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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 108 – Skill Change (Part 2)

Chapter 108 – Skill Change (Part 2)

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-Space bag (synthesis skill): create a virtual space in which to store things. Retrieve with orders to ‘place’ and ‘take out’.

*Intermediate level 1: 200x200x200cm, allowed to carry electronic equipment

‘Electronic equipment?’

Then does that mean I could take a laptop? Smartphone?

There was no reception in the Arena so calling would be impossible but even so, I think that a smartphone would still be really useful.

I could take pictures with the camera and there were a lot of useful apps too.

‘I’ll take the smartphone along with a solar charger.’

And there was plenty of space, stretching 2 meters in every direction. I could take plenty of food, water, and other things I needed.

After receiving the AW50F and 50 BMG cal bullets, Cha Ji-hye and I returned to the hotel.

On the way back, I told Cha Ji-hye about the space bag skill change.

“Are you saying electronics are allowed?”


“That is great news. In America, they had a project to try and shoot up a satellite in the Arena but it ultimately failed.”

“I think I’ve heard that before too.”

“They even tried to take the separate parts and assemble it inside the Arena, but Earth science does not work there.”

“But it is now possible for me?”

“Yes. I think probably your special skill, the skill synthesis, is what enabled such a skill to be born.”

“A satellite……”

It would be really great if something like a reconnaissance satellite could be sent up into the Arena space and monitor the area.

Because of the satellite, long distance communication could become possible, and a lot of things could become convenient.

“In some ways, you have gotten a skill far more important than the flame of life.”

Said Cha Ji-hye.

“The reason America tried to launch a space satellite into the Arena is simple. It was because if they could control information and communication through their satellite, they would be able to dominate in the Arena. Overpowering China, who has the most examinees, would just a matter of time.”

“…… then that means America has the means to launch a satellite in the Arena atmosphere.”

“Most likely. As I heard, they harness majeong for the propulsion power and are trying to combine magic and science.”

“A satellite……”

A tiny satellite no bigger than 10 cm can be made by an enterprise or college, even just a single person could make one too.

If one figures out the way to launch it into the atmosphere, long distance communication becomes possible.

That alone would be of great benefit.

“Is America a trustable nation?”

I asked.

“America only moves with its own interests. If both interests align and if you can both benefit, you can make a sensible relationship.”


I was deep in thought.

If we launched a communications satellite, I could always communicate with the elves on Brown Mountain and Odin, the Count of Wolfenbrooke.

It was just a means of communication but, from a long-term point of view, there wasn’t a stronger advantage.

As communication becomes clearer, even if we are far apart, close cooperation becomes possible.

“I don’t know about the U.S., but first I think I’ll consult with Odin at the Nordic Examinee Group.”

“That is a good decision. The Nordic examinee Group is strong and competent. At the present point in time they are the friendliest power.”

While we’re on the subject, I gave Odin a call.

-Did you just say you can take electronics to Arena?


-That is incredible. If it could just be usable, there are a multitude of electronics that would be very useful in the Arena.

“Speaking of, I heard that America tried to send up a satellite in Arena.”

-Satellite? I see! If you do it, it will be possible!

Odin was getting excited.

“I was thinking of taking a small communications satellite that I can carry and launching it to build a long-distance communications network.”

-That is an impressive idea. It isn’t just the U.S. but examinees from all countries want to have a way to communicate.

According to Odin’s explanation, it’s not like there isn’t a long-distance communication in the Arena.

It is communications magic but you have to be able to use communication magic and there is a distance limit.

“On this topic, I would like to work with the Nordic Examinee Group as well. Wouldn’t there be a lot of benefit to the Nordic examinees as well if they could communicate with each other?”

-Of course, it would be. If you would work with us on this, we would be willing to pay a generous amount for this.

Odin actively accepted my proposal.

-First let me consult with our Nordic Examinee Group’s tech researchers. A small and light communication satellite…they might have a way to propel it into orbit.

“Okay, I’ll eagerly await your call.”

After I ended the call, Cha Ji-hye commented.

“The Nordic examinee group will probably try to recruit you.”

“Most likely.”

“You can now accomplish what America tried so desperately to do and failed at. If the space bag level increases and the space get bigger, you will be able to take and launch even a spy satellite. No matter how grand the demands, the Nordic examinee group will oblige them all.”

“Hm, I’ll have to think about what demands to make.”

Money wasn’t important.

As for money, I could always make more with the flame of life.

The first think I need to ask for is the personal safety of my family.

Of course, even now, thanks to the help of Chairman Park Jin-seong, there are people secretly protecting my family.

But that was not enough.

I need a power that could keep China in check.

My country cannot provide that for me. That bastard chief Kim Joong-tae, the one responsible for the whole of the Korean Arena Research Agency, sold me out to the Chinese.

But it would be possible with the Nordic examinee group. There is Odin’s tendency of despising the Chinese as well.

Right when we arrived at the hotel.

Ring, ring.

Odin was calling me back.


-I am calling immediately after consulting with the researchers. Getting straight to the point, it is possible. Making a tiny comm satellite isn’t all that hard or difficult to get.

“And a means of getting it up?”

-They said they can use majeong for the power and create a device that can propel it. But the issue is that this won’t just take a month or two.

“I figured as much.”

-Anyhow, would you come to Denmark again?


-Yes. There is the aforementioned problem of the satellite, and lots of consulting to do. There is also a person in need of your treatments.


I’ll be able to make a lot of money again.

-While you are here, our security team will make every effort to protect your family.

“If the Chinese examinees come for them, a normal security team won’t stand a chance.”

-I will be dispatching three examinees to Korea.

“Three people that are examinees for the protection of my family?”

I’m so surprised.

Odin continued.

-They will only intervene in case of an emergency. I have the support of some examinees who want to explore Korea.

With that much, it should be plenty to ensure my family is safe.

Then I suddenly thought of Cha Ji-hye.

Cha Ji-hye has been presumed dead and it was impossible for her to leave the country.

“What about Cha Ji-hye?”

-That won’t be a problem. I will arrange for her transport via the Denmark embassy in Korea.

“Thank you for doing that. We can leave in a week’s time when Chairman Maglun’s treatment is over.”

-Okay. Someone will get you at that time.


When the treatment finished, Chairman Maglun and Dana Litalin left Korea.

As he was leaving, Chairman Maglun asked if I would like to come to America with him.

“With your abilities, you can live in America as a very important and distinguished person. And America has the power to protect you from the Chinese. The Chairman wishes to become your benefactor.”

“That is a good offer. Please tell him I will sincerely think about it. Thank you both for your kindness.”

I lightly replied.

Chairman Maglun didn’t insist further and smiled as he left for Incheon airport.

‘What Chairman Maglun wants was just the flames of life.’

If he had found out about the space bag being intermediate level 1, his eyes would have lit up and he would have tried to recruit me no matter what.

We checked out of the hotel and Cha Ji-hye and I returned home.

I suddenly got a call from Hyun-ji.

“Sup, chicken.”

-Don’t call me chicken!

She’s so dumb but won’t let go of that pride, Hyun-ji. Most businesses had begun recruiting half a year ago but our Hyun-ji had yet to hear back from anyone.

-Oppa, did something happen with you and Min-jeong?

“…… why?”

-Min-jeong wants me to tell you she’s moving into a studio close to work.

“Really? Okay.”

-Don’t say okay, what did you fight about?

“Oh, something just came up. Butt out.”

-Hmph, oppa did you really get another girl?

“Butt out.”

-Aren’t you worried? Who told you to date your baby sister’s best friend!


Does she think she has no faults?

“That’s that but anyway I’ve been looking at your credit card activity and you’re slowly creeping up on the bills? You’ve started eating all three meals out and how many times are you going to the café a day? And last week you bought $280 heels without my permission……”

-Oh um, I’m busy, I got to go!

Hyun-ji hurriedly ended the call. Tsk, misbehaving.

But after the call, with an expressionless face, Cha Ji-hye was straight on staring at me.

“Was that your younger sister?”

“Yes, she’s very annoying.”

“But even so, it looks very enjoyable.”

“Oh, did it?”



I awkwardly laughed and scratched my head.

“We have to do go Denmark tomorrow so I will head in and be preparing.”

“Okay, sounds good. If there is anything you need, buy it on my card.”


Cha Ji-hye walked into her room.

Somehow, she looked so lonely. Was I being too disrespectful in front of her since she was without any family or friends?

I felt a little guilty.

‘I’ll be careful going forward.’


The next day, people from the Denmark embassy came to get us. We followed them into the car and got started.

“Please take this.”

They handed us passports.

The pictures are of us but the names and birthdays were completely different.

“They are fake temporary ID’s. when you have to travel in secret, please use those.”

Maybe they received help from the Denmark authorities because we got through the airport without any problems and got on a plane straight way.

When we got to the Copenhagen airport, there was a car provided by the Denmark authorities waiting for us.

This time, it wasn’t the hotel restaurant that I always went to.

“Where are we going?”

At my question, the embassy employee that was coming with us said in broken Korean,

“To the Nordic examinee group.”

I was completely surprised.

I’ve met with Odin so many times but have never been there, yet this time we were headed straight there.

Cha Ji-hye had no reaction to this like always and just stared at the world outside.

It looks like after she became an examinee, she has worn out all of her feelings.

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