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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 58 Copenhagen (Part 1)

Chapter 58 Copenhagen (Part 1)

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I received contact from chairman Park Jin-seong to get to Gimpo airport by 11 am.

Thanks to that I have some time left over in my morning and I take Hyun-ji to school.


As soon as I stop the car and drop her off, there’s a girl that opens my passenger door and sits herself down in its seat.

With long black hair and impressionable double eyelids, a happy 23-yeahr old college student (in American age, this is 22.)

It’s the girl that I started dating yesterday, Yoo Min-Jeong.

“You’re going to Denmark today, right? Aww, what will I do, I won’t be able to see you for a while?”

Seeing the adorable Min-Jeong, I am reminded of the sweet time we had last night and my heart is happy.

“I see you’re both just getting along so well!”

Finding all this ridiculous, Hyun-ji looked at us, at her wit’s end. Whether she stares or not, Min-Jeong brazenly sticks herself closer to me. Hyun-ji looks like she’s about to rage.

“I don’t know when I’ll be back. When I get back, I’ll call you first.”

“You won’t go cheat or anything?”

“Of course not. I don’t even have the skills to do that.”

“Okay, you can’t get all excited that you’re in Europe and go have a fling with some blonde, okay?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t like blondes.”


Instead of an answer, I stroke back Min-Jeong’s hair. Min-Jeong smiled and got even closer to me.

“You’ll be late for class, bitch!”

Maybe it hurt her eyes to see us, because Hyun-ji is annoyed to the max. But instead, Min-Jeong just closes the door. Then she opens her window and speaks.

“I’m going to skip morning classes, sub in for me!”


“Please and thank you, sister-in-law! Okay, oppa, let’s go! Hurry, hurry!”

I do as I’m told and start the car. I can see Hyun-ji throwing a fit through my rear view mirror. Min-Jeong is giggling next to me. I laugh too.

“Oppa, what should we do?”

I take out my smartphone and check the time. It’s not 9am.

“Did you eat breakfast?”

“No. I have lectures starting at 9 am and I woke up late today.”

“Then let’s go eat something tasty. Know anywhere good?”

“There’s a pasta shop in front of school.”

“Okay, we’ll go there.”

We go to the shopping district in front of the school and park on the street and get out.

The gaze of passing students rests on me as I get out of the driver seat. It is the power of the Porsche Cayenne. It’s not a flashy sports car, but still, it’s rare to see in front of a college.

Min-Jeong quickly got out of the car and stands right next to me.

It’s an action like she’s marking me as hers.

The passing students look super annoyed by it. The poor students that have received mental damage early in the morning move on by at a faster pace.

“Keep doing that and you’ll be an outcast.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’m graduating soon anyway.”

She’s so bright like she’s on drugs and her good mood rubs off on me and makes me feel good too.

We eat together when Min-Jeong suddenly grabbed my wrist and speaks.

“Oppa, do you not have a watch?”


“A working man should have a wrist watch.”

“Really? I guess I should buy one.”

Actually, I have a beat up digital watch I used in the army at home. They were being sold for $10 in front of the army base but I don’t wear them because I don’t like how it looks.

“Oppa, can I get you one as a present?”

“It’s okay. Since I’m going abroad, I’ll get one at an airport shop.”

I have a million dollars in my bank. There’s no need to use an almost-graduated college girl’s budget.

“How expensive are you going to get?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. I have enough money so I’ll take a big bite and get a good one.”

“Give me a figure. I’ll pick it out for you!”

“You will?”

“Yeah, I’ll search online and pick a few and message the options to you.”

“Hmm, well.”


Min-Jeong makes a cute expression. Her eyes are dewy like the eyes of a bunny rabbit. I have no doubt that she knows her double eyelids are beautiful.

‘Makes me wonder. How much do I say?’

Tens of thousands of dollars wouldn’t be a burden at all. But if I name a number that high she might faint and find it strange. But I have all this money and I don’t want a cheap one either…

“$5000?” (USD)


“Yeah, I’ll wear it forever so I should go big.”

“Am I picking out something that will be wrapped on your wrist forever?”

“Exactly. So you have to pick well.”

“Hehe, just leave it to me.”

Shopping is definitely for girls, because Min-Jeong’s eyes glow with determination.

We finished our meal and drink some coffee at the café next door and chit chat about this and that. Min-Jeong has an endless list of things to talk about and she never stops talking.

It’s time for us to part so we get in the car and I take her back to school when Min-Jeong suddenly says,

“Oppa, tell me one wish of yours.”

“A wish?”

“Whatever it is, I’ll grant one wish.”

“You really, mean, like, whatever?”

“Yes, in the spirit of wishing you a good trip. Threes also the meaning of not having you cheat while you’re over there.”

“Psh, cheating. Anyway, a wish…”


She’ll grant it no matter what it is.

A bunch of dirty thoughts dance across my mind. Due to Min-Jeong’s provocative stare, even more lustful thoughts abound. And we are right in front of the school which means her efficiency apartment is right nearby.

‘No, no, I shouldn’t.’

I control my desperate urges. We had relations on the day we decided to date. The pace is already fast enough and if we do it again here, I feel like I’ll be pushing too much with Min-Jeong.

“Give me a kiss.”

“Pft, scaredy-cat.”

That upsets me.

“Should I change my wish now then?”

“You can’t.”

Min-Jeong giggled as she approaches me for a kiss. We meet our lips together and share a breath and affectionately caress each other’s tongues. My body warms up and Min-Jeong and I both, with a little disappointment, part.

“I’m going to head back to class now. I think Hyun-ji’s going to be mad.”

“Okay, I’ll see you when I get back.”

“Let’s chat on video chats.”


Min-Jeong goes into her school and I head back home. I changed my clothes and grab my Boston bag stuffed with my things and head in the direction of Gimpo airport.


Speaking of, Gimpo airport is in a full ruckus.

“Chairman, what is your reason for going abroad to Denmark?”

“Are you planning on returning to work?”

“Is it true you have a health problem?”


“Chairman! An answer, please…!”

The reporters are bustling like a swarm of ants with a flurry of questions. The flash goes off from all different directions, all aimed at chairman Park Jin-seong’s face.

The guards blocked off the reporters that keep swarming in like bees and forge a path.

With the path that they barely carved out, chairman Park Jin-seong calmly walked through. Next to him is the 3rd office secretary Lee Jung-shik and me too.

Being next to chairman Park Jin-seong, my face will probably end up in the papers too.

‘Mom, I think I’ll be on the 9 o’clock news.’

Like it’ll only be on the news.

At this rate, my face will be on the front pages of newspapers.

When I get on chairman Park Jin-seong’s personal use Boeing 737, I don’t even have the time to take in the grand interior that I can’t even believe is the inside of a plane, before I collapse into the nearest chair.

I sat on a sofa in front of a coffee table and lean my body back.

The first attack of reporters I’ve ever experienced in my life was a shock.

They were questions for chairman Park Jin-seong, but just by standing next to him, I was more nervous. I feel as if I was group lynched.

‘He’s lived his life being subjected to this kind of thing.’

I admire chairman Park Jin-seong for having held a straight face, without changing, in front of all those reporters.

I was briefly able to experience what a huge pressure it is to have any interest from others.

Chairman Park Jin-seong looks exhausted from it too.

He sat on the sofa across from me and extended his hand to me.

“Whew, I am exhausted. Give me one of those.”

It is obvious what ‘one of those’ things chairman Park Jin-seong is referring to.


I make a flame of life and hand it to him. Chairman Park Jin-seong swallowed the flame in one gulp and it must give him a surge of energy because he smiled happily.

“This is why I didn’t ask for it when I saw you this morning. It’s more dramatic to eat it after the bustle.”


“Ugh, I am so thirsty. Go bring something to drink.”

As soon as chairman Park Jin-seong flicked his finger, a stewardess quickly fetches him some orange juice.

She’s maybe late 20’s?

With a tidy appearance and cute impression, the stewardess asked me.

“Can I get you anything to drink?”

“Yes, coffee please.”

“What kind of coffee should I get you?”

“An iced Americano.”

“Okay, please wait one moment.”

The stewardess quickly got me an iced Americano. I am moved by this experience as I drink my coffee.

‘How could the inside of a plane be this comfortable.’

Before I came, I searched for ‘Jinseong Group chairman private jet’ online.

‘It said there are sleeping quarters and an office obviously and even a gym.’

I really want to take a look around.

But more importantly than that, I should change into more comfortable clothes. The suit I am wearing right now is indeed uncomfortable.

“Chairman, is it okay if I change?”

“Do what you want. But…”

Chairman Park Jin-seong looks me up and down.

“Why are you wearing such a cheap suit? You’ve got loads of money now.”

“I don’t really have an interest in clothes.”

“You don’t have a watch on your wrist, your hairstyle is that, you’re a young guy, why not care about how you look?”

“Is it that weird?”

Receiving this scolding, I scratched my head.

Chairman Park Jin-seong spoke.

“You are going to meet people for official business. Do you want to look unimportant to these people?”

“Um, no.”

“Not only that but you are only a 3rd turn examinee so to them, you will look all the more pitiful, so if you look like you do now, that will only make it worse. When we get to Copenhagen, go shopping first.”

“Okay, I will.”

“Also, you can’t speak English?”



Chairman Park Jin-seong grabbed the back of his neck.

“Oh goodness, sometimes when I see you, I get angry. When I was your age, I lived and worked so hard…!”

“I’m sorry. Please calm down.”

“You are as the saying goes, disease giving, cure giving.”

Chairman Park Jin-seong once again flicked his fingers and called over the stewardess.


The stewardess from before approached.

“Young lady, what is your name?”

“It is Lee Soo-hyun, chairman.”

“Take this fellow shopping in Copenhagen. Starting with hairstyle, from head to toe, fix him up, got it?”

Stewardess Lee Soo-hyun looks me up and down.

In embarrassment, I hang my head low. Perhaps Lee Soo-hyun finds me doing this to be funny because she smiles and says.

“Understood, chairman.”

Having been pegged as a fool, I mumbled to myself in my head and changed into more comfortable clothes. Jeans and a t shirt, a cardigan, a blazer, and sneakers is what I changed into and he must not like it very much because chairman Park Jin-seong tsk tsks his tongue.

‘Oh like you dress all that well… damn, that watch looks nice.’

I looked at his shiny wristwatch and am back to admiring him.


After about 12 hours in flight, we arrive at the Copenhagen airport. Current time zone time is 4 in the afternoon.

Chairman Park Jin-seong moved separately so he ccould be seen for foreign business reasons.

I was left alone at the airport like a missing child and I felt anxious when stewardess Lee soo-hyun came to escort me.

“Come this way.”


I tagged along behind Lee Soo-hyun like a baby chick.

Lee Soo-hyun took me outside the airport and we got into a cab. The middle aged taxi driver and her conversation, I understood none of it.

I looked out the window as we rode in the taxi and I blankly stared at the strange landscape and the strange people.


My first step onto European soil.

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