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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 60 Copenhagen (Part 3)

Chapter 60 Copenhagen (Part 3)

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As he does so, a very thin and black glove appears on his hand.

He takes it off and hands it to me.

“It should prove useful.”

He’s giving it to me so I don’t hesitate to take it.

I touch it and it feels strange. Its soft like silk but also feels strong like metal.

Even so, it has a strange feeling of sticking to my skin too.

“It is a glove weaved from the web of Arachne.”


I think I’ve seen it in the illustrated guide from the Korean arena research center. A gigantic beastly spider.

“It is a glove made by processing magic to mitigate the sticky viscosity of the web. Because it was made with magic it is expensive but it is good enough to withstand knife cuts.


“It’s good for bare handed fighting and also for holding weapons. It does have a unique viscosity so whatever you are holding in your hand won’t easily be let go.”

I listen to his explanation and scan the gloves.

“For the item explanation, you can look on the board.”

Odin makes the suggestion.

Like he said, I retrieve my board and say the following.

“Explain this glove to me.”

Then the words on the board wiggle and change.

-Arachne’s Glove: it is a glove made with magic and sewn from Arachne’s web. It protects the hand with strong durability. It is weak to fire and aura.

Having been learning boxing, this item is very beneficial to me. How much would this item cost in karma?

“Thank you.”

“This may be sufficient enough but who knows. You may receive an exam that is different from my prediction of it being related to lycanthropes.”

“What should I do then?”

“It doesn’t matter if you fail so survive no matter what.”

Odin speaks firmly.

“If you survive, I will help you with your failed mission in the fifth exam. You can get the same exam you’ve failed at before so the second time around I will be of more help to you.”

“Um, can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Why are you helping me?”

There is of course, the 10 million dollars that chairman Park Jin-seong is offering.

But no matter how I look at it, Odin doesn’t seem the kind of man that would act for 10 million.

With an identity as an examinee that has also become a lord in the arena.

With skills like that, regardless of which country’s agency he affiliates with, he could probably make that.

“Why do you think?”


Odin gives me yet another quiz question.

‘Fine, if you want a quiz, I’ll answer.’

I think it over carefully.

He has received a request from chairman Park Jin-seong.

Chairman Park Jin-seong is probably sponsoring and supporting and building relationships with not only the Nordic exam time, but also the Korean Arena research center and other national agencies. He is that invested in curing his disease.

Is it because as a sponsor, he cannot refuse chairman Park Jin-seong’s request?

‘No, that isn’t it.’

With an examinee as great as Odin, even against the great chairman Park Jin-seong, the power dynamic is changed.

Because the one in greater need then would be chairman Park Jin-seong.

Odin doesn’t need chairman Park Jin-seong’s best bargaining tool, money.


As I keep thinking about chairman Park Jin-seong, one answer comes to mind.

“I’m sorry, do you have someone in your family who is ill?”

Odin smiles.

“Mr. Hyun-ho Kim, I do think our continued relationship will be a good one. And I wish for that too.”

I realize I answered correctly.

“Isn’t it funny?”

“What do you mean?”

“A different world, an angel, exams, karma, everything is unrealistic, but for examinees like us or chairman Park Jin-seong who isn’t an examinee, and even… my daughter who is still so young, it all boils down to the desire to live, and that is the only logic of all worlds.”

“Your daughter…”

“It is not serious yet. But it is the same thing that first took my wife from this world.”


It must be a genetic disease. I don’t dig for more and Odin spares his words on it.

Odin gives me a phone number.

“Call when you need it.”

“I will.”

And with that we part ways.

I take the elevator and head up to the 20th floor.

When I reach the hallway, I am surprised.

There are only four doors that I can see. Even though this is a very large hotel that should have lots of rooms every floor.

Could it be?

I use my key card and open the door and go inside.

…I see the expansive interior of a suite.

Chairman Park Jin-seong has booked me a suite as my lodgings.

I’m sure someone below him made the arrangements but it means he regards me as this important.

I have a wonderful view of Copenhagen that I can see stretching below my terrace where there is a pretty tea table set up.

I put away in the closet the clothes that I bought earlier from shopping with lee soo-hyun, and I take out comfortable training gear from my Boston bag and change into them.

I am about to put away the suit when I feel something in the inside pocket.

I put my hand in and there is a small and delicately folded piece of paper.

Written in a water based pen, is a pretty and feminine handwriting.

[Lee Soo-hyung 010-****-****]


What the!

That famous, legendary, what I thought would never occur in my life…

‘Did I just get hit on? By the personal flight attendant?’

I think about Lee soo-hyun.

Stewardess to the Jinseong Group chairman’s private jet. When we were shopping she had good taste in luxury and she is a capable person, having mastered many languages.

I got hit on by a woman like that! Never did I think in my 29 years of life this would happen!

I am moved greatly by this and take a picture with my smartphone camera and message it to Min-jeong. Proof shot!

[Me; this is how great oppa is.]

The response is immediate.

[Yoo Min-jeong^^*: (angry emoticon) What is this! That bitch!]

With the angry emoticon and her furious reaction, Min-jeong is so cute.

I laugh and continue to text her.

[Me: Ah, a lonely night in Copenhagen. I’m so lonely, I think I will fall to seduction]

[Yoo Min-jeong^^*: No! Don’t be seduced ㅠㅠ]

[Me: Then appeal to me with your charms so I’m not shaken. I’m waiting^^]

[Yoo Min-jeong^^*: Just one sec!]

Then Min-jeong sends me a cute selfie. Her smiling face is cute, but this isn’t sufficient.

[Me: this is all?]

[Yoo Min-jeong^^*: aren’t I cute?]

[Me: you thought cute would be enough…]

[Yoo Min-jeong^^*: -_-^ Hold on]

From then on, Min-jeong sends me selfies, each time, with one item of clothing removed.


Lastly, an excellent picture arrives. She must be feeling shy about it herself because she has her face about half covered with her hand.

Just looking at it makes me dizzy so much I may get a nosebleed.

I’m deeply immersed in the picture when Min-jeong shoots me another text.

[Yoo Min-jeong^^*: I’m going to tattle on you to Hyun-ji ㅠㅠ]

[Me: Crap -_-]

[Yoo Min-jeong^^*: I am so ashamed I can no longer live as a woman]

[Me: Why are you like this all of a sudden -_-]

[Yoo Min-jeong^^*: I’m going to tell her you threatened me and forced me to take erotic pictures]

[Me: Don’t do that! What is it you want?]

[Yoo Min-jeong^^*: You send the same pictures too, oppa]


Darn, I had forgotten what kind of woman my adversary is.

That night, I go through some unsettling (?)* times.

(TN: Raws actually has (?) written.)


-Oppa, wake up. It’s 7 am.

At the sound of Min-jeong’s voice, I barely wake up.

Through the curtains and open window, warm sunlight bathes me.

On my charging smartphone placed on the nightstand next to the bed, I can see Min-jeong’s face.

-Oppa~ good morning

Min-jeong’s face is happy and bright and smiling.

‘Oh, right.’

Min-jeong said she wanted to monitor me whilst I sleep so we used the Wi-Fi to while I slept with the video chat on.

She did it in case I went cheating on her with Lee Soo-hyun.

“Yeah, good morning, what are you doing?”

-I was just watching your sleeping face.

“For seven hours?”

-Yep, aren’t I devoted?


-Haha, I was studying.


-For cooking. I’m going to make you lots of yummy things.

How is it she just says all the right things.

“I thought you were just cosplaying being a nice girl, but you’re really trying hard.”

At the mention of cosplay, Min-jeong laughs.

-I did start it to look good to you, but it turns out it’s really fun.

“You’ll be a good wife.”

-You want to take me?

“Woah now, I don’t know yet. I’m an expensive man.”


Min-jeong pouts out her lip.

“But I will bring you presents. Is there anything you want?”

As I say so, Min-jeong’s face brightens up.

-There is!


-A really good kitchen knife set please.

“Kitchen knives?”

-Kitchen knives are really expensive. But it really does make a difference, a good one versus a bad one.

“… Min-jeong.”


“Stop pretending to be modest and speak honestly. Do you want a bag?”

Min-jeong laughs hysterically.

But she insists on the kitchen knife set to the end.

I can’t tell if she’s actually changed into a modest woman or still acting to appeal to me.

I finish the video chat and call chairman Park Jin-seong.

-Are you done with all your business? Shall we head back then?

“What? Please, give me some time for the touristy stuff. I did come all the way to Copenhagen after all.”

-What’s there to see in Copenhagen? Just go to Spain later instead.

“I have to give you the flame of life every day, how will I go to Spain?”

-Oh, right, there’s that. Fine, then I’ll see you at 8 in front of the hotel.

“You’re going to let me tour?”

-Alright, I’ll show you one important spot in Copenhagen before we head back.

“… okay.”

I adequately shower and change into the clothes I bought yesterday and head downstairs.

It turns to 8 am and right on the dot, chairman Park Jin-seong appears.

He comes with a couple of his guards and nods to me.

“Let’s go.”


“Only a bumpkin would be a tourist in Copenhagen.”


We take the car and get off in the city and walk to our destination. On our walk we see the Copenhagen royal palace, Churchill park, and the fishing ports.

And then we finally arrive at our destination.

The place we get to is the symbol of Copenhagen, the representative tourist destination that alone, draws many tourists, just for this.

The mermaid bronze statue.

The statue of the mermaid sitting atop a boulder moves a lot of tourists… is what I think I’ve read on a blog somewhere.

“What is this?”

“What do you mean?”

There is a crowd of tourists taking pictures but in their center is just the one solitary statue of a bronze mermaid.

“All these people are here for this?”

“Yes, this is the symbol of Copenhagen. Not much to see.”


“Alright, done? Let’s go now. I’m a busy man.”

‘I thought you said you don’t work and have so much free time?’

… but those words don’t come out my mouth.

I feel defeated and effortlessly follow behind chairman Park Jin-seong.

But the park is beautiful, like a fairy tale.

The car quickly arrives and we head to the Copenhagen airport.

I buy a luxury knife set from the duty free shop and board the plane.

There were so many reporters in Korea, but here, there is no crowd to bother chairman Park Jin-seong.

“Did the talk go well?”


“Do you think you will be okay for your next exam?”

“I don’t know.”

“What is that? Speak definitively. What else can I do?”

“There is nothing more you can do at this point. It is all up to me now. Do not worry. I feel okay.”

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