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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 87 Revival (Part 1)

Chapter 87 Revival (Part 1)

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It had been two months since the 6th exam began.

All the while, there has been one thing that has happened.

Elise crafted me a t-shirt. Despite her young age, it was done with impressive skills. Are all elves like this?

Anyway, I said I couldn’t accept it and Elise started crying and ran off somewhere and soon after, an infuriated older sister Ella returned with her.

Only after being yelled at for a long time by Ella did I realize my misunderstanding.

To appease the sulking Elise, I performed Bach’s minuet for her.

As if she had never cried, she suddenly stopped and Elise became immersed in my playing.

After the piece was over, I realized that all of the village elves had gathered around me.

Eventually, with only the skills I had from getting to Suzuki violin books volume 3, I had to hold a recital.

Of course, normally, it takes a couple years to even get to this point.

Anyway, the music took the elf village by storm.

“It is really a wonderful melody!”

“We should make an instrument like that too!”

As far as instruments go, they just had a reed flute so the elves were in a mad race to make an instrument like the violin.

And surprisingly, a certain young female elf makes an instrument very similar to the jang.

The instrument is coined the elven harp and prorogated quickly and in no time the music did not stop in the village.

The men especially liked to listen to the music so they say it has become a virtue and a task for women?

‘These elves are scary.’

Teaching them any one thing, their ripple effect is no joke.

I promised myself once again, but I will never teach them about gambling.

On top of it all, the threat of the undead was gone and the days passed by leisurely, and all that time, I used my spirit summons to practice my newly created style of marksmanship.

By forcing the bullet’s rotation to accelerate, it maximized the force and thus increased its penetrating power!

The normal gun’s rifling in a spiral, the bullet that gets shot rides those spirals before getting shot out.

At the moment of the shot, Sylph increases the spin of the bullet, making the bullet an incredible screw.

I tested the power, and surprisingly, the bullet penetrated a rock.

I mean, normally the bullet ricochets off the rock instead.

What incredible penetrating power!

‘At this rate, even if the opponent defense can’t be penetrated by regular bullets, it should work now, right?’

It is a power that far surpasses common sense.

In a short distance of 10 m, I think with a gun like this, it would go through even a bullet proof jacket.

This is it.

In order to survive in the Arena, with methods like this, I had to evolve my skills.

Not relying on comfortable tools but by combining my main skills synergistically.

After developing a new shooting method, I felt more at ease, and turned my attention once more to the elves’ problems.

The undead army. We didn’t know when and where they would be coming from.

Currently, a widespread search network was being used for impenetrable security, but if we suddenly had to fight straight on, I don’t know how that would go.

‘The elves are incredible, but nonetheless, their small numbers are disappointing.’

With Derrick as their representative, veteran warrior elves over the age of 200 numbers only 34.

Younger male elves like Jake, there are 97.

The number of mothers and younger females is about the same. In a time of emergency, they have the power to fight, but we still lack power.

‘To keep the entire Brown mountain as their territory and maintain it, the numbers are insufficient.’

I got an idea and quietly approached the eldest mother.

“What would you think of having another elf village on the Brown mountain?”

“Another village?”

“Yes, is that not a possibility?”

“Why would it not be? The Brown mountain is extensive, even with more elves living here, we would be living with ample room.”

“Don’t you think that there are other elves out there whose Tree of Life in their areas has deteriorated and therefore they have become targets for humans?”

“I am sure there are. The ones that came to us after being slaves, that is their story as well. Only if the Tree of Life is well would there would be no instance of elves being such easy prey to humans.”

The eldest mother’s face was full of sadness and pity.

I continued.

“Then what do you think of calling those elves here and forming another village?”

“An elf’s village must have a Tree of Life… Ah!”

The eldest mother has realized something.

I knew it too.

In an elf village, in its center must be a Tree of Life. Not only does it give them power from nature but also spiritual support.

But aren’t there two Trees of Life on this Brown mountain?

“With the newly growing Tree of Life from the southwest as the center.”

“Yes, I have heard that that small Tree of Life is growing steadily every day, thanks to you.”

“If another elf village were to exist here, the population would grow by that much as well, if and when the undead attack, we will have that much more of an advantage in fighting.”

“That is a good idea. First, let us ask the ones that came from slavery.”

After that, everything fell into place.

It is because of the 10 former elf slaves, there were 3 elder women who joined the mothers’ meeting.

“The Tree of Life withered away for reasons we could not understand and to avoid the invasion of humans, we had to hide deep within the forest.”

“I am from that same village. I thought maybe the Tree of Life would get better I went out to check on it only to find that humans were hiding there…”

These two mothers are from the same village.

“That is strange. A similar thing happened to my village.”

After hearing it all, I told the eldest mother my theory.

“Most likely, I think the evil black magicians’ plot is to go against all the elves on the continent.”

“The black magicians attacking us?”

I continued to explain.

“Elf slaves are sold for a high price, so they can easily sway a neighboring land for their aid. Using whatever method, when the magicians wither a Tree of Life, that land’s army swoops in and takes the elves, that is their pattern.”

“How awful! They have continued such evil, now it is our turn to act!”

“Yes, but of course that is only my theory, we can’t be sure.”

The eldest mother was pissed.

“I am sure that they are targeting the Trees of Life. Based on that alone, they are our sworn enemies.”

“I agree.”

“Thanks to you we were able to preserve our Tree of Life. It is a great relief.”

The eldest mother looked at me with a warm gaze.

“I will follow your view. As an elf myself, how could I turn a blind eye to such troubles that have affected my brethren? We will bring them to the Brown mountain.”

“I heard there are other trees on the Brown mountain with the potential to be turned into Trees of Life, I wonder if I could nurture those as well.”

“With your powers, I have no doubt you could! Well… …”

“One village to each Tree of Life, if there are lots of villages made on Brown mountain, wouldn’t Brown mountain become an impenetrable elf territory?”

“Incredible! If everyone gathered together, no one could defeat us.”

At the end of their discussion, the mothers agreed to follow my thinking.

First, they decided to get the elves from the village that two of the three slave mothers came from.

“I shall take care of that.”

Said Derrick.

It is a task that required leaving Brown mountain. As much of a dangerous task it is in that the elves have to step foot and cut across human lands, there is no choice but for best warrior, Derrick, to put his foot forward.

Derrick picked 2 more veteran warriors, and then he picked another three younger male elves to have them experience the outside world.

I plead to Derrick.

“As much as possible, it would be good to stay within Odin’s lands.”

“I will accept his help. We have made a treaty, I am sure he will accommodate us.”

I have to give a flame to the Tree of Life so I could not go with them.

The two mothers who were slaves went with them as guides and thus, Derrick’s group departed.


“You are really going to leave this Tree of Life to us?”

The faces of the older female elves were deeply touched.

In a little less than 2 months-time, Derrick returned, his task complete.

The elves that had lost their village and had to live in hiding deep in the forest were brought safely here.

On the way, they met elf hunters three times, but everyone says Derrick took care of them.

And so, the not quite 100 elves that had just arrived on the Brown mountain were given the small Tree of Life as their new home.

“The tree is far from fully grown so it is not quite ready to be the center of a village.”

Said the eldest mother.

The mothers from the new village waved their hands.

“No, it is not so! As much as it has yet to grow, its potential is infinite. Not only that, despite its small size, it is already a full-fledged Tree of Life.”

“Thank you sincerely for giving us a new home.”

Like that, a new elf village was formed.

In order to differentiate between the two villages, this one is called the “Pine tree village.” Our village is called “Zelkova Tree Village.”

Thanks to the creation of pine tree village, the burden scouting the area became a lot lighter.

Thanks to the Tree of Life, the warriors in the pine tree village were, little by little, recuperating and they were enthusiastic about guarding their new home.

‘Good, because of this, our power has grown a lot.’

My impulsive idea has yielded great results.

‘What if we could make more villages this way?’

If we grew another tree and made another village?

Then, we can easily drive the undead-group-controlling-black magicians’ plot to the ground.

And I would clear the mission without raising a hand!

‘This is why people should use their heads.’

Without personally fighting and shedding blood, I was able to be an important role in clearing this mission!

“Let’s raise another one!”

I ran to the mothers and insisted.

The mothers were already aware of my grand plans and gave me a hearty welcome.

“For now, we will use your power to focus on creating a new Tree of Life.”

Said the eldest mother.

“On the northwest side, there is a maple tree that has the potential to be a Tree of Life. When taking into consideration the location, I think that one would be suitable.”

“Then I guess the next village will be the Maple Tree Village.”

“Hohoho, I guess so.”

Name: Maple Tree Village Project

I made two flames of life and gave it to the elves scouting the northwest side.

I spent my days training on top of the giant Tree of Life in the Zelkova Village.

I think I will focus on raising my spirit summons and athleticism skills.

If I use my head right, I can sit in place and clear this mission.

It was when it had been about a fortnight after starting the maple tree village project.

With spirit summons and violin practice, it wasn’t the athleticism skill but an odd skill that increased.

-Flame of life (synthesis skill): blow in a flame of life and give life. 2 uses per day.

*Intermediate level 2: effective for treating: recovery, anti-aging, illness, and curses.


Now that I think of it, I guess it isn’t odd at all.

I diligently made 2 every day, it would have been weird for it to not increase.

‘I wonder if the skill has a higher effect when using it, the more the skill level increases?’

In an RPG game, the more damage an attack does to a monster, the more xp you get.

I felt I have realized a new paradigm to skills training.

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