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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 130 – Regiment Commander Ajen (Part 2)

Chapter 130 – Regiment Commander Ajen (Part 2)

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“Actually, there is a reason we came here with our lord.”

I said.

“Recently, black magicians across the continent have secretly been wreaking all kinds of havoc and performing terrible, depraved acts.”

“Black magicians? Is that true?”

Regiment commander Ajen asked as if taken aback.

“It sounds completely unrelated but honestly, more than any other place, this Deport harbor has the deepest connection to it. As of the last couple years, like the Deport harbor, many other nearby port cities have been attacked, right?”

“Yes. Because of it the west coast cities of Aman kingdom are in states of emergency. But what does that have to do with the black magicians?”

“Because the pirates and black magicians are working together.”

“What, what does that mean?”

“The pirates, in order to accrue wealth and majeong, attacked, and the black magicians wanted lots of bodies.”

“Bodies…. Bodies….!”

Regiment commander Ajen must have remembered something because his eyes opened wide.

“Consul Adsel was always careless when it came to the harbor defenses but wasn’t his cleanup of the aftermath always really quick?”

“Yes. Having received the order from consul Adsel, regiment commander Decker always cleaned up afterwards very quickly. 3 years ago, even the last one….”

“Probably the reason regiment commander Decker is so popular is because of that. He takes care of the aftermath quickly, it moved the people who had to suffer with evacuating.”

“Then all the bodies he gathered don’t go to get cremated but……”

“The black magicians turn them into the undead and they get used for all sorts of bad things.”

At the shocking truth, regiment commander Ajen and the fishermen couldn’t hide their horrified expressions.

It wasn’t just simple pirate plundering, but instead it attacks were calculated plans to ensure people died.

It was all planned malice.

“Then we have to get the black magicians first!”

Shouted regiment commander Ajen.

I raised my hand and calmed him down.

“The black magicians that were here have already been dealt with.”


“Of course. That’s why we have come out to meet you.”

Regiment commander Ajen stayed silent for a while, then suddenly outstretched his hand to me.


I smiled and grabbed his hand.

“Thank you.”

“That’s what we should be saying.”

Just like that Cha Ji-hye and I joined the group.

This group was made by regiment commander Ajen three years ago after that attack.

“Back then, I first recruited the family members of the soldiers who died at sea and grew it from there. In order to get rid of the pirates we need the help of seamen.”

“I see. Since more than anything we need boats.”

“Exactly. I was defeated and I don’t have the right to say anything. But in order to beat them, there is no other way but through naval warfare. They call themselves pirates but they are actually stronger fighters on land than at sea.”

I’m sure.

Because amongst the cracks of the pirates were the corrupt Chinese examinees.

“In order to get boats to fight the pirates with, you have been recruiting boatmen?”

“In a fight, we wouldn’t stand a chance. Right now all we can do is improve and strengthen our security alert system. More so than encountering the pirates, knowing early on and rapidly evacuating the citizens is what we want.”

There’s truth to that plan.

If experienced boatmen have a scouting system, then it’s totally possible that they can be alerted early to the pirates’ presence.

At the very least, regiment commander Ajen knows how to make realistic strategy plans.

‘This guy is an impressive character……’

I’d decided and I carefully said.

“Sir regiment commander, do you have the confidence to lead the military if consul and regiment commander Decker disappeared?”

“What are you saying?”

“Exactly what I said. If those two disappear, lead the army and effectively block the landing of the pirates.”

“You, you don’t mean……”

Everyone’s faces changed.

“Those in cahoots with pirates and helping them kill people, they don’t deserve to live. Isn’t that true?”


“If that happens then at least doesn’t that fulfill your pre-requisites to fight the pirates?”

Regiment commander Ajen looked like he had a lot on his mind.

A bit later, he nodded his head.

“It is impossible.”

“Are you saying there is a reason that those two shouldn’t be killed?”

“Not that. No matter how I think of it, there is no way to defeat them on land. Even if I gathered all the military and drafted all the boatmen and gave them all military training, we would be inferior.

“Of course, there is something I’ve been thinking about.”

Regiment commander Ajen looked confused and I explained to him.

“I will go out to sea and disrupt the bastards. I will distract the pirates so that they can’t make it to the deport harbor.”

“There is no way that is possible though. We don’t have enough military strength!”

“I alone will be enough. As long as I have one light and fast boat.”

“Alone? You are saying it’s possible by yourself? Are you as strong as the count of Wolfenbrooke or something?”

“Not as much as him but I have some special skills.”

Then I summoned Sylph.


Sylph appeared atop my shoulder, and was being cute by rubbing her face in mine.


“What, what is that?”

“A cat, all of a sudden?”

The fishermen were completely surprised.

Regiment commander Ajen looked at Sylph carefully and with a surprised face said.

“A spirit?”

“You can recognize her.”

“Yes, that’s how you heard our conversation and spoke from faraway. With the power of the wind……”

“You’re right.”

This guy was smarter than I originally thought.

I liked him more.

I pet Sylph and spoke.

“She is a superior wind spirit. Is there someone who doesn’t know how powerful the wind is at sea?”

None of the fisherman could say a word.

There was no way survivors of the harbor wouldn’t know it.

“Aside from this I have several ways I can attack from a long distance. I can aim at them from far away, shatter their sails so they can’t enter the harbor. Just that much is easily possible.”

“Amongst the pirates coming in to attack, if I make it so that a considerable number cannot move on the sea, can you stop the rest that are able to come to land?”



Regiment commander Ajen took out a small piece of paper from his chest. When I opened it I saw a nautical chart.

“According to the direction of the wind and ocean currents, the bastards they will come on this sea route.”

With enthusiasm, he explained his plan.

“From this point here, the ocean current changes. From here you have to ride on the wind, if you break their sails here, you can make it so they can’t move at all.”

“This point here? I don’t know that I’ll be able to find it without going a couple times.”

I expressed my disapproval.

Cha Ji-hye too didn’t have a naval background and knows nearly nothing about the sea.


“Ride my boat.”

The old fisherman Vincent.

“Vin, Vincent ajusshi!?”

“Ajusshi, I will go instead!”

“Leave it to us.”

The young fishermen stepped up but Vincent firmly raised his hand.

“Stuff like this, an old person who has already lived a long life should go! And are you saying you can steer your boats faster than I can?”

“Well, no, not that but……”

“But how can we push this task onto you and……”

The fishermen showed their disapproval.

“Are you sure?”

“I am. As a boatman, if it is to protect our harbor and I die, I’ll have no regrets.”

“We have no intention of dying. Thank you.”

“No, thank you for giving an old man like me this opportunity.”

The old fisherman Vincent, like the protagonist of the sea, grabbed both my hands and bowed.

The young fishermen too and regiment commander Ajen eyes glistened with tears.

It was when the atmosphere was drowned in a sea of emotion that.

“Then we have to come up with some concrete tactical countermeasures to block their landing.”

Cha Ji-hye’s business-like tone broke the atmosphere.

“Ah, yes, that’s right.”

Regiment commander Ajen wiped the tears welled in his eyes and fumbled.

I was holding hands with Vincent and we awkwardly moved away from one another.

I think this woman has some kind of ‘can’t read the atmosphere’ disability.


From the deport harbor along the seaway, far off to the west.

There was an archipelago of big and small islands.

With shoddy rope bridges between them, each island had several ships docked on its shores.

The pirate army.

It had been a long time since they’ve forgotten what these island were originally called.

Now it was just the pirates’ base that has an evil reputation.

For a long time, pirates had settled here, and not once have they lost a fight on their home turf!

And on this pirate archipelago, one ship leisurely approached.

The ship made its way between the islands and docked at the largest island of them all.


Aboard the ship, one human shadow, like a bird, landed on the dock.



The group of tens of men who came to greet the ship showed a subdued awe.

But no one was surprised at how he moved.

Because the shadow that came off the ship was Lee Chang-wee.

Being the strongest in China and informally one of the strongest people in the world, such a move couldn’t even be called a stunt

Lee Chang-wee walked up with confidence.

Amongst the men, one representative, a woman, ran out and bowed her head.

“My apologies for the long voyage.”

With delicate and shining black hair, this attractive woman’s respectful greeting even didn’t get Lee Chang-wee to soften.

“Where is Heising?”

“Boss, I mean, the co-leader was unable to come out due to a heavy workload.”

At the woman’s response, Lee Chang-wee’s lip edges dangerously curled up.

“Appointed as the co-leader of the pirates and now he’s gone crazy. He’s grown too big for his britches.”

“I apologize. I’m sure he had no intention of offending you.”

The surprised woman fumbled out an excuse.

“It’s not something I should say to you, don’t worry, pretty.”

Lee Chang-wee groped her breasts as he calmly spoke.

The woman was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t brush his hand away and wasn’t able to do anything.

Amongst the gathered men, a heavy air began to wrap around them.

But no one said a word to Lee Chang-wee.

Lee Chang-wee’s provocative gaze, like the devil, were peering everywhere.

Goading anyone to take a shot at him.

I’ll make an example of you.

“Humph, this is no fun.”

Lee Chang-wee let go of her breasts and said to the woman.

“Take me to Heising.”

“Yes, yes!”

She went up ahead of him as if running away.

Amidst the intimidating atmosphere, they made their way through the men and Lee Chang-wee didn’t blink an eye.

Rather, when he would pass by, the other men tensed up.

Lee Chang-wee, the strongest in China, was showing off his overwhelming presence.

Lee Chang-wee was escorted into a two story building built completely out of timber.

When they came to the second floor, Lee Chang-wee’s expression changed.

He saw someone in a chair made of leopard skin with his body slanted in the chair and reading a book.

His age probably barely late 20’s.

Long hair in a ponytail and four piercings on both ears, a man that made an impression.

“Watching you hard at work leaves a strong impression.”

Said Lee Chang-wee.

“Oh, General Lee Chang-wee.”

The young man with the piercings had a leisurely face as he replied while closing his book.


The boss of the pirates for several years, the Chinese examinee group’s pirate leader.

And the rival assigned by the Chinese communist party leaders to Lee Chang-wee.

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