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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 116 – To the Aman Empire (Part 1)

Chapter 116 – To the Aman Empire (Part 1)

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I took out my map to look at where the Aman Empire was it is really was to the far west of the continent.

It looked like it would be a long trip so before leaving, I decided to verify.

If I use the guider skill, that’s easy.

“That way is west, right?”


Marie nodded her head.

“Then I think it is the Aman Empire. John Omento is in the west too.”

“Lee Chang-wee is also west.”

Added Cha Ji-hye. She must have the guider skill too.

“Then it’s for sure. First we’ll return to my area and prepare and then leave. The roads to the Aman Empire are well paved so it would be best to use a carriage.”

“Let’s do that.”

We said a simple farewell to the Zelkova Village elves and left Brown Mountain.

We rode horses back to Wolfenbrooke and Odin prepared a carriage pulled by four horses.

In the back, we loaded plenty of food and provisions and we started on the road again.

Because the horseman drove the carriage, this trip was very comfortable.

Cha ji-hye and Odin both took out a book from their backpacks and began to read.

Everyone prepared for a hobby in case of boredom. But no one can best me.

“Take out the smartphone.”

Then the smartphone I had stored in my space bag appeared.

Once he saw this, I could see the envy in Odin’s eyes.

“Me to! Me too!”

With eyes glistening, Marie sat right next to me started to whine.

In the end, Marie took the smartphone from me and opened the camera app and started taking selfies with me.

“Hehe, come on.”

Marie showed me the picture she took and the big smiling Marie came out looking very pretty.

“Ho ho, then should we all take a picture together?”


We gathered on one side and start taking pictures. Considering we’re in the exams, it was a very peaceful time.

But then, after a few days had passed.

We were going along without any issues when we suddenly stopped. A moment later, the horseman called for Odin.

“My lord.”

“What is it?”

“Traveling through the road is forbidden here so I think we’ll have to take a long way around.”

“The national highway is prohibited, has something happened?”

Asked Odin.

“It seems a wyvern has appeared.”

“Wyvurn, in a place like this?”

“Yes, it says a wyvern has set up around this area. Until it is subjugated of, it looks like the road will be closed.”

“Ask how the subjugation situation is going.”


A bit later, the horseman said,

“They say they are now recruiting the punitive team.”

“Tsk, it’ll be a long while.”

A wyvern is a monster that looks like a lizard with wings, and appears frequently in games or comics as a smaller version of a dragon.

“It will be better to go around the long way.”

“Is a wyvern strong enough for even you to avoid?”

“It’s not that I won’t win if I fight a wyvern but it is a big bother. The things fly so if it starts losing I’ll fly away and repeatedly attack later. It also dropping something heavy like a boulder too.”

According to Odin’s continued explanation, a wyvern is completely covered in scales that are very hard that even an aura attack barely causes an injury to it.

Of course, for an aura master like Odin, there is no need to fear a wyvern but if the wyvern attacked and broke the carriage, it just makes things more complicated.

‘Hm? Hold on. Wouldn’t it be easy to take care of with the anti-material sniper rifle?”

With a 12.7m caliber the anti-material sniper rifle AW50F, this is a golden opportunity to test its power.

I say,

“Let’s just go through. I will get the wyvern.”

“You will?”

“Yes, please leave it to me.”

“Hm, alright. Then I will go and try to tell them.”

Odin gets out of the carriage and says something to the soldiers blocking the road.

The soldiers paying their respects, bent down on one knee, eventually concede and make way for us on the road.

Odin gets back in the carriage.

“I told them I would take care of the wyvern.”

“Your reputation precedes you, Odin.”

“Haha, I feel shy saying it but there isn’t a person on the continent who doesn’t know my name.”

A strong person the whole world recognizes!

Odin’s dignity/prowess is phenomenal.

The carriage continued down the opened road.



Sylph is summoned.

“Let me know when the wyvern appears.”


Sylph nods her head and leaves the carriage to scout.

“It can drop a boulder on the carriage so be careful.”

“Yes, I’m planning on getting it before it gets close.”

I’m confident in this.

The power of the bullet that can pierce still, strengthened with the ammo revision/buffer master!

The shooting using sylph and Kasa.

And the monstrous rifle AW50F that uses 12.7mm!

Combining all these things, no matter how hard the wyvern’s scales are, I should send it to its grave.

‘But I don’t know if I can kill it with one bullet/one blow so first I’ll shoot the wings.’

I’ll shoot its wings and get rid of its flight ability, then finish it.

The carriage moves ahead carefully.

The horseman steering the carriage is probably really nervous outside.

Like that, we moved for about 4 hours when.


Sylph returned and made a screeching yowl.

‘It’s here!’

I open the door and jump out of the racing carriage.

After landing lightly, I shout.




And a 1.35 m long 13.5 kg weighing giant rifle appeared, dignified.

“Sylph, Kasa!”

Sylph of course and Kasa too is summoned and they sit atop my shoulders.

I raised up the AW50F and aim at the sky. With the physical buff intermediate level 5 and the synthetic muscle suit, it’s as light as a handgun.

“Sylph, aim please.”


Sylph grabs the muzzle of the gun and moves it to the left.

And then.


With an all-around devilish scream, it rings out everywhere.

‘It’s the wyvern!’

I can see a small dot flying towards us in the sky.

Sylph adjusts the rifle to match the small moving dot.

“We’re going to hit it in the right wing first. Ready?”



My cute spirits answer with might.

Now, the big reveal!

I pull the trigger.


From where the 12.7mm shoots out, a light.


With a ripping scream and the far off dot shakes unstably. There is no doubt that it’s been shot in the right wing.

I pull on the bolt to rid the shell and shout.

“One more shot!”


“Ke aaaaak!!”

Taang! Taaaang-!

I pull the bolt and recharge (?) and consecutively shoot. I keep at the right wing.

Finally, the wyvern quickly descends.

Koong (thud), with that sound I can see a distance away a cloud of dust.

Then I unsummon my AW50F.

“You got it. Let’s go see.”

“Huh, impressive. Is that an anti-material sniper rifle?”

“Yes, it’s called an AW50F.”

“The wyvern’s coat is stronger than steel. But that you got it, its power is unexplainable!”

“Thanks to my skills, its strength/power is increased.”

Together we run towards where the wyvern fell.

When we race over, the wyvern is bleeding blue blood from one of its wings.


Although it barely manages to lift its body up, the wyvern roars at us.

“Save your bullets. I’ll finish it off.”

Odin pulls his sword from his belt/hilt.


In an instant, the aura blade lights up.

“Ke aaaak!!”

The wyvern must feel the threat because it roars even harder, Odin doesn’t even blink an eye as he heads straight for it.


The sword empowered with the aura blade, pierces the wyverns head mercilessly.


The wyvern’s body falls to its side, its tongue out, it died immediately.

Taking his sword of its head, Odin slices the wyverns belly open.

Then he puts his hand in its belly and pulls something out.

“Take it.”

Odin throws me the majeong, the size of a handball.

“It’s really big.”

“That much, you should get about 400 francs.”

“From just this one?”

I asked surprised.

Odin smiled and said,

“It is the majeong of the most dangerous and hard to capture large species, of course it is worth that much.”


Just now with four bullets, I made 4,400,000,000 won. (I think this is 4.4m USD).

‘Well, I’m teeming with money anyway.’

The reason I haven’t even thought of gathering majeong for money is one.

This majeong doesn’t mean much to me.

I suddenly ask cha ji-hye.

“Do you want it?”

Cha ji-hye recently has been presumed dead and lost everything and is living penniless.


Without humility (stupid oh no, that’s okay blah blah) and with a chill demeanor, comes towards me.


I toss the majeong to her.

Coming to Denmark, she has got a new identity so she should be able to set up the deposit at the Swiss arena-specialty bank.

“Anyway, you have acquired an impressive weapon. With that, you should be able to kill the average corrupt examinee in one blow.”

“What if the opponent were lee chang-wee?”


Odin sincerely ponders it. Then he nods his head.

“There is a chance.”

Not what I expected. That he didn’t say I could win.

“An aura master like me or him, that kind of aura is like a sensory organ so we can sense it within1 km. in the case of lee chang-wee, it could be even more expansive.”

“But it would be possible if I shot him from beyond that sensory range?”

“I suppose so. If he doesn’t sense your murderous spirit. He doesn’t normally exercise nervousness/tension so there is a chance.”

If so, I could make lee chang-wee the target of my mission in this 7th exam.

But then.

Marie quickly takes a knife out of her sleeve and throws it at Odin.



Almost at the same time, a blue aura covers Odin’s entire body. The blue aura blocks it and the knife bounces off.


Marie stares at Odin, covered in his blue aura.

Odin frowns and glares back at Marie and Marie laughs.

“What is that?”

“From my sensory organ (the aura thing) if something approaches me fast, the aura reflexively creates a protective coat.”

“Something like that is possible?”

“When someone tries to hit someone, their body blocks/flinches in. It’s a reaction similar to that.”

“Then won’t he block my bullet just that same way?”

“I don’t know. A bullet is faster than a knife so I cannot definitely say one way or another. I am not confident I could, but I’m not sure about lee chang-wee.”

Odin shrugs his shoulders.

“ON top of that, lee chang-wee is a beast that has far passed the 40th exam. He could also have a couple self-protection magical items. So instead of bearing that danger, it would be best to target a different corrupt examinee.”

“…… I guess I should.”

The AW50F has definitely become stronger but not tough enough for a top ranking examinee like lee chang-wee.

‘From now on I’ll have to focus on leveling up my main skill.’

An aura control in the superior level has created that monster, lee chang-wee, and I get the important of the main skill.

“Let’s get going.”

We get back in the carriage and start again.

Following the royal main road we saw soldiers blocking the road again.

Odin lets them know the wyvern has been taken care of and declares the wyvern corpse as property of the count of Wolfenbrooke.

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