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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 118 – Clear (Part 1)

Chapter 118 – Clear (Part 1)

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The Deport port was a shit show from the beginning.


Look over there.

Here and there fires were raging and people were screaming while running away crying.

“It’s the pirates!”



Complete pandemonium.

People were packing up everything and escaping the port.

The chaos was as if there was a war.

“I think the pirates have infiltrated.”

“Yes, looks like it.”

“So then there should be some corrupt examinees there?”

“Yes, most likely.”

If I were a corrupt examinee, I wouldn’t lose out on such an opportunity.

This was a golden chance to kill indiscriminately and gather majeong. I don’t think they would miss out on such an event.

“Corrupt examinees are usually veterans so they’re strong, be wary.”

Said Cha Ji-hye.

“First, let’s not fight the pirates. We’ll stay low and watch the situation and we have to eliminate anyone we suspect to be a corrupt examinee in one go.”

We all agreed to that.

I looked around and discovered a hill where I could look down onto the Deport port.

“I will be over there.”

“That will be good. We will penetrate into the city.”


I separated from the group and headed for the hill.

“Divine Protection of the Wind!”

I then started making my way up the hill.

With the powers of the synthetic muscle suit on top of my muscle power, in one jump I’m covering several meters.

With a few easy jumps, I arrived at the hilltop.

The birds that were on the tree at the hilltop became alarmed and fluttered away.

It’s not that high of a hilltop so I wasn’t able to see the complete entirety of the port but I thought it should be good enough of an angle for sniping.

‘Well, Sylph can do the aiming and shooting.’


The AW50F appeared in my hand.

I got some rocks and branches and stacked them to make some cover.

I hid my body behind it and pushed my muzzle through a crack.

Using the scope attached to the AW50F I looked down at the inside of the harbor.

The pirates were plundering.

Guys with weapons pushed down the doors and entered a private home and dragged out an older woman.

They conversed amongst themselves and laughed and without restraint swung a sword at her neck. The poor woman was overcome with fright when her neck was cut.

The bastards brutally sliced her stomach open and harvested the majeong.

‘Those sons of bitches!’

I felt the only way to resolve the situation was for me to immediately shoot them all in the head. But I held in my anger and continued looking around the harbor.

‘I have to find the corrupt examinees first.’

If I shot them now, it’ll ruin that.

Even if I used Sylph to eliminate the sound of the gunshot, the sound of the bullet piercing through the air would still be audible.

If the pirates fall to some unknown long-distance attack, the corrupt examinees will know that it’s from a gun.

The examinees would start catching on to the threat and become vigilant.

‘First and foremost, we have to get rid of the corrupt examinees. I have to find the bastards first.’

It won’t be too late to take care of the other small fish later.

The problem was that I didn’t know which of those pirates were corrupt examinees.

‘What do I do?’

I was pondering that when.

Suddenly I received a transmission on my radio and I took the call. It was showing Cha Ji-hye’s radio number.

-Mr. Kim Hyun-ho.

“Yes, go ahead.”

-I have a plan.

I’m glad to hear that.

I was just thinking that this won’t work and we needed a special plan.

-If we assume that there are corrupt examinees amongst the pirates, there is an advantage to us over them.

“What is that?”

-These radios.


-Even without the radios, you can use Sylph to send us messages. The fact that we have a clear line of communication is strategically very advantageous.

“You want to fight systematically by using that?”


Cha Ji-hye began explaining her strategy.

-First, the strongest one of us, Odin, would take the front and take care of the pirates. The corrupt examinees would move in order to attack Odin.

“I suppose so. They might even recognize Odin’s face.”

-Yes. You will keep using Sylph to listen in to their conversations and when you hear the words ‘examinee’ or ‘Odin’ then you shoot those pirates.


A clear plan.

-Corrupt examinees put safety first and don’t move alone. If one gets shot, the others will immediately hide to avoid being shot.


-At that time, Kim Hyun-ho, you will use the radio or Sylph to tell me where they are hidden. I will use a stealth attack and finish them off or I will lead them to an area where you can shoot them

“Sounds good. What about Marie?”

-She will secretly protect Odin who will be out in the open and in danger.

Everything fit perfectly.

It was a militaristic strategy very becoming of the soldier Cha Ji-hye.


-Then we shall start now. First, Odin will appear at the harbor center square and draw the attention of the pirates.


After finishing the call, I gave the order to Sylph.

“Sylph, from now on when you hear ‘examinee’ or ‘Odin’ aim for that pirate.”


Sylph immediately flew down to the harbor. She was flying high in the sky and no one could see her.

Odin’s fight began.

Odin had appeared in the Deport center square, and drew his long sword.

Pirates attacked him from all sides but Odin quickly swung left and right and chopped off two heads.

Like cutting weeds with a scythe, Odin killed two people easily and instantly, the surrounding pirates focused all their attention on him.

Pirates ran at him from all directions.

They attacked with not just swords and knives but spears and axes too, all manner of interesting weapons, but Odin didn’t blink an eye.

Chwa chwa chwa ak-

The blue aura rode up his sword in a haze, creating a blue line around itself.

The bodies of five pirates got cut up. Blood spewed out everywhere from the obliterated bodies.

As the pirates were stricken with fear and started to hesitate, Odin dove straight into their ranks.

Like a lion jumping into a herd of sheep, Odin rushed in without restraint.

Odin deliberately didn’t use his aura blade. He fought using only small bits of aura.

Because of that, the pirates believed they had strength in numbers and continued to jump into the fight.

When the pirates gathered like a fleet of ants, Odin finally showed his true colors.

The aura blade exploded.

The pirates were frozen in shock.

Odin relentlessly ran towards them. The ants that gathered round without fear, he showed them his true power.

Like leaves falling in autumn, it’s was a splatter film!

Now, the brutal pirates looked like they had come back from hell.

The bodies of men were sliced up like soft tofu.

Odin swung his sword and any pirate that came into contact with his blade was turned into bits.

The pirates screamed and began to scatter.

The appearance of an aura master!

They now realized that even if they died a hundred times over and started again, they would never be able to beat this foe.

Odin, not wanting to lose a single one, enthusiastically ran around the square and murdered the pirates.

Odin, who was on the left, instantly appeared on the right.

The whole square was taken care of quickly.

All the pirates were either dead or had run away.

Like people fleeing a warzone, the pirates too frantically ran away from Odin.

Odin chased after these pirates.

Odin himself was a single-sword wielding large killing machine.

‘Truly incredible.’

I had already seen him eliminate zombies in one go but seeing it again I couldn’t help but be floored.

Overwhelming power.

What a truly strong person is, he was showing it.

But then.


Sylph appeared next to me in a moment and shouted.

‘They’ve revealed themselves! The corrupt examinees!’

I immediately prepared to fire the AW50F.

Sylph moved the barrel of the rifle to the western area for me.



Kasa appeared.

“Get ready!”

Sylph and Kasa got on both my shoulders. I looked at the target through the scope

‘A Chinese!’

Black hair, a young Asian man. The other men were all Asians too.

I was chasing John Omento together with Lee Chang-wee with the guider skill to get here, so assessing the situation, I was sure those corrupt examinees were Chinese.

I pulled the trigger.

Pew shoook!!

Sylph took care of the gunshot but the sound of the bullet ripping through the air alone was loud.

Using the round lens of the scope, I could see my opponents head explode.

“Another one!”

The gun was instantly reloaded and I pulled the trigger one more time.

When a comrade’s head bursts all of a sudden, the other corrupt examinees were flustered.

But thanks to them not having received military training, they realized late that they were being sniped.

I took another shot.


The bullet landed on another man’s neck.

Surprisingly, blood exploded from his neck.

There wasn’t even a remnant of a neck left, the head separated from the body and floated in the air.


The other two people now finally hid behind a building.

I took out the radio and called Cha Ji-hye.


“On the western side two of them are hiding. Both are male, looking at the hair and skin, there’s no doubt they’re Chinese.”

-Exactly where on the western side?

“Follow the big road from the square, go west and you’ll see them.”


I gave an order to Sylph.

“Go tell Cha Ji-hye the exact direction and distance.”

Sylph nodded her head and shot off like a bullet towards the harbor.

A moment later, Sylph returned.

“Did you tell her?”


Sylph nodded her head.

I once again put my eye to the scope and scouted the two corrupt examinees that were hiding.

I could see Cha Ji-hye approaching the building.

I left the trigger to Sylph.

“When you see the men, shoot them no matter what. Whether a hand or foot or any part of their body is revealed, shoot it.”


Sylph replaced me and grabbed the trigger.

I continued to look through the scope.

Cha Ji-hye went around the back of the building and took out her double swords.

After threatening them, she cleverly moved to the back of the building to lure them out into the open.

The right arm of the corrupt examinee trying to counterattack her was revealed.

Sylph immediately pulled the trigger.

Travelling faster than the speed of sound, the 50BMG bullet obliterated the arm that was swinging the sword.

The right arm fell off at the elbow.

The hand gripping the sword fell to the ground and rolled and twitched.

Cha Ji-hye couldn’t easily attack the men hiding behind the building.

She did succeed in ambushing them and one of them has lost the right arm he used for his sword but she was now only a 7th turn examinee. It was not enough to tackle two corrupt examinees.

‘Huh? Hold on……’

The AW50F is an anti-material sniper rifle.

A weapon used to pierce a tank to kill the enemy.

On top of that the master level ammo revision skill and spirit summons……

‘Can’t I pierce through the building to shoot them?’

I talked to Sylph.

“Shoot them. It doesn’t matter if they are under cover.”


With her long tail, Sylph adjusted the shooting direction and, with a cute front paw, pulled the trigger.

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