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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 131 – In the Sea (Part 1)

Chapter 131 – In the Sea (Part 1)

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“It’s not what it looks like, I wasn’t just playing. Don’t feel too bad.”

Said Heising as he threw the book to the side.

The book was an adult magazine full of naked lady photos.

Lee Chang-wee clearly saw the adult magazine and smirked.

“Really? Looks that way.”


“I think I know why you failed last time.”

Then for the first time, Heising’s expression hardened.

“How dare you say I failed, seems harsh.”

“Then was it a success?”

“I’m just saying it was unexpected. How was I to know Odin from the Nordic exam group would be there.”

Said Heising with a grin.

“On top of that, that Kim Hyun-ho that you failed to capture played a big role. Not long ago, you went to Korea and returned with nothing to show for it, how could that be? Considering your position that is.”

“Worrying about my position, how thoughtful of you. Don’t worry. Since that’s why I’ve come.”

“What does that mean?”

“I came because you might not be enough to handle everything.”

Heising’s face distorted.

“I’m not enough? Is that what you really think?”

“It is.”

“I think that is just your personal opinion. The pirates are under my jurisdiction, and I don’t need your participation, boss.”

“Is that so, if I help it’ll be that much easier but you don’t need it?”

“If you’re here, the work becomes more of a hassle. On top of that……”

Heising spoke while his eyes glared wide in rebellion.

“Dismissing me into inadequacy, pushing the boss’ mistake ambiguously to downplay your own?”

Lee Chang-wee smirked.

But afterwards. With menace in his eyes, walked towards him with confidence.

Heising stood his ground and met his gaze.

Lee Chang-wee said.

“Last time when your pirates failed, who was the one that got called in and reprimanded?”

“You, boss.”

“Then isn’t it clear why I should be involved?”

Heising got up from his seat.

From the same eye level they tested each other and Heising said.

“There won’t be any loss to you boss. Soon, immediately, I’ll clean up the Deport harbor quite nicely.”

“I hope you do. I’ll be watching.”

Lee Chang-wee turned around and left.

Heising said in a low voice.

“Son of a bitch. Pretending to be all that and flaunting around, those days will be over soon.”

Their ages were similar and he had almost reached the same level of power as well.

And before Heising became an examinee he too was a martial artist.

Lee Chang-wee was a martial artist and he had a tendency to treat all other examinees as amateurs, Heising was the only one amongst them all that was separate from that.

‘Anyway, I should hurry.’

It seemed he would have to hurry a bit more to complete the work of invading the deport harbor.

If he wanted to show Lee Chang-wee his results that is.


“They plan on leaving for the monster eradication in one week.”

Said regiment commander Ajen with a scoffing tone.

“They want to finish the monster suppression we couldn’t finish last time because of the pirates’ appearance.”

“Not even trying to be subtle anymore…”

“Those bastards.”

“Adsel, that son of a bitch!”

The fishermen expressed their rage.

“But at least they’re being so obvious so we know when the pirates will come attacking again.”

I said.

Regiment commander Ajen sighed.

“That’s true. But I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Anyway, we have to carry out our plans, you really think it’s possible?”

Consular Adsel and regiment commander Decker, their murder is what he was alluding to.

I nodded my head.

“Yes, I’ve memorized their faces and I can kill them at any time.”

For a while now, I had been observing regiment commander Decker from afar and memorized his face.

The pirates were going to attack so there was no way both of them would be staying at harbor deport.

I’m thinking of killing them both when he starts to move the army away,

Then regiment commander Ajen will take control of the army, which should be in a state of chaos, and then prepare them to face the pirate attack.

We boarded the old fisherman’s Vincent’s boat together and went to the location a couple times too.

Vincent’s boat was an old sailing vessel but unlike its age, it sailed along the waters very well.

Sylph pushed the boat with wind and the boat used that wind to travel much faster than usual.

Vincent skillfully used Sylph’s wind as well to make the trip go even more smoothly.

With this level of skill and speed, even if we encountered the pirates, I think we could escape without any issues.

“We have done all our preparations as well.”

“We have told our families and neighbors to prepare to evacuate as well.”

“We have procured harpoons and weapons as well. This time when they come, no one will leave unscathed.”

Like brave seamen, the fishermen were full of fighting spirit.

Regiment commander Ajen spoke.

“My preparations are complete as well. I’ve given my trusted subordinates orders about the anticipated pirate attack. As soon as it happens, they’ll move.”

“Now all that’s left to do is to act.”

The results of our exams hung on this as well. The bigger the threat, the more we have to prepare ourselves.


Consul Adsel, with the help of the soldiers, got on his horse with a lot of difficulty. As if that wasn’t enough, a foot soldier had to hold his reins for him

The soldiers had a lot of misgivings about having a consular, who couldn’t even properly ride a horse, lead the way on a monster expedition.

The soldiers had already experienced having this useless human being as the consul for a long time. Such a person made everything difficult.

Especially because consul Adsel gave orders not related to actual fighting.

He knew nothing about the military but was always trying to flaunt his authoritative powers.

“Have both groups gathered?”



At Adsel’s question, two leaders replied.

Regiment commander Ajen and Decker looked at each other.

Regiment commander Decker, unlike the disheveled military uniform on the middle aged man that was regiment commander Ajen, was a handsome and proper looking young man.

Regiment commander Decker smiled.

“Thank you for your service once again, regiment commander Ajen.”

“Of course.”

Usually just he pretended to be respectful so he would have glared back at him.

But today, regiment commander Ajen’s expression was endlessly peaceful. His reason……

‘He’s going to die soon anyway.’

There was no reason to get mad at someone bound to die soon.

‘That is the frailty of human life. He’s bound to die soon but I wonder how much he played with the pirates in order to lead such a good life.’

Looking at regiment commander Decker, regiment commander Ajen felt the futility of life.

The army departed.

Because consul Adsel was leading the march, it was a very slow pace.

The gazes of the people while watching the army depart the deport harbor were not kind.

“They don’t even do any work but always go on these so called monster expeditions……”

“Eradicate the pirates instead.”

“Those assholes, always showing up late after the fact and cleaning up……”

“They’re no army, they’re just the sanitation department.”

While receiving the ill gazes of all the people, the smiling face of the front-leading consul Adsel did not change at all.

But then.


It was like time had stopped.

At the sudden turn of events, no one could react.

With his face still smiling, consul Adsel’s head exploded like a shattered watermelon.

And then afterwards……


Regiment commander Decker was gushing blood out of a hole in his chest.


One woman screamed.

As if that was the signal, screams began to ring out from all over the place.


“What, what is that!!”

The Deport harbor was swept into chaos.

The soldiers were the same.

The front-leading consul Adsel and then regiment commander Decker’s instantaneous deaths, they didn’t know what to do and stood in place dumbly.

In this situation, they couldn’t tell from who or what kind of attack it was.


“Calm down! Troop withdrawal!”

Shouted regiment commander Ajen with a loud voice. Even amongst the chaos his voice was heard clearly.

“Citizens as well, do not gather here, everyone evacuate the area!”

Regiment commander Ajen rode his horse and delivered his orders all around.

Only then did the people, struck with fear, frantically make their way home.

The army, according to regiment commander Ajen’s orders, began to withdraw.

‘Now is the chance. We have to move fast.’

This chaos was his opportunity to gain control of the subordinates that were under regiment commander Decker.

While they didn’t know what to do, he had to give out orders and appear strong.

With organized orders, the public would feel safe and the command of the soldiers would naturally lean towards regiment commander Ajen.

Regiment commander Ajen moved fast.

He declared the deaths of consul Adsel and regiment commander Decker as the work of the pirates and placed the evacuation order for the citizens.

Because it was a time of such chaos, no one thought to question regiment commander Ajen’s power grab.

The greatest soldier placement was put in place to block the landing of the pirates and the soldiers initiated scouting on the seas.

A half day passed since the soldiers began scouting the nearby waters.

The pirates appeared!

Insane numbers of pirate ships were seen to be voyaging towards the harbor.

Regiment commander Ajen gave the citizen’s an urgent evacuation order.

Because they had already prepared to evacuate, the people were able to flee in an orderly fashion.

Regiment commander Ajen took one of regiment commander Decker’s subordinate squads and ordered them to watch over the evacuated people.

Even while leaving the harbor, people were doubtful.

“Was regiment commander Ajen always this kind of person?”

“It looks like the army is actually doing its job this time?”

Since everyone was already prepared to evacuate and knew that the pirates were on their way, everyone was sent away safely.

On top of that, sending soldiers to watch and keep those people safe too helped with the entire process.

It wasn’t the regiment commander Ajen they had known so far.

People began to think differently of regiment commander Ajen.


I was on the hill where I had killed the four corrupt examinees last time.

There was no better place to shoot from than here and here I succeeded in murdering consul Adsel and regiment commander Decker.

I packed up my AW50F and, using the Divine Protection of the Wind, in one spring, I raced towards the harbor.

On the dock filled with soldiers, Cha Ji-hye and the old fisherman Vincent were waiting.

“You’ve arrived.”

Cha ji-hye welcomed me in her usual flat tone.

“Yes, let’s go.”

Together we headed for Vincent’s sailboat. But the soldiers stationed on the dock blocked our way.

“Right now, due to the presence of pirates, departure is forbidden.”

They recognized my status and spoke respectfully. I waved my hand.

“I received an order from regiment commander Ajen.”

“From the regiment commander?”

The soldiers were flustered.

Of course, that was hard to believe.

Then Vincent stepped up.

“Look now, he is not lying. Can you not trust me?”

“Vincent ajusshi.”

“But we’ve been given the order to control this dock……”

The soldiers were locals here and looked like they were familiar with Vincent.

‘This old man Vincent has a far better reputation than I thought.’

Vincent started trying to persuade them.

“If it wasn’t an order, do you think we’d be crazy enough to go out to sea in this situation?”

“That’s true but……”

“It’s not a lie so trust me and let us through.”

The soldiers looked at each other and discussed, then, made room for us to pass.

“Okay. Be careful ajusshi.”

“Of course. Now, let’s go.”

With the brave Vincent leading the way, we quietly followed him from behind.

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