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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 90 Invasion (Part 2)

Chapter 90 Invasion (Part 2)

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The full-scale offensive began.

The Arachne were a given and all kinds of other giant monsters made an appearance.

‘The bastards were bursting out from all directions.’

That was the only way to see it.

With all their plans having failed, they were just gambling on attacking with everything they’ve got.

‘Or is there another plan in play?’

When I thought about it, there was no way these guys were that simple.


They are the ones who have mastered the dark magic that had been banned by the entire continent.

How long they have stayed hidden? In all that time, how careful must they have become?

Men like that are just attacking willy-nilly?

I got the feeling that they might be using this time to make a play for something else.

‘The Tree of Life?’

The only thing to immediately pop into my mind was that.

But that is not something I had specifically warned the elves about.

Already, there are two to three veteran warriors guarding the Tree of Life in each village.

The Tree of Life is as important as their own lives, of course they took action to protect all of the trees.

“I will fight too.”

“Can’t you just stay in the village?”

The eldest mother implored.

“My dearest Derrick compliments that your skills have greatly improved, but to us you are a very precious being.”

“I am a man too. Everyone is fighting, I cannot just stay and hide in the village.”


“Even without fighting, Kim, you have already played a huge role.”

“Yes, this is our fight so leave it to our warriors?”

“It’ll be a big problem if you fight and die.”

The mothers, one by one, worried about me and tried to stop me.

I spoke.

“Do not fret. I too value my life above all else. If I get even the slightest whiff of something bad, I will retreat.”

The eldest mother could no longer beg me not to go and allowed it.

“Then please be careful.”


I headed to where the battle was the fiercest.

The bastards were attacking from the northwest, west, and southwest directions.

The Maple Tree Village in the northwest, the Pine Tree Village in the southwest, and in the west, our Zelkova Tree Village was taking care of them.

Of course, in the Maple Tree Village where their fighting power wasn’t as strong, warriors from the Zelkova Tree Village went to their aid.

I went to the west where Derrick was fighting.

The warriors of the Zelkova Tree Village were very distinguished.

Not only the veterans but the young warriors as well, their fighting was amazing.


In an instant, one went up a tree and shot an arrow, then hung from a branch upside down with his two feet and shot another.

Chwak! Chwak!



The Arachne were hit with arrows and stumbled.

One Arachne shot out a web, but the young male elf quickly twisted his body midair and escaped.

‘Woah, the effects of playing tag!’


Dodging quickly in order to not get caught atop the Tree of Life, those skills from those games of tag were making their appearance here.

The game of tag training has had a sure impact!

‘I’ll see the results of my training too!’

My improved power skills in shooting thanks to Sylph and Kasa!

First, I summoned my Mosin-Nagant.

“Sylph, Kasa, remember?”


-Mung mung!

Sylph and Kasa nodded their heads.

Sylph held the Mosin-Nagant and pulled the action lever then assumes shooting position. Next to her, Kasa was standing patiently.

If I were to take a picture, I think Cha Ji-hye would have fainted from the cuteness of this scene.

Using the power of the two spirits, the strong Mosin-Nagant’s began shooting.



An Arachne had its eye penetrated and collapsed right where it stood.



Another shot landed on the neck of a giant monster with green skin. The green monster spewed out blood from its neck.

I recalled the name of that monster from pictures I’ve seen in books, the troll.

I was told a bullet wouldn’t penetrate the skin of a troll but the Mosin-Nagant shot it and now it was bleeding.

‘I’ve gotten stronger!’

I felt a pang of gladness.

The troll did not bother to avoid the bullet and it stumbled.



Sylph shot again and it landed on the neck again. At Sylph’s ruthless blows, the troll fell to the ground.

I had become strong enough to collapse a troll in an instant.

Surpassing the limits of a gun, I had attained a stronger attack using spirits.

If I continued to progress this way, I think it would work for exams going forward.

While the spirits attack one by one with the Mosin-Nagant, I took out my double guns and approached the monsters.




The monsters making this weird rattlesnake noises were lizardmen.

With a height similar to a full-grown man, their bodies were entirely covered in scales.

They had arms and legs and walked upright like humans but it was a monster closer to reptiles than it was to an alien.

Their weapons are sharp nails.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to do much damage because their scales are hard, but thankfully their abdominal area is oddly soft and the guns worked on them.

I concentrated on their abdomens and shot my guns.




Two lizardmen fell.

The lizardmen behind them had no fear and continued to move forward. They saw how their comrade in front of them died, but because they are undead, they don’t seem to have the ability to learn from their comrade’s deaths.

I continued to aim at the abdomens and dropped them.

But there is an advantage to the undead.

The bastards that fell from being shot in the abdomen started to twitch and get back up again.

‘This is annoying.’

At this rate, this is just a waste of bullets.

“Divine Protection of the Wind!”

I jumped into the air.

With the gust of wind, my body was thrust high into the air.

I landed atop a tree and I immediately pulled out the magnum bullets and placed them into an empty chamber.

‘I will just leave the killing to the spirits’ shooting and I’ll just run and avoid them.’

Sylph and Kasa were definitely making a difference with their one shot one kill.

When the bullets ran out, Sylph quickly reloaded from the box of 7.62 mm bullets at her side.

The fight continued like this when.

-It is you.

Suddenly, a voice rang through.

How should I put it?

It was not a voice that permeated through the air by a voice.

Something that cannot be heard through the senses?

That is how strange it is.

“Who are you?”

I shouted.

-Who do you think?

Suddenly, before my eyes, a black smoke grew tall.

The black smoke gave way to a shape. A worn-out robe worn by a thin middle-aged man. Perhaps like the appearance of a monk from the middle ages?

“Dark magician?”

-Ha, more accurately, I am a necromancer. There are divisions of black magic too.

It looked like the thin middle-aged man was smiling.

-You are the one lending your wisdom to the elves. Are you a subordinate of count of Wolfenbrooke?

“A friend.”

-Haha, is that so? You do not deny you lend your wisdom to the elves though.

“You already know anyway.”

-You are indeed smart. It would be a waste. If you were to be my disciple in black magic, I think you would do very well.

“No need for that. I’m terrible at studying.”

Although it may be different if I had to study in order to not starve, I guess.

-Anyhow, I have to at least kill you. I have to at least accomplish that.

“You have to accomplish that? I guess you have an organization.”

-…… I have made a mistake. My lips were careless. Well, no matter.

The middle-aged man’s eyes became dark.

-Since I’m going to kill you anyway.

In an instant, the middle-aged man disappeared into a black smoke.

The black smoke poured onto me.


It alarmed me and I immediately jumped towards the sky. Thank goodness I still had some time on the Divine Protection of the Wind left.

But the fog chased after me.

The black fog, once again, turned into the shape of the middle-aged man. With the cane he is holding, he started waving it towards me.



I barely twisted my body and avoided it.


The middle-aged man clicked his tongue in disappointment.

I got an uneasy feeling and escaped the area with all my might and it seemed my feelings were correct.

Seeing how disappointed he was about the attack with his cane, I don’t think it was a simple attack.

‘Does that cane place a curse?’

He is a dark magician, it is well within his means.

I spun in a circle in the air and shot my double guns towards the middle-aged man.


The two Neilson H2’s shot. The bullets hit and passed through the middle-aged man.

Just like that, they literally passed through him.

All that happened was that the part that was hit dispersed the black smoke.

The dispersed fog reassembled to its previous form.

‘Does force not work on him?’

Is he just an apparition?


When he moved to hit me with his cane, his movements were too real to be just an illusion.

-You use a fun weapon.

The middle-aged man laughed and headed for me again. He came at me like a phantom and it gave me a creepy feeling.

‘Hold on, smoke?’

Let’s try this out. Before all the time for the Divine Protection of the Wind runs out.

The moment he came near me, I did a somersault as I spun and kicked.


A kick that made a semicircle, like a martial arts move.

And from my foot, a burst of air flew towards the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man got pushed far back. The power of the attack was not that strong but his whole body was black smoke and nearly split in half.

Did the wind really work?

Because he is smoke?

I put away my double guns and got in a boxing stance.

The boxing I thought I would never be able to use, began.

I continuously jabbed at the middle-aged man.

The strong gusts made the middle-aged man’s head fly up and down.

Pupupung- puung!

-Kuk! You bastard!

Every time I hit him, the middle-aged man’s body that had become black smoke dispersed a little bit. The middle-aged man appeared distressed.

-What in the world is this?


-How is energy like this being put forth. You, are you a spirit summoner?

“So what?”

-Damn. Of course.

But then, a young elf nearby ran towards us.

“Kim, you okay?!”

It’s Jake.

The middle-aged man saw him and clicked his tongue.

-This won’t do. I thought I could personally intervene and take care of at least you but…… You really complicate things quite a bit.

“Does me being a spirit summoner complicate things?”

Then that means it wasn’t the wind, but because the Divine Protection of the Wind is a derivative of spirit summons that the attack damaged him.

-Don’t be happy like you’ve found out something. It is easily found common knowledge that black magic and spirit summons are incompatible.

“Regardless, I guess your standing in your organization has become quite complicated? Since you keep failing. So…you’ll be replaced or punished?”

-Hahaha, smartass. Fine, enjoy your victory for today.

“That’s the plan.”

-But remember. Now I will remember you. I will come for you.

“You want me to remember? Shouldn’t you give me a name then?”

The middle-aged man laughed.

-It is John Omento. Knowing my name won’t help you know anything so best not get your hopes up.

“Farewell then, John Omento. I hope you meet your end with some light punishment.”


Then, the black magician, nay, the necromancer by the name of John Omento, became black smoke and dispersed into the surrounding air.

“Are you okay?”

Asked Jake.

I nodded my head.

“Yeah. I think that guy just now is the dark magician orchestrating this whole thing.”

“Really? Damn it, we should have killed him, we let him get away!”

“I don’t think he is enemy easily killed.”

Force doesn’t work on him, and he becomes black smoke and is able to move freely in the air. He can also disappear and reappear anywhere it seems.

But John Omento doesn’t seem to be good at direct combat.

Is it because he is a magician?

Instead of directly fighting, he is more accustomed to being a special class that creates undead and orchestrates them.

I tapped Jake on the shoulder.

“Come, let’s go. Let’s finish this fight.”

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