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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 67 The results of the fourth exam (Part 1)

Chapter 67 The results of the fourth exam (Part 1)

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Bboo- bboo-

“Congrats, returning home in glory!”

For the first time in a long while, the baby angel blew his horn and made a big fuss.

Every time he flew around, his bundegi that thrashed left and right uninhibited made me quite uncomfortable.

Regardless, like he said, this time, I was returning in glory. This fourth exam was, in many ways, very meaningful to me.

First, it being a long exam of 30 days, I finished it relatively safe.

Second, I got the idea of divine interventions* and got a feeling for the general direction of the exam.

(TN: I’m not actually sure what this means. I think he’s trying to say that he was able to find the correct path to follow through divine means?)

Third, thanks to the Tree of Life, my spirit summons level increased.

If I could say that I lost too much during the third exam, I could also say that in compensation for it, I gained many things. Not that anything could compare to the lives of three people…

“Wow! You are so impressive.”

The baby angel clapped his hands and complimented me.

“You are becoming the ultimate examinee that we have wanted.”


“Keep doing as you have been. Every exam has a specific goal and we want the examinee to hone in on that. We don’t just thrust examinees into peril for amusement.”

“I know.”

“Alright, okay. You want to know your 4th exam score?”

“Of course.”

“Then what are you doing not summoning your board? It’s not like this is your first or second time, are you an idiot?”

Boil, boil.

I had thought ‘what a change of pace that his behavior was amiable’ but sure enough, he finishes by pissing me off.

“Board retrieval.”

As I said it, the board appeared and the results were displayed.

-Name: Kim Hyun-ho

-Class: 10

-Karma: +2000

-Mission: Rest until the next exam

-Time limit: 30 days


I trembled.

I was speechless at the quantity of my prize.

My class increased up by 3, and I received an outstanding grade with 2000 karma.

“These results are a reflection of value of my deeds?”


“How are these results?”

“What do you think?”

“The best scores for a 4th turn examinee?”

“So you know. Good for you.”

The baby angel was being sarcastic but I paid no mind to his provocation.

Because my decisions yielded the ultimate success.

I just rested at the elf village and did nothing but make the flame of life every day.

It was so leisurely that at times, I felt nervous.

Am I wrong?

There is no way the exam could be this easy.

Could it be I’m doing this mission all wrong?

I fought with those thoughts.

But the results are in.

‘I was right!’

I could go crazy with happiness.

“Seeing examinee Kim Hyun-ho happy makes me oddly annoyed. Go on. Get out.”

The baby angel, who was complimenting me in the beginning, was provoking again.

The exam door appeared.

I raised a middle finger to the baby angel, then lightly stepped through the exam door.


11 am.

On my smartphone were three text messages.

[Hyun-ji: stupid oppa ㅠㅠ I tried to wake you and you didn’t so I was late for class!]

[Chairman Park Jin-seong: Contact me as soon as you wake up]

[Yoo Min-jeong^^: how dare you be so cruel and leave. I will get my revenge!]

I smiled. I sent a reply to each of the three.

[Me: shut up]

That one was for Hyun-ji.

[Me: I will leave for work soon.]

That one goes to chairman Park Jin-seong.

[Me: I’ll call you as soon as I’m off work. I really love you <3]

That’s for Min-jeong.

Really, the whole month I was with the elves, I really missed her so much. Even more so with Jake and Ella’s relationship.

I have to see Min-jeong this evening.

I get a text from hyun-ji.

[Hyun-ji: typo? That’s a typo, right?]

[Me: I said shut up]

[Hyun-ji: don’t call me a chicken]

(TN: Dalk-chyuh means shut up but phonetically the ‘l’ is silent so it sounds like ‘dak’. Dak means chicken so they sound the same which is why she says “typo?”.)

TOIEC 400 pointer, the fried chicken business is your only viable future. Why are you leaving an open path and trying to take the difficult forest one?

Before I go to work at the cabin, I decided to organize my karma.

‘Where will I use this?’

A whole 2000 karma.

When will I use it all?

There are too many places I could use it.

But I have to use it wisely, so that it would definitely be of use to me in the next exam.

It has to account for whatever may happen in the 5th exam and however much karma that will yield.

But then, what will the fifth exam be?

‘It must be to revive the Tree of Life!’

Following the context and flow of things, I was sure that will be the continuation in the next exam.

With jumping three classes and a karma prize of 2000, that is proof that my thinking was correct.

But I was sure the next mission will be to fully cure the Tree of Life.

Following the divine interventions, I was deducing that for the final goal of the exam, the Tree of Life must be cured.

‘But then…’

I don’t like to gamble.

But this time, I have to have conviction to succeed.

“Board retrieval.”

The board appeared. The karma I had received was proudly displayed.

“If I invest all my karma into the flame of life, how many levels can I jump?”

-The following is a display if you use all your karma for the flame of life (synthesis skill).

-Flame of life (synthesis skill): breathe the flame of life in and revive life. Two uses per day.

*Intermediate level 2: energy revival, anti-aging, effect on illness and curses.

-Remaining karma: +200

“Intermediate level 2…”

I deeply pondered this decision. If I use 1800 karma all into the flame of life, I’ll be an intermediate level 2.

I can make two flames of life per day and the effect will also be stronger. There was also the added option of treating illness and curses.

But if I do that, all I have left is just 200 karma.

If the fifth exam is to cure the Tree of Life, putting it all in and using 1800 karma to do that will be the right choice.

But what if that isn’t the exam?

There is one variable to consider.

I lost a bit of strength in my idea and asked the board again.

“Show me what it will be if I raise the flame of life to intermediate level 1.”

-Flame of life (synthesis skill) raised to intermediate level 1, here is this option.

-Flame of life (synthesis skill): breathe the flame of life in and revive life. Two uses per day.

*Intermediate level 1: energy revival, anti-aging, effect on illnesses and curses.

-Remaining karma: +700

“So, the options the same?”

The remaining karma is 700.

It seems that going from intermediate level 1 to intermediate level 2 is what costs 500 karma.

Whether it is intermediate level 1 or 2, what was the same was being able to make two flames a day and treating illness and curses.

I’m sure there will be a difference in strength of the treatments, but I will have the leeway of 700 karma and I can use that to increase the level of another skill.


At the end of thinking it through, I make my decision.

“Karma prize, I will raise my flame of life to intermediate level 1.”


The light that emerged from the board seeped into my body.

I looked again at the board. I verify that the flame of life has increased to intermediate level 1.

Now what I have left is 700 karma. Hmm, where to use this?

‘For now, there’s no need to increase my spirit summons.’

I now know that staying near the Tree of Life increases the spirit summons level. Why use karma to increase it when I can get that for free?

“Karma prize, I will increase my physical strength buff.”

-Physical strength buff (assist skill) has increased a level.

-Physical strength buff (assist skill): rapidly strengthens fitness.

*Intermediate level 1: gain the fitness level that surpasses human limits.

-Remaining karma: +300

Fitness that exceeds human limits! This is the level that Kang Chun-seong had shown me.

The next thing is easy.

“Raise the level for reflex skill.”

-Reflex skill (synthesis skill): improved ability to maneuver the body.

*Entry level 3

-Remaining karma: +100

I spent it frugally but I still only have 100 karma left.

With this, there is no skill I can increase the level on.

‘Should I get an assist skill?’

If I get an assist skill I can also use it as an ingredient for a synthesis skill.

I thought that was a good idea so I asked the board to show me the assist skills I can get with the remaining karma.

Amongst a variety of lots of skills, one catches my eye.

- Teleport (assist skill): Leap through space in the direction you desire. Think of the direction and say ‘teleport.’

*Entry level 1: distance 1 meter. Cool down time 1 hour (-100)

Being only an entry level 1, the distance was a measly 1 meter.

But this is a very useful skill. In a dangerous second, if I use this, I can dodge an attack.

Not only that, but I can get through walls or doors.

Additionally, I’m looking forward to what skill I can create by combining this with skills I already have.

‘This will definitely be of use somehow.’

“I select teleport.”

-Teleport (assist skill) has been selected.

-Remaining karma: 0

“Now it’s getting fun. Skill synthesis!”

-Select the skill or item you wish to synthesize.

- Skills available for synthesis: spirit summons (Sylph), spirit summons (Kasa), physical strength buff, guider, teleport

- Items available for synthesis: Mosin-Nagant, item bag, Arachne gloves

*Items used for synthesis will be used.

“Synthesize spirit summons Sylph with teleport.”

-Synthesizing spirit summons (Sylph) with teleport (assist skill).

-Synthesis failed.

“Pfft, then synthesize Kasa with teleport.”

-Synthesizing spirit summons (Kasa) with teleport (assist skill).

-Synthesis failed.

“Then physical buffer with teleport?”

-Synthesizing physical buffer (assist skill) with teleport.


-Synthesis successful. You have gained transmission (synthesis skill).

-Transmission (synthesis skill): you can pass an object flying toward you through your body without damage.

*Entry level 1: effect lasts for 3 seconds, cool time 1 hour


I’m so happy I can jump.

The created transmission skill and also the teleport skill will be helpful in dodging dangerous attacks.

‘Good. Let’s keep synthesizing.’

I can test the skills later at the cabin.

“Synthesize guider and teleport.”

-Synthesizing guider (assist skill) with teleport (assist skill).

-Synthesis failed.

Another failure. I could only make one skill. It’s a little disappointing.

But in my disappointment, I revert back to the items that I can use for synthesis.

The Mosin-Nagant, the item bag, and the Arachne glove.

‘Should I try the items?’

It doesn’t matter if they fail, but this is more dangerous because I could end up with a useless skill and losing the item.

‘First, exclude the Mosin-Nagant. That’s too important a weapon.’

I try to synthesize.

“Synthesize Arachne glove with teleport.”

-Synthesizing Arachne glove with teleport (assist skill).

-Synthesis failed.

Now the only thing left is the item bag.

“I feel like this will yield something.”

The item bag is the backpack that holds things so I can pass them through the exam door.

And the teleport passes me through space.

They both have to do with passing through space. If I combine the two, I’m sure something will turn up.

‘Let’s do it.’

If I fail, I wonder if I can beg Odin to give me an item bag.

First, I take out all the things from the item bag.

“Synthesize item bag and teleport.”

-Synthesizing item bag with teleport (assist skill).


-Synthesis successful. You have gained spacial storage

-Item bag has been used.

-Spacial storage (assist skill): create a spacial storage space and store items. Say ‘store’ or ‘retrieve’ to use.

*Entry level 1: 50x50x50cm


I felt an excitement as if I had won the lottery. I had just gotten a storage space that is much more comfortable to use than the item bag.

I put my hand over the items I had taken out of my item bag and said



The bullets and water bottle and Swiss army knife disappear.

I recall the water bottle and say the following.



The water bottle appeared in my left hand.

‘This is the best!’

I think I can steal with this method even. Of course, I won’t do that, but still.

And like that, I used up all my karma. I felt satisfied with how well I managed to use my karma so carefully.

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