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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 122 Becoming a Strong One (Part 1)

Chapter 122 Becoming a Strong One (Part 1)

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Superior level spirit summons!

That was the same as the legendary elf warrior Derek.

‘If you get to the superior level, the spirit assimilates with you, that type of skill is possible!’

Derek combined with his Kasa spirit and then swung his sword and rained down Armageddon, that grandiose act would forever be burned into my mind.

I can do that too!

With that much power, would that not be enough for a matched fight with Lee Chang-wee?

“Anyway, I am sure we will be up against the Chinese in the next exam.”

Said Cha Ji-hye.

“The story of you and Odin obliterating the pirates has spread far and wide by now. The Chinese, who have lost 6 people, will grit their teeth and attack with a vengeance.”

“I’m sure they will. Not just one or two people but six people, even though China is big and has the numbers, they’ll be up in arms about this. There might even be a formal complaint against the Nordic exam group.”

“That won’t happen though. They won’t be able to admit their involvement with the pirates for that.”

That would ruin their national image…

But that means they’ll retaliate in secret. And that’s even scarier.

“Anyway, the two of you have a high chance of encountering the pirates so it would be good to prepare my navy. We’ll have to redeem our karma prizes first then.”

“I think we’ll have to.”

We had a meal and I met in a quiet place with Cha Ji-hye.

“First of all, I’m thinking of raising my spirit summons to superior level.”

“You raised your karma by so much, I think that is a good choice.”

For now, I summoned my board and I raised my spirit summons to superior level 1.

-Spirit summons (main skill): summon a superior spirit and wield the power of mother nature, you yourself receive the energy of nature, your body is now capable of exponential growth.

*Spirits available for summon: Sylph, Kasa

*Superior level 1: summon time 10 hours, combine with your spirit and wield the abilities of your spirits through your own body.

-Remaining karma: +5,600

The instant I raised my skill, I had a feeling I couldn’t explain and a warm energy began to flow through me.

‘The energy of nature!’

I was overflowing with power like when I wore the synthetic muscle suit.

‘This is how Derek was always able to run faster than me.’

In addition, despite having gone from intermediate level 2 to superior level 1 in one jump, I still have 5,600 karma left!

‘This 7th exam was incredible.’

I can tell why dropped examinees moved around so carefully.

Just by killing one, you get thousands of karma basically for free!

For an examinee, there isn’t a more lucrative prey.

‘If they knew six of their examinees were killed by me, the Chinese are going to be feeling pretty upset.’

The one thing that really worries me is that the Chinese might end up going after my family in their anger.

The Nordic exam group is protecting my family right now but if the Chinese make up their minds to really go after my family, that amount of a safety net isn’t sufficient.

‘My only choice is to get strong and go back to Korea.’

For now, since my spirit summons is superior level 1, I have gotten close to strong enough.

I said to Cha Ji-hye,

“I will test out the superior summons level power and then decide how to spend the rest of the karma.”

“Okay, do that.”

“By the way, how are you planning on using your karma?”

“First, I’m planning on focusing it on the aura control.”

Cha Ji-hye’s current karma account was 4,100.

The skills she’s acquainted herself with thus far were simple and didn’t have much variety.

Aura control intermediate level 1, the expert level which was enough to barely use aura through her weapon.

And the physical strength buff intermediate level 1, one level beyond the entry level 5 that was the human physical limit.

And the guider skill entry level 1.

“Even if I clear one or two more exams, I think it is impossible to catch up to you, Kim Hyun-ho.”


If she doesn’t take the lead in the exams, she won’t be able to catch up to me.

Even when I think about it, I’ve progressed very fast.

“Because of that, from a long-term standpoint, I’ve decided to focus on my main skill. I will try my hardest to not become a burden to you.”

“What do you mean a burden. You are always a help.”

Cha Ji-hye invested 3,600 karma into her aura control and raised it to intermediate level 3. She decided to, for now, just keep the remaining 500 karma.

Thanks to the synthetic muscle suit it’s possible to overcome the body limits so she decided to invest in the physical strength buff later when she has more wiggle room.

Focus on the main skill.

The same way Odin was able to quickly become a strong player.

Cha Ji-hye wants to become strong like Odin in a very short time.

‘I’ll eventually see a Cha Ji-hye that has become an aura master.’

I imagine a double aura scimitar wielding Cha Ji-hye.

‘Pretty awesome.’

The image of the cool Cha Ji-hye with splendid and swift blade wielding skills.

Her danger level would be incredible. Basically a human woman version of Derek.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Huh! Oh, nothing.”

I got startled at Cha Ji-hye’s question and got out of my thoughts.

And then with perfect timing, an unwelcome guest interrupted us.


It was Marie.

Marie suddenly burst in and exchanged looking between me and Cha Ji-hye.

Thrust (Hug)!

She thrusts her arms into mine and stared competitively at Cha Ji-hye.

“What is it? We were in the midst of getting our karma prizes.”

It was common etiquette to provide privacy/leave the room when an examinee was getting his/her karma prize. Because how someone spent their karma was one of their biggest secrets.


“Yes, yes.”

“Are you going back to Korea?”

“Yes, I need to.”

“Don’t go!”

“I have to. I’m worry about my family.”

“Don’t go!”

Screamed Marie.

But she didn’t throw a fit like she used to before.

Marie was already much more mentally stabilized, and it had been a while since she was hysteric.

Her lowered mental age wasn’t easy to recover from, but it was safe to say she was out of the throes of her curse symptoms.

I stroked Marie’s hair as I said.

“But I still have to go. I’ll come back so don’t worry.”

“Don’t go. I don’t want Hyun-ho to go.”

Marie looked tearful and repeatedly said ‘don’t go.’

“She can go with you to Korea then.”

Cha Ji-hye suddenly chimed in.


I suspected my ears of hearing wrong.

“Miss Marie Johanna can go to Korea with you.”

“Yeah! Let’s do that!”

Marie sprung into a smile and frantically nodded her head.

“Will Odin allow it?”

“Huh? Allow it? Why do I need his permission?”

Marie tilted her head to the side.

“If I want to go, I go. I don’t need his permission.”

…. Causing so much inconvenience like a little child, being in that position but still realizing she’s of the age where she doesn’t need a guardian.

“I’m going to Korea! I’ll go tell him!”

Marie left quickly.

How she came was how she left, like a flash of lightning.

I just stared at Cha Ji-hye.

“What are you thinking?”

“About what?”

“Marie Johanna. Aren’t you made uncomfortable by her?”

“Does she make you uncomfortable?”

“Well I’m okay but she doesn’t like you.”

“I like Miss Johanna.”


“She’s like a cat, she’s cute.”



This woman likes cats. Especially Sylph.

Oh, now that I think about that, I wonder how a superior level Sylph and Kasa will have changed?

While I’m on it, I summoned the both of them.



The both of them don’t look very different from before at all.

Sylph’s body was the same, but her fur had grown longer and had a cute bushiness.

On the other hand, Kasa had completely grown from a puppy to a full-grown dog. Not a very large breed, kind of like the size of a full grown Jindo.

They’ve both grown more but despite that they both crawled up me.

Thanks to Sylph’s long fur and Kasa’s larger size, it felt chaotic.


Seeing all this before her, Cha Ji-hye’s eyes flickered.

Cha Ji-hye’s eyes were clearly following Sylph.

“Would you like to hold Sylph?”

“Oh, um, if you don’t mind?”

“You didn’t say no.”

“I don’t mind either way……”

I just picked up Sylph and threw her to Cha Ji-hye.


Sylph carelessly spread her limbs and landed right in Cha Ji-hye’s arms.

Cha Ji-hye’s eyes shook like crazy and it made me happy to see.

After she became an examinee, this was the first time I saw her human side.

A bit later, Odin and Marie came to us.

“Marie said she is going to go with you to Korea.”

Odin’s face looked a bit exhausted. I’m sure Marie nagged him quite a lot.

“Miss Johanna wants to go and if she is with him, if/when there is a threat from the Chinese group, it would be reassuring to have her.”

Said Cha Ji-hye. So that was her real reason. She didn’t want her to tag along just cause she’s cute.

“Will that be alright? I’m sure you’ve realized this by now, but she’s pretty high maintenance and difficult to manage.”

“No, I’m not, I’m an adult!”

Shouted Marie as she threw a knife. Odin grabbed the flying knife with his right hand and sighed.

“Will you be okay with this?”

“Yes, we’ll be okay. If it won’t be a too much of a loss for the Nordic exam group….”

“How would it be a loss for us? It would be good if Marie’s presence will help safeguard the both of you. You two aren’t a part of our group but we are all in the same boat now.”

“Haha I suppose so.”

The Nordic exam group was already developing the recon satellite to take to the Arena.

For Cha Ji-hye and I, the Nordic exam Group was our most trusted ally.

“Anyway, did you get your karma prize?”

“Not all yet. First off, I raised my spirit summons to superior level 1.”

“Ho, your main skill is at the superior level now. Is that not the same level of spirit summons as Derek of the Zelkova village?”

“Haha I think so.”

“How exciting. Honestly, if the opportunity presents itself I would like to spar with him.”

As he said so, he looked at me with an intent gaze.

I laughed as I said,

“I want to try too. Would it be okay if I request a sparring session?”

“Sounds good. But let’s not use weapons.”


His aura blade or my guns, both of them are lethal, so we decide not to use any weapons at all.

“Follow me. I have a good location.”

We get into the elevator together and went to the Nordic exam group headquarters basement.

Getting off at the B6 level, I saw a door encased in thick steel or iron.

The steel door looks as if its containing the space that holds a myriad of dangers.

“It is a fighting arena with walls made of steel alloy. In here, you can do anything.”

It’s as if he’s telling me he’s going to go all out and to prepare myself.

Odin and I opened the steel door and went inside.



“Um, can you combine with me?”


Sylph nodded her head.


Sylph jumped into my chest.

Then I felt a surge and she gets sucked into me.


Suddenly, with my body at the center, were gusts of wind. I become encased in a small tornado.

The power of nature that was within me bubbles up inside me.

“Ohh, so this is the spirit fusion. Now its my turn!”

Odin starts emitting his aura.

The blue aura covered his entire body and it began to flow out of him.

As Odin headed towards me, I reflexively made fists.

But then.


An incredible force of wind came out.

I was speechless as I witnessed Odin being flung across the entire room.

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