? You must’ve had a lot of fun with that dick!”

“Why are you bringing that up again!”

We bicker and argue at and that and at the fuss, mom wakes up and with one eye open, pokes her head into my room.

“Why are you guys fighting at this hour?”

“Mom! Oh my gosh…!”


Hyun-ji babbles on with every little detail and tattles on me to mom.

After hearing it all, mom looks at me, then approaches me and puts her hand on my shoulder.

“Son, good job.”

“No need.”

“What do you mean, good job!”

Mom explains to Hyun-ji who is in a fit.

“Hyun-ji, I don’t care how, but I’m happy for it. No matter what accident your brother has, if he gets me a grandchild in my arms, I don’t care.”



At mom’s declaration, we both are at a loss for words

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