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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 92 – The End (Part 2)

Chapter 92 – The End (Part 2)

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The Silver clan was in a slumped state.

At the bottom of the hill, the leader of the Silver clan was sitting on a boulder like a king, Leon Silver was emitting a chilly air.

All the lycanthropes were being wary of his gaze and couldn’t make a noise.

Leon Silver’s thoughts were quite complicated.

‘How could there be such a strong human?’

There was one.

Even now when he recalled that human, he got a feeling that he had never felt before from any opponent.

It was terror.

‘Did they call him the Count of Wolfenbrooke?’

The Count of Wolfenbrooke, Odin.

That inhuman monster, with overwhelming strength, ruled the battlefield.

The Silver clan that allied with Baron Bastian, transformed into humans and fought stealthily on the battlefield.

Even in their transformed to human states, feeble humans could be killed without trouble.

As payment for their cooperation, the prisoners caught in battle, after de-weaponizing them, were sent into the forest and repopulated the human ranch.

And if the war was won, the next target would be the Brown Mountain elves.

The Brown Mountain was his target since he was young.

That was because of his father.

It was an old story, since about 20 years ago.

The young son that had all grown up, Leon, challenged his father to a fight to be the head of the family. The position was taken from his father and, as the defeated, his father took his group and left the territory.

But not many months after he had left, his father returned. Having lost all of his group, he returned alive alone.

“The only place for us to live is this forest here.”

His father always said that until his death, emphasizing that a safe existence was only possible in this forest. He said that only this place was allowed for the lycanthropes.

That provoked the hot-blooded Leon Silver.

‘For the safety of our Silver clan, we have to stay planted in this forest?’

Are the Brown Mountain elves that scary?

So much so that us valiant lycanthrope cannot even begin to defeat them?

From that moment on, Leon Silver’s dream started.

Coincidentally, refugees came pouring into the forest from Baron Bastian’s territory.

That was when Leon Silver had the idea to grow the size of his family.

That was the human ranch.

After that event, he changed into his human form and wandered Bastian’s territory and dragged humans back into the forest.

In preparation for possibly fighting an elf, he gathered any usable human weapons as well.

With the plentiful food as the foundation for the Silver clan, it grew, and the petition for cooperation came from Baron Bastian.

They had the joint goal of targeting the elves and Leon Silver gladly accepted the offer.

It was good up to there.

But there was something Leon Silver had overlooked.

He had not even considered the idea that there would be someone stronger than he.

He was born the strongest, and was the unparalleled strong leader Leon Silver, and his arrogance was obvious.

That was when he met Odin on the battlefield.

Aura Master.

The long sword he wielded had a blue energy emitted from it like waves, then it made an explosion and in an instant 1/3 of his clan was killed.

Leon Silver felt fear for the first time in his life and he immediately ran and returned to the forest.

‘The humans I met about 2 years ago were nothing.’

The spirit summoner who used a strange long-distance weapon and the strong lad who used some odd martial arts.

Especially the martial artist that fought with him until the end gave him a deep wound, he had been the strongest human he had ever met.

He thought, oh a human can be this strong.

He thought well that’s it.

A complete misjudgment.

That was nothing.

A human, as it turns out, can become a monster like Count Odin of Wolfenbrooke.

There was not just weak humans like there were at the human ranch.

‘Baron Bastian won’t be able to defeat him, and if he falls, the next is us…!’

Leon Silver became restless.

A guy that was a monster like Odin, as soon as the war was over, would bring his army to kill him.

He sent an army before to suppress the Silver clan. This time too, he won’t let them off.

‘Should we run?’

It seemed wasteful since the restoration of the human ranch with the captured war prisoners was already in place.

But if that monstrous Odin comes for them, they’re finished.

‘Okay, we’ll run and hide deep in the forest. First, go into the center of the forest and steal the red apes’ territory and settle there for now.’

The easiest target were the red apes.

After that, if Odin hunts them down to there, he could run deeper into the forest.

Leon Silver thought that if they did that, they won’t chase him that relentlessly.

But actually, Leon Silver had no idea that a different enemy, not Odin, would come for them.




It was like a stone falling from the middle of the sky. No, not a stone, an incredible flame.


The flame spread in all directions and in an instant, it enveloped the lycanthropes of the Silver clan.

“What, what is this!”

At the shocking and sudden scene before him, Leon Silver jumped up in alarm.

Looking closely, from the center of the tsunami of flames, there appeared to be a figure.

With a slender build and wielding two swords. And from those swords came the deathly flames.

And pointed ears……

“An elf?!”


The flames suddenly stopped.

When the flames stopped, the red smoke dissipated and an unbearable horror could be seen!

The only lycanthrope alive from the Silver clan was just Leon Silver.

Everyone else were merely heaps of ash.

Propagating for nearly 20 years in order to grow to its current size, all the children of the Silver clan were killed in an instant.

And the one responsible for it was the target he was aiming for, an elf.

Just one elf!

“Ah, ahhh…!”

Leon Silver could not come to his senses from the shock.

How futile could all this be?

It was a horror that seems unreal.

How could one elf have completed such destruction in the blink of an eye?

Everything of his became ash from the fire in a few seconds!

“Are you Leon Silver?”

“That, that I am!”

Stricken with fear, Leon Silver was barely able to give an answer.

He was no longer the ruler of this forest, nor the top of the food chain, any longer.

Before his eyes was an absolute slayer and in front of that he was a nothing, a weakling.

“You were looking for a chance to get at us elves. How does it feel? To see the true power of the elves.”

“That is……”

“Does it look like if you got stronger and stronger that you would have been able to defeat us?”


Leon Silver was unable to say anything.

How did he, born the strongest of them all, become such a weak being?

After seeing Odin in the battlefield, fear struck him yet again here.

“Why is it that you and humans do not know how to be content. Did he not teach you anything, your father who barely escaped my hands?”

Only now did he recall the advice of his dead father.

‘He should have!’

Leon Silver suddenly felt so angry.

‘He should have told me before! That they were this strong, he should have told me!’

Leon Silver did not consider how his short temper and ambition drove him not to use his ears to listen to wise advice.

“But the foe you must battle is not me. Go on.”

With that, the old elf turned his back.

Leon Silver was confused.

‘Then who?’


Piercing through the black smoke, a human appeared.

“Been a long time?”

The human looked him straight in the eyes.

Leon Silver recognized him right away.

The human he lost before.


As it turns out – the fear was just a memory.

That was what I realized when I reunited with Leon Silver.

Seeing the fear that struck Leon Silver from the unbelievable performance from Derrick, seeing that, it makes it hard to fear him anymore.

“Been a long time?”

I say.


“So you do remember me? That’s a relief.”

On Leon’s face, the hostility was clear.

“You involved the elves.”

“Well, I guess you could say that.”

I pointed the Neilson H2 at Leon Silver.

“Now, avoid it.”



The instant it fired, Leon Silver deftly ducked to his left.

The bullet in the gun moves close to the speed of sound so it cannot be that he as listening to the sound to avoid it.

It can also be said that upon seeing the spark, that it would be too late to react.

Leon Silver is reacting to my finger pulling the trigger and moving based on that.

“You’re good.”

“Damn you!”

“Dodge this too.”

This time, I shot with the double guns.



Leon Silver was shot in his side and moaned.

He reacted well and dodged one but with the other gun, I anticipated his movement and fired.

Within 10 m.

Thanks to the shooting skill, my accuracy is 100%.

Aiming for where he will dodge to and firing two shots, there was no way he could avoid it.


Leon Silver came barreling towards me.

“Divine Protection of the Wind!”

I used the Divine Protection of the Wind and jumped safely into the air.

I lightly somersaulted over Leon’s head and shot at his shoulder with the gun in my left hand.



As he was shot in the right shoulder, Leon Silver stumbled.


Having landed behind him, Leon Silver turned his whole body and swiped with his left hand. His sharp nails nearly pierced me.



In an instant I was behind Leon Silver’s back.



Shooting him in the left knee, he buckled and Leon Silver kneeled.

“Kuah! I’m going to kill you-!”

I wielded both guns in response.

I knocked his left hand away and intercepted his right hand with a guard. Then I twisted my left wrist and pulled the trigger.



Leon Silver was shot in his right wrist.

In desperation, he swung his left hand but once again I guarded against it and with the same movement, shot his left shoulder.



The effect of training on the mu ren zhuang appeared together with the intermediate level 2 reflex skill.

My physical strength was at intermediate level 5 so in comparison with Leon Silver, I was not lacking in strength or reflexes.

It was a body that was at the limits of an elf’s body so of course this was the case.

Having been shot up here and there, his body was a mess. Leon Silver could not stand any longer and collapsed onto the floor.

He was able to make it this far because he was a lycanthrope, if he had been a human, he would have died multiple times over by now.

“How… how did you……”

As he was dying, Leon Silver had a face of disbelief.

“Humans normally grow pretty fast.”

“Kuk, you fucking……”

When I placed the gun on his forehead, Leon Silver had a resigned look on his face.

Before I killed him, I asked.

“What did you do to my friends?”

“I killed them.”

“Their bodies.”

“I don’t know.”

Even in this midst, Leon Silver smiled.

“If it is not fresh food, I don’t eat it.”

“….. okay. Then it’s time for you to sleep. Forever.”


A red hole was made in his forehead.

Leon Silver died, just like that, with his eyes wide open. His lips, curved up in a smile, made me feel like he did that to upset me.

‘I guess the bodies of examinees disappear. Thank goodness.’

I felt some relief knowing that they weren’t in the bellies of some lycanthropes.

“If you are finished, let us return. We should be back by midday tomorrow.”

At Derrick’s words, I nodded my head.

“Yes, let’s go back.”

I left the hill together with Derrick.

My revenge was finally complete.

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