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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 134 – Heising (Part 2)

Chapter 134 – Heising (Part 2)

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“Fucking son of a bitch!”

Enraged, the young man put all his might into leaping up towards me and punched.

Pa pa pa pa pat!

The wind daggers I sent at him were like a typhoon, but his punches were able to block them all as he approached.

However, this time, I flew up higher and dodged his attacks.

I just have to wait until his stamina runs out. Is there really even a need for me to fight against him?

“Scaredy cat! Come at me like a man!”

Screamed the young man.

“I don’t want to.”

“Do you think you’ll benefit the longer you drag this out?”

“I do.”

“You’re a dumb bastard.”

The man left me with those words before descending again.

Why did he call me dumb?

I soon realized why.

From the horde of pirate ships, the pirates had let down their boats and were rowing towards me.

I could safely assume the majority of those people were Chinese examinees.

The sailboat with Cha Ji-hye and Vincent on it was fleeing as well but the distance between them was getting smaller and smaller.

‘I see.’

When the middle aged man had jumped ship and swam back to the fleet, he must have relayed an order for the examinees to come out.

The young man stepped off the surface of the water again and as he flew up towards me he said.

“Now are you interested in seeing this through?”

“Sure. Let’s really go at it this time.”

I activated the Divine Protection of the Wind.

The Divine Protection of the Wind I mastered last time by investing all my karma in it!

I obtained a skill that caused my spirit summons ability to multiply by three.

The Divine Protection of the Wind could be used for 3 hours.

For three hours, I would become three times stronger.

I flew straight at the young man and punched.

The gust of wind hit him.



He easily blocked with both his arms which were covered in aura but the young man’s body was thrust backwards.

The young man looked actually surprised at the power of the wind.

‘Let’s do this!’

I crazily threw out double punches.

It was a copy of the young man’s Fānziquán style that he had shown several times.

With my reflex skill superior level 1, I was able to copy his movements pretty well.

As the gusts flew about like crazy, the surprised young man created a protective barrier around himself.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa Kwang-!

Like hammering a nail, my punches pounded down on the young man’s protective aura barrier.

While continually being pushed back, with the barrier in place, the young man got pushed into the water.

‘Do you know how to swim? I’ll help you float!’

It was then when I was feeling cocky that…

Chwa a a a ak!

A water pillar came up and the young man shot up into the sky.

Surprisingly, the young man wasn’t wet at all.

‘Is that something possible with aura control too? Regardless, that is pretty incredible.’

“Come at me!”

Shouted the young man as he came at me.

I too kept punching out wind gusts while using his Fānziquán technique.

And the young man threw out just as many aura punches against them.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa Kwang-!!

As if an earthquake was occurring, the shock shook the world around us.

Within this battlefield that was basically in the middle of a hurricane, the young man held an advantage.

Surprisingly, the young man, while being attacked by my wind attacks, was inching his way closer to me.

‘How can he be doing this?’

Not only that, he’s not even on the ground, he was on top of the sea.

With waves under his feet, would it not be normal for him to be pushed back from the wind?

My question was quickly answered.

Upon close inspection, he wasn’t going head on against the gusts from the punches.

At the moment of contact, he was making some delicate adjustments and allowed the wind to flow past him.

Because of this, he had the ability to use aura in his feet to keep moving forward.

‘I don’t think we’ll see an end to this fighting if nothing changes.’

I made up my mind different.

My spirit summons was at the superior level and my Divine Protection of the Wind was mastered too.

On top of that, the location was also beneficial to me is why I confidently tackled him head on. But of course, aura masters are strong.

‘No need to do it this way.’

I left the young man and flew back towards the sailboat.

And I discontinued the synthesis with Sylph, she returned to her cat form and nestled herself around my neck.

“How is it?”

Asked Cha Ji-hye.

“He’s definitely strong. I didn’t think it would end the way it was going so I came back.”

“The, the man is coming!”

Yelled Vincent.

The young man was rapidly racing across the top of the water towards us.

At that extraordinary sight, even the bold old fisherman couldn’t help but be surprised it seemed.

“We should run too. It’s going to start shaking severely so hold on tight to the boat.”

Vincent and Cha Ji-hye grabbed ahold of the boat.



I gave Sylph an order through my mind and Sylph, having heard my thoughts, nodded her head.



With a blast, the sailboat soared forward.

An explosion at the rear of the boat from the force of the air almost caused us to fly away

Atop the shaking boat, Cha Ji-hye was holding on with one hand and the other hand was holding onto Vincent, who was about to fall out.

With my reflex skill, I was able to maintain my balance.

As the sailboat kept flying forwarding at a crazy pace, the distance between us and the young man was no longer decreasing.

“Weapon, AW50F.”

I summoned the AW50F and shot at the young man. I shot recklessly and Sylph took care of the aiming for me.

Poo shook!!

The bullet bounced off the young man’s aura barrier. But thanks to that, his movement was stunted a little bit.

I kept shooting and the young man finally gave up his pursuit.

It seems he’s thinking that all the chasing will just use up his aura and stamina.

The sailboat we are in circumvented the pirate’s fleet in a half circle.

As we do, so I shoot the boats coming after us.

Of course, with the power of a large anti-material sniper rifle, every time I shoot, one of the boats would shatter and sink.

The examinees that knew some magic ignored the other boats and used defense magic to protect their own vessel.

I aimed for the boats without any defense magic and continued shooting.

‘This is just bait.’

I was letting them know I’m specifically aiming for the boats.

And from that moment on, I aimed for the corrupt examinees holding spears.


I could see the heads of the examinees being blow off through the scope.


I immediately reloaded and shot at another corrupt examinee.

Poo shook!

The next one too, their head exploded and they died instantly.

Only then did the corrupt examinees hurriedly lowered their bodies or raised their shields to defend themselves.


Every time I killed a corrupt examinee, I got karma.

I’ve killed two so I’m sure that’s a significant amount of karma.

Fighting like this, circumventing the group of pirates, I reached the rear of the fleet.

From where I was, I could see the corrupt examinees swimming away from the sinking boats.

I aimed for the swimming corrupt examinees and succeeded in killing 2 more.

In just a short while, I had gotten rid of 4!

In an attempted to avoid my sniping, the swimming examinees started swimming deep underwater.

The pirates were in chaos.

The enemy was just in a small sailboat but had sunk five boats and continued to destroy everything.

To me, it looks like the pirates are full of holes.

The corrupt examinees that can use magic are all out on the rowboats.

That was an obvious mistake for the pirates.

The pirate ships had no one left to defend them!

Poo shook-!

Kwa jik!

With two shots in succession the two masts of a pirate ship fell down.

As the two masts collapsed to the left, the ship itself severally tilted over to the side.

The sails dangling from their masts got wet from the water and the weight dragged the boat down even further. The pirate ship eventually began to take on water and started sink.

There was mass chaos from the pirates trying to escape and swim to other ships.

I sank 3 ships this way and the corrupt examinees all seemed to be returning to the ships.

‘That’s right, head back.’

I was vying for another chance.

I could see the corrupt examinees, one by one, get back onto the pirate ships.

Among them, I aimed for the corrupt examinees that could use magic.

The moment they were on the rope ladder climbing up!

The moment they weren’t paying enough attention to use their defense magic.

Poo shook!

The magician’s head exploded and disappeared into the sea. The headless corpse hung on the ladder.


The yell rang out across the sea.

It’s that aura master I was fighting just no.

Filled with rage to the tips of his hair, the young man once again raced atop the water toward us.


I was surprised that he was going all out to chase us again. I thought he would reserve his stamina for now and watch.

‘I knew he was high up but seeing him this angry, he must be the leader of these pirates.’

Strong enough to be an aura master, it made total sense that he would have such a position.

‘We should slowly start to make our escape.’

I had sunk 9 ships and gotten rid of 5 corrupt examinees.

These results were much better than I was expecting.

But I’ve also used a lot of energy and spirit summon time so it was a good time for us to retreat.

I used Sylph to push our sailboat back towards the Deport harbor.

The young man must have been extremely pissed off because he kept chasing us for quite a while but I kept him in check by shooting at him every so often. He eventually gave up and headed back.

After putting a bit of distance between us, I gave up on shooting at the fleet.

Then, Vincent grabbed the paddles.

As he rowed, he said.

“I’m confused as to whether I’m dreaming right now. You sank 9 of those treacherous pirate ships and fought against Heising, you weren’t pushed back even a little!”


“Isn’t it a strange name? That’s the name of the pirate leader.”

“That bastard just now was the leader of the pirates?”

“Yes. He’s the person that gathered all the various pirate groups and created the current one we just fought against. In addition, he boasts the incredible fight skill – aura master.”

“Heising you say……”

I thought about the young man with the piercings and the long hair.

For sure, he was a formidably strong opponent but not that scary of one.

Seeing how he handled today’s situation, I don’t think he has the sharpest strategic mind.

It seems he got the highest position solely by being the strongest.

‘Is this Heising that rival that Lee Chang-wee was talking about?’

He’s an aura master and personality wise didn’t seem to have a problem being under someone.

Not only that, he was in a position to lead the entirety of the pirates and corrupt examinees.

With that much power, it was enough for Lee Chang-wee to consider him a rival.

‘If I kill Heising in this round, I’ll just be helping Lee Chang-wee.’

I thought about where Lee Chang-wee was.

The guider skill told me what direction he was in.


That was the direction the pirate headquarters were in.

“Lee Chang-wee is at the pirate headquarters.”

At my words, Cha Ji-hye nodded her head.

“It’s clear what he’s after.”

“He’s waiting for Heising to take a hit.”

Fish in troubled water.

If Heising had fought this battle with me and gotten injured?

There’s a big chance that Lee Chang-wee would straight up kill Heising when he returned to the headquarters.

Fighting me and getting exhausted or injured. If he wasn’t waiting for that, what would the reason be that he didn’t get involved in the fight and be at the pirate headquarters instead?

‘I saw Heising as having a hot temperament but it might be that Lee Chang-wee pushed him to do it and he attacked ahead of time.’

At this point, it was impossible for me to not consider Lee Chang-wee’s involvement in this and what his plans were for the near future.

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