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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 91 – The End (Part 1)

Chapter 91 – The End (Part 1)

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The fight was finally finished.

It was a grand victory for us.

From all corners of the Brown Mountain, the elves had achieved an overwhelming victory.

We had an ironclad defense and the head on attack by the undead army was no match for us.

“We won!”

“Did you see!”

“Never invade again!”

The warriors’ shouts rang throughout the battlefield.

Upon our triumphant return to the Zelkova Tree Village, the women and children welcomed us.

From here and there, the delightful sound of the elven harp could be heard.


“Honey, you worked so hard!”

The women hugged their husbands that safely returned and rejoiced. The young men who haven’t yet married also all had lovers to greet them.

‘It’s just me that’s alone.’

I said and I felt lonely when suddenly a young girl ran towards me……



Elise put a crown made of flowers on my head.


I stroked her hair which made Elise so happy.

But Elise, don’t fall for me. This oppa doesn’t like that style.*

(TN: He ain’t into lolis.)

That day was a celebration.


Defeating the elves’ enemy and protecting their home, such a joyous occasion.

The celebration went on all night, crazily. The laughter didn’t end.

As the night grew deeper, I got tired and wanted to rest but the elves wouldn’t let me leave. They called me the hero of this war and having them lift me up did feel good.

‘Now with this, I’m sure the exam is cleared and over with.’

The time period left was only 4 months.

I don’t think that in that time frame, the dark magicians will throw another attack of this scale.

‘But I cannot be careless.’

Like I have done so far, we have to keep bringing elves to the Brown Mountain and making villages and reviving Trees of Life

So that no one lays on hand on the elves ever again.


We received word that Odin’s war was in the final stages.

Baron Bastian was unable to defeat the count of Wolfenbrooke and was repeatedly defeated.

It seemed the effect of Cob and the five veteran elf warriors was immense as well. In the letter, Odin praised their contributions as the major factor.

As the war neared its end, Cob’s teams’ real mission sped underway.

Searching for elves that had lost their Tree of Life and were deep in hiding to avoid humans and bringing them back to the Brown Mountain.

The steady influx of these elves got placed into the population-deficient Maple Tree Village and Pine Tree Village.

But even with those two villages, as the population increased, the imminent need that another Tree of Life had to be grown became apparent.

So I decided to give two flames of life to another tree.

This time is a Thuja tree in the north.

‘This one is the Thuja village.’

But like this, with the five or so elves that came at a time, it was not enough to sustain a new village.

At the very least, there needed to be about 30 refugee elves to found a solid village and after that as more elves entered, the population of the village would grow.

‘Well, there is still time, it will work out.’

For now, I concentrated on growing the Thuja tree.

An intermediate level 2 power makes two flames of life and the Thuja tree grows well.

But then, while the Thuja tree hadn’t grown into becoming a Tree of Life yet, Cob’s team brought a large population of refugee elves.

“We heard there is a safe place for us to call home here.”

The one that looked to be the leader of this group, an older female elf, came to us and asked.

It was a large group of refugees, a total of 42 elves.

The eldest mother greeted them.

“Welcome. We will tell you where you will live.”

We guided them to the northern territory where the Thuja tree is.

Having seen the Thuja tree, the elves rejoiced and at the same time looked disappointed.

“It is a tree with the potential of a Tree of Life.”

“It looks like it is growing well.”

“But there is no way to know for sure if it will grow into one for sure…”

They had heard there was a Tree of Life where they could form a new village of their own and voyaged to the Brown Mountain for it.

But seeing as there was a Thuja tree that hadn’t yet turned into a Tree of Life, their disappointment was understandable.

“But what a relief it is that we have a safe place to live.”

“Yes. Maybe it is because this mountain has a lot of trees of life that the energy of nature is strong.”

“We will live here and care for this Thuja tree.”

The mothers of the refugees spoke to each other and made a decision.

Then, the eldest mother spoke to them.

“Do not misunderstand, please. This Thuja tree, in about a month’s time, it can be a Tree of Life.”


“Is that true?”

“How is that possible?”

The refugee mothers were all suspicious.

The eldest mother looked at me.

“Kim, show them.”


In front of everyone, I created two flames of life.

The refugees saw the flames of life and were extremely surprised.

“How full of life energy!”

“If it consumes that energy, the Thuja tree will grow up fast for sure.”

“It will gain the strength to become a Tree of Life.”

Now, everyone’s faces were earnestly wanting me to use these flames for the Thuja tree.

I blew the two flames of life into the Thuja tree.


“It is overflowing with energy!”

“It is full of the strength of life!”

“I can sense it bubbling up to grow.”

“It is an incredible power of nature!”

The refuges were in a frenzy.

I was not sure, but in the elves’ eyes, the effect of the flame of life must be visible to them. Must be because they are elves.

I spoke.

“If I blow two flames of life into it every day like so, in no time at all, it will develop into a Tree of Life. Already, the Maple Tree Village and Pine Tree Village have been grown that way.”

“Thank you so much!”

“I know understand the reason you brought us here.”

“I can’t believe we are getting another Tree of Life!”

“Thank you so much!”

And so, the 42 elf refugees that Cob’s team brought were left at the Thuja village to gain their footing.

The Thuja Tree Village was formed.

A month passed and as expected, the Thuja tree developed into a Tree of Life.

The elves of the Thuja village were extremely happy and even the elves of the other villages visited and held a celebration.

A total of 4 villages were on the Brown Mountain now. Now the Brown Mountain was the most powerful and firm base of the elves.

Now no one can invade this place.

There were only 2 months left of the 6th exam’s time period.

‘It probably won’t make much difference if I just spend the remaining 2 months just hanging out but…’

But I don’t do that.

There was still something I haven’t settled yet.

Two months, that would be plenty of time to resolve it, a simple job.

I go to the eldest mother and said.

“I have somewhere I must go for a while.”

“Where are you going to go?”

Asked the eldest mother in surprise.

“I have to go to the forest of the dead.”

“In the west…… you mean where the lycanthropes are located.”



The silver clan.

Leon Silver!

The time has come for me to enact my revenge.

They will have heard by now that Baron Bastian has been destroyed by Odin.

The dark magicians have been defeated, the last remaining enemy to the elves are the silver clan.

“While I have been here, I have become stronger. I now wish to put an end to our ill-fated relationship.”

“Won’t it be too dangerous by yourself?”

“For when I camp at night, it would be enough if I could have one warrior with me.”

“You just need one warrior?”


I don’t know what she’s thinking but the eldest mother smiled.

“Just wait a second.”



“…… huh?”

In a little bit,

“At most, two days will be plenty. Let’s go.”

Derrick would be my company.

I somehow felt like I’m using a cheat code for beating a stage 1 boss monster. How to put it, the tension of revenge has drastically decreased.


I used the Divine Protection of the Wind to run with Derrick. We quickly made it out of Brown Mountain and entered the forest of the dead.

As soon as we stepped into the forest, I vividly remembered the memories of that day.

Yes, this is the road. The road where I ran like mad. If I keep going straight……

My heart began to pound.


We get near to the spot where Hye-su died and Kang Cheon-sung was left alone to fight Leon Silver. A few steps further was the spot where Jun-ho died.

Are their bodies still there?

The fear started to creep in and suffocated my breath.

I stopped walking and spoke.

“What is it?”

“Just a moment.”


Derrick sat on a boulder to rest.

I went blank where I stood.

I’m scared.

I think I’ll go crazy from the fear.

‘Should I back out now?’

The idea of giving up seduces me.

‘Okay. What use would that be now?’

Mere lycanthropes……

The silver clan doesn’t pose a threat anymore, and it is just the past. Doing this won’t bring back the ones who died!

‘Alright, let’s just go back……’

‘No. I think not seeing the corpses and just passing this by would be worse.’

My head became pure white. The memories kept getting rooted up in my head.

‘Did those people really die, what happened to their bodies, are they alive and playing us…. Those thoughts won’t go away. Don’t you agree, Hyun-ho?’ – I think this is a flashback memory from something Hye-su said.


I realized that I haven’t grown at all.

That Kim Hyun-ho from then is just like now, the same and hadn’t grown a single bit.

‘So, let’s go together.’

Alright, let’s go, Hye-su.

‘Let’s verify that they died and properly dispose of them. I’m too scared alone, but I think it’ll be okay if I go with you, Hyun-ho.”

Let’s go together.

I’ll be strong.

Even though I’m scared, I will put one foot ahead of the other. Because that’s how I’ll grow.

I take a step. Derrick, who had been resting, walked beside me again.

We arrived at that spot.

…… there was nothing in the spot.

Neither Hye-su, nor Kang Cheon-sung was there.

I walk a little further and I cannot see Jun-ho’s body either.

‘Where are they?’

The Guider skill doesn’t show me anything either.

Kang Cheon-sung, Lee Hye-su, and Lee Jun-ho, it does not tell me where they are.

Is it because they are not alive? Or is it because they don’t exist in this world?

Considering the courage this took the results were disappointing and I felt defeated.

“Is there something you are looking for?”

Asked Derrick.


I started to talk again.

The thing the guider skill showed me was one thing.

“Let’s go. I think I know where Leon Silver is.”


We faced southeast and moved. The cooldown time had ended so I used the Divine Protection of the Wind again to run alongside Derrick and we reached our destination in an instant.

After racing at the speed of lightning, a well moonlit hill began to appear.

“I can feel it.”

Derrick looked up towards the hill and pulled out both his swords.

I too summoned my Neilson H2 guns and spoke.

“I have a request.”

“What is it?”

“Please leave Leon Silver to me.”

“I will.”

Derrick’s body flew forward.

“I just have to kill everyone but the strongest one.”

He was correct.

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