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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 76 – Explosive Growth (Part 3)

Chapter 76 – Explosive Growth (Part 3)

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Every morning, I fought against the zombies with Derrick and his group. Then, I would spend the afternoon atop the Tree of Life.

Even the time spent stuck next to the tree was very precious.

I had to be by the Tree of Life for the spirit summons to grow.

It was time very well spent.

Since the skill levels just kept climbing.

Being able to feel safe and secure while using just my feet to run along a cliffside that has no footholds while fighting takes a lot of athletic skill.

It also requires immense amount of stamina.

After my body surpassed that of human limits I thought there wouldn’t be any situation where my body would get tired but that wasn’t the case.

Compared to the male elves, I still had a long way to go.

When the Tree of Life was nearly cured, I switched up the flame of life allocation.

“I will allocate one flame to the Tree of Life every other day. 3 every 2 days will be given to the small tree.”

“Do as you wish.”

Using this opportunity to grow, I planned on dragging it out as long as possible.

Because of that, I purposely chose to postpone clearing the mission.

Because of that, the pine tree with the potential of being another Tree of Life grew well.

And yet, compared to the Tree of Life, the pine tree was incredibly small, but as it received load after load of the flames of life, its growth rate almost became visible to the eye.

Just like that, time flew by and I reached the 12th month.

Now I gave a flame of life to the Tree of Life every 4 days and all the rest was all poured into the pine tree.

The desire to hurry up and get back home was intense, but I held out.

“Now it is done.”

Derrick looked at the pine tree and was very satisfied.

“Now, not only does it possess the potential but it can definitely grow into a Tree of Life.”

“What does that mean?”

“Just because one has potential, does not mean anyone with that potential can use it. There are more people who do not realize their own potential. Whether human or elf.”

“That is true indeed.”

“But this tree has now realized its own potential. It has definitely grabbed its direction on the path to growing into a Tree of Life.


“Even if we leave it like this, it will become a Tree of Life. No, actually, I guess I can say that it has already become a Tree of Life. Since growing is just a matter of time.”

“That is great!”

“It is all thanks to you. Thanks to the rich life force you gave it, the tree has become stronger and is creating the energy of nature all on its own.”

“It was nothing.”

I was ecstatic at Derrick’s compliment.

“The more I see you, the more impressive of a human I think you are. Not only this tree, but you yourself have experienced a fierce growth in such a short time. Now when I compare you to the young lads, you don’t come up short.”


It has already been 12 months.

In all that time, I worked hard and I wasn’t lazy once.

The spirit summons rose to an entry level 6, and the summons time grew to 3 hours and 15 minutes.

The Reflex skill grew to intermediate level 1. When it went from entry level 5 to intermediate, the effect was completely different.

-Reflex (synthesis skill): know how to move your body well

*Intermediate level 1: In all actions requiring body movement, gain genius level abilities.

Look at that new entry! The abilities of a genius it says.

Before that was just good reflexes and knowing how to move my body but now, it was on the same level of a genius.*

(TN: The best explanation I can come up with for genius levels of athleticism is to imagine Neji or Sasuke…)

Because of it, when I was fighting, now and again I displayed amazing athleticism so much so that some of the elves would stare in awe.

On top of that, the physical strength buff!

-Physical Strength Buff (assist skill): strengthens the body

*Intermediate level 3: Fitness level of an adult elf male

Finally, I have the fitness and stamina of an adult male elf.

‘I’ve really made incredible growth.’

After growing this much, the growth slowed.

The job of fighting zombies along a cliff, or playing a game of tag with the elves, I didn’t feel like it was hard anymore.

Of course if I kept moving with intensity my stamina didn’t last but when it came to technique, I didn’t feel I was lacking.

The spirit summons stopped at entry level 6 and stayed that way for 3 months.

‘Now, let’s clear the mission and go home.’

After deciding that, I revealed my thoughts to the mothers.

“I will now complete the healing of the Tree of Life.”

“Do so.”

The mothers, in matters related to the Tree of Life, entrusted it to me.

For the next few days, I put all of my flames of life into the Tree of Life in the village.

Just like that, 5 days passed.


The mission door appeared before my eyes.

‘So, it was done.’

I gently pressed my lips to the Tree of Life.’

‘Thank you. For helping me grow.’

I opened the exam door and left.



“Congratulations! Congratulations! Great upgrade!”

“Ah, so loud.”

I said it was loud and the baby angel blew his horn more boisterously.

I took out a gun and shot at him once before he finally stopped. Pfft, it was within the 100% accuracy range, how did he dodge it?

“Were you really going to kill me?”

“You were within 10m, how did it not hit you.”

“Because I am a holy angel.”

“Can you say holy through that bbundegi of yours?”

“Now now, enough about that, aren’t you curious about your exam results?”

“I am. Board retrieval.”

-Name: Hyun-ho Kim

-Class: 16

-Karma: +3,600

-Mission: Rest until the next exam

-Time limits: 60 days


Without realizing it, I was blown away.

“Didn’t you think your growth as of late was crazy?”

“Hold on, my class was a 10 before wasn’t it? How did I jump 6 levels?”

“It is a combination of your exam score and the growth you made.”

It seemed the skills I raised for the past 12 months were factored into it.

Not only that, but also 3,600 karma!

I wondered if this is a dream.

“Getting 3,600 karma in one exam, is this normal?”

“For a fifth exam, it’s a ridiculously abnormal result. It means examinee Hyun-ho Kim made that much of an impact.”


That part was true.

Reviving the elves’ precious Tree of Life was a big role.

Two trees of life!

That contribution was put towards the karma.

“Accounting for how long the exam was, you have been given an appropriate rest period. Please care to rest thoroughly.”


A rest period of 60 days.

When I returned to reality, I planned to spend my time stuck right by Min-jeong.

How lonely I had been for the last 12 months!

“Now, hurry up and go. A lonely man is unsightly.”

“Shut up.”

I went through the door the baby angel made.


I opened my eyes and it was, without fail, 11 am.

‘I should get the karma prize first.’

Having gotten a whopping 3,600 karma, I was plenty excited.

I summoned my board and ordered.

“Show me all my skills.”

Then appeared, all in a list, the skills I have acquired so far.

-Being displayed are all of examinee Kim Hyun-ho’s skills.

-Main skill: Spirit summons (entry level 6)

-Assist skills: Physical Strength Buff (intermediate level 3), Guider (entry level 1), Teleport (entry level 1).

-Special skill: skill synthesis

-Synthesis skill: Divine Protection of the Wind (entry level 1), Divine Protection of the Flame (entry level 1), reflex (intermediate level 1), flame of life (intermediate level 1), transmission (entry level 1), spacial storage (entry level 1), shooting (entry level 1)

-Remaining karma: +3,600

The more I looked at it, the prouder I felt.

There isn’t a fifth turn examinee who has achieved as much as I have.

‘Should I raise it starting from the physical strength buff?’

First, I asked the board.

“If I were to raise my physical strength buff to advanced level 1, how much karma would that cost?”

-Physical strength buff (assist skill) to be raised to advanced level 1 I am showing that karma cost.

-Physical strength buff (assist skill): strengthens the body.

*Intermediate level 5: fitness level of an adult male elf

-To get to intermediate level 5 cost is 1,500 karma.

-Aura control: for an examinee who hasn’t mastered it, the physical strength buff cannot be raised to the advanced level.”

-Remaining karma: +3,600


I was completely surprised at the explanation that an advanced level was impossible.

It seemed the assist skill is affected by the main skill.

“Then the reflex too?”

Then the shape on the board changed.

-Reflex (synthesis skill): Know how to move your body

*Advanced level 1: Gain the abilities of a genius in body movement.

-Advanced level 1 to raise will use 3,600 karma

-Remaining karma: +3,600

If I poured all of my karma into the reflex skill, I could raise it to advanced level 1. In that case, no matter what it is, as long as it involved using my body, I would be a master. It was a level I couldn’t even fathom.

Doesn’t that mean if I watch someone dance and then copy the dance right after, I would be a master at it?

But I shook my head.

‘It is too ineffective for pouring all my karma into.’

Although it seemed like it would be of good use in day to day activities, the important thing is to become stronger.

‘Let’s raise my physical strength buff first, all the way.’

The spirit summons and rifle and dual guns.

All of these attack methods that I had, putting the physical strength buff above all of them, there was a simple reason to it.

Because it was the safest decision.

First of all, the spirit summons is a main skill so even if I pour in 3,600 karma, I can’t raise the level very much.

Thanks to the Tree of Life having raised my levels, I think it would be ineffective to put it into the spirit summons.

Then the Mosin-Nagant and double guns.

In some respects, it is a very good weapon. Using guns in the Arena civilization that falls behind that of Earth, it is basically cheating.

But as Cha Ji-hye warned me, that as I go through the exams, there will be enemies that I cannot pierce with my guns.

Accounting for all those dangers, the physical strength buff becomes the safest choice.

First, I’ll need a strong body so I won’t lose out in strength or fitness.

“I will raise the physical strength buff to intermediate level 5.”

-1,500 karma to physical strength buff (assist skill) has been raised to intermediate level 5.

-Remaining karma: +2,100


A light shone out from the board and penetrated me.

I would feel my body becoming even stronger.

‘So this is the limit of an elf’s body.’

If Entry level 5 was the limit of a human body, intermediate level 5 was the limit of an elf’s body!

Speaking strictly, based only on our bodies I am equal to, if not better than, Derrick.

Of course, I cannot follow in his amazing technique or charisma. Ah, Sir Derrick!

For a moment, I was lost in respect for Derrick, then came back to reality and focused again on the karma prize.

I asked this and that to the board and at the end of thinking thoroughly, this is the decision I came to.

-With 900 karma, I raised The Divine Protection of the Wind (synthesis skill) to entry level 5.

-Divine Protection of the Wind (synthesis skill): using the body, call upon the wind. The power of the skill is based on the user’s concentration and skill level along with the spirit summons skill level.

*Entry level 5: Total time 35 minutes. Cooling time 30 minutes.

-600 karma into the spatial storage (synthesis skill) – raised to entry level 4.

-Spatial storage (synthesis skill): Imagine a space and place objects in it. Use ‘enter’ and ‘retrieve’ orders to operate the space.

*Entry level 4: 110 x 110 x 110cm

-Remaining karma: +600

This was the optimal choice for making sure I had enough space for the gear I needed to use my guns.

Using the Divine Protection of the Wind for fast movement and a space to store lots of bullets!

I am only a 5th turn examinee.

Later, even if I encounter an enemy that bullets cannot penetrate, it would not be the end. Even if I was faced with a lycanthrope or undead, the guns would work on them.

Even considering the future, there is no downside to raising the levels of these skills.

What should I do with the remaining 600 karma?

It was enough karma to raise an entry level 1 assist skill or synthesis skill to a level 4.

Divine Protection of The Flame?

‘No, right now there is not an immediate use for the Divine Protection of The Flame.’


‘Not that yet either. The 100% accuracy is good enough for within 10 meters and anything beyond that, I can use Sylph for.’

Eventually, I chose this.

-600 karma to raise teleport (assist skill) to level 4.

-Teleport (assist skill): Move in the direction you chose. Think of a direction and say ‘teleport’ to instantly move to that location.

*Entry level 4: Distance 9 m, cooldown time 5 minutes

-Remaining karma: 0

At entry level 1, the distance was 1 m, and the cooldown time was an hour.

Even with a higher level, the distance didn’t change much. But at least the cooldown time had a significant decrease.

‘I’m sure if I increase the level a little more I can use it consecutively without a cooldown.’

I then thought that if I could teleport without any limits, that would just be the biggest cheat.

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