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Arena (Web Novel) - Chapter 136 – Harbor Battle (Part 2)

Chapter 136 – Harbor Battle (Part 2)

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Heising was racing towards the hilltop I was on.

The pirates had probably marked me as their biggest enemy.

That’s why, as soon as they realized where I was shooting from, Heising immediately came himself.

‘Alright, I knew it would come to this eventually.’

Before this, I wanted to kill a few more corrupt examinees but it seemed I’d have to see it through with Heising first.

“Sylph, combine!”


Sylph was summoned and synthesized with me.


A wind gathered around my body.

“Divine Protection of the Wind!”

I unsummoned my AW50F and prepared for a close combat fight.

In preparation for fighting Lee Chang-wee in close combat, I had raised my synthesis skill to intermediate level 1.

With spirit summons superior level 1 and Divine Protection of the Wind mastery combined, I wouldn’t be any weaker than him.

My reflex skill was at superior level 1 so even if the opponent was a martial arts master, I wouldn’t be too pushed by the difference in skill.

I was able to verify this earlier in the ocean battle.


Heising’s loud roar could be heard all the way over here.

While flying straight towards me, Heising gathered a bunch of aura in his right fist.

At the same time as he arrived on the hilltop, he punched.

The instant his aura fist was thrown, I sensed how dangerous it was and immediately jumped up.

Kwa lu lu lu lung!!

The hilltop tumbled down. What incredible power.

I was momentarily alarmed at his display of strength but I immediately countered.

A whirlwind made of daggers surrounded my body as I approached Heising.

Heising then rushed at me with two aura fists.

Kwa kwa kwa Kwang!

Against the aura fists, the whirlwind of daggers began to fall apart.

I reshaped the torn dagger whirlwind and threw it at Heising.

Pa pa pa pa pat!

Standing on one foot, he spun his entire body out of the way to dodge the entirety of the dagger whirlwind.

Even in that unbalanced position, he kept his fists outstretched. It was amazing.

A created another whirlwind of daggers around my entire body and sent it flying at Heising. Then I stepped back and shout.

“Weapon, Neilson H, duel wield!”

In an instant, the guns appeared in both hands. I aimed at Heising, who was still dealing with the whirlwind, and fired.

Ta ta ta ta ta tang –

Heising protected himself with an aura shield around his entire body. The skill to individually deflect every bullet from two guns was too much, even for an aura master.


The bullets ricocheted off the aura shield and into the whirlwind. The rocks and trees around us were ripped out of the ground and flew in all directions

‘Will I be able to penetrate his aura shield?’

With a sudden thought, I used Sylph’s power and concentrated it into the gun.

Aiming at Heising, the second I pulled the trigger, I focused on the expelling bullet.

Following the spiral of the bullet, I increased its rotation using Sylph’s power.

More! More!

The bullet, now with an incredible spin, shot forward at Heising.

Pa ji ji jik!


A portion of the protective shield was ripped open and Heising’s expression changed.


I’ve created a new method of attack.

The idea is to continue to combine Sylph’s power into the shot until the bullet hits the target.

The further away the target, the more power I would have to use so it wasn’t very cost effective. But for a close distance fight, this skill was extremely efficient.

I used quite a bit of my Nature’s Power but it was enough to pierce the aura shield so I’ll consider that a success.


Using this method I began to shoot both guns.

Taang! Tang! Tang!

Every time the Neilson H2 fired, it ripped a piece of Heising’s aura protective shield.

Then how about this?

With careful adjustments, I fired continuously in one spot.



Heising threw his body to the right and avoided the bullet.

The bullet passed through the protective shield and struck the tree behind Heising.

The tree, which was big enough that an adult wouldn’t be able wrap their arms around, was shredded from one shot and fell down. If he hadn’t dodged, that would have been Heising.

“Shit, were you hiding that still?”

“No, I just thought of this technique, what do you think?”

Heising, with teeth gritted, quickly stepped off the ground and ran at me. His plan was to not giving me any room to use the guns.

But using double guns in close range wasn’t something new to me.


I dodged Heising’s fist and with the gun in my right hand, I aimed for his leg and shot.


Heising moved his leg back and stood on one foot.

He reacted as soon as he saw the barrel of the gun point towards his leg.

From Heising’s two fists, a flurry of fānziquán style punches rained down but I, with both arms surrounded by a strong whirlwind, faced it head on.

While trying to avoid the punches, I pulled the trigger as soon as I found a gap.

Heising too, at the moment I pulled the trigger, hit my arm and changed the direction of the barrel.

A fierce battle where two peoples’ arms are dizzyingly entangled.


Heising dodged by bending backwards.


I aimed another shot at his leg but this time he placed one hand on the ground and flipped backwards while spinning in midair to delicately avoid it.


Another shot was struck by his aura fist and Heising flung it away.

The aura fist was much stronger than the aura shield so even my shooting amplified with spirit summons could do nothing about it.

“Are you familiar with martial arts?”

Asked Heising all of a sudden.

“No, I’m just student.”

“I sense Chinese martial arts in your movements.”

At his words, there was something I remembered.

“I trained through the mu ren zhuang*, it must be that.”

(TLN: Wooden dummy with arms.)

Watching YouTube videos and training on the mu ren zhuang wasn’t time wasted!

That training technique was implemented into to the double guns shooting style and all I had practiced became ingrained in my fighting style.

On top of that, the 3 years on Brown Mountain enjoying tag with the elves gave me creativity and flexibility in my movements which also compounded on top of my superior level 1 reflex skill.

I hadn’t spent a long time working on it, but who I was now could match Heising in martial arts.

“You have invented your own kind of martial arts. Impressive!”

A smile formed on Heising’s lips.

What is that, that smile? What, now does he like me?

I was in a life and death battle, I didn’t develop affection in that midst.

I shot again towards the smiling bastard’s face.


Immediately lowering his upper body and dodging, Heising raced towards me. He maintained his low posture like a low tackle in wrestling.


I lightly jumped into air and shot my double guns.

Ta tang-

Heising dodged by spinning his body to the left and used the force of his spin to kick out at me.

Surprisingly, that kick was encased in aura.

Not only his fists but he seems to be able to also form aura around his feet.

Then this means he can freely to use aura in all limbs.


I protected myself with a whirlwind but my body flew into the sky from the impact of the kick. It felt like I was a soccer ball.


Flying through the air, I temporarily stopped synching with Sylph.

Then I summon my AW50F and fire at Heising.

“Sylph! Like the method before! Got it?”


The distance was just about 100 meters.

I’m thinking of shooting this 12.7 mm bullet with Sylph’s power added to it.

A skill where Sylph’s power was put into the bullet until it strikes a target.

The distance was a bit far so it would consume a lot of power but it’s a large anti-material sniper rifle so it should have a much larger force than the pistols.



A piercing sound ripped through the air together with the bullet.


The 12.7 mm bullet, like ripping through paper, blasted through Heising’s left shoulder.

“Sylph, just like now, keep attacking!”




Kasa appeared in midair.


As if he had been waiting all along for those words, he jumped into my arms.

Hwa lu lu lu luk!

Like what the best warrior elf Derrek had shown me before, a flame blazed from my body.

“Divine Protection of Fire!”

With the Divine Protection of Fire in place, I raced towards Heising.

While I combined with Kasa and fought with Heising up close, Sylph took care of the long distance attacks!

The disappointing point was that the Divine Protection of Fire was only entry level 1 so the power increase from the spirit summons wasn’t much.

But I discovered an unusual effect.

The Divine Protection of the Wind that lasted 3 hours was still in place.

With that alone, as if I was still combined with Sylph, I was able to freely use the power of the wind.

‘Before, stretching my arm and making a gust of wind with my fist was the limit.’

When I reached a higher mastery I would probably be able to use this skill more freely.

A skill that derives power from spirit summons. It must be because my spirit was at the superior level.

It left like I had discovered a new world.

I held my pistols in both hands and concentrated my power.

Using Kasa’s power, I added an extra explosion to my gunpowder.

And with the power of wind I endlessly spun the bullet!



The bullet once again ripped through his aura shield like paper!

Heising barely moved back to dodge it with big flustered expression on his face.

I kept shooting my double guns as I lashed at Heising.

Heising was busy frantically dodging all of these attacks.

That instant,


The shot rang through the sky.

The sound of the shot could be heard at the same time the bullet ripped through the air.

Kwa ji jik!

As it pierced through the aura shield.


“Ku huk!”

Struck on the right shoulder!

Heising let out a pained scream.


Seeing the chance of victory I continued shooing the double guns.

Because my Nature Energy was slowly starting to reach the bottom, I let out a volley of bullets.

Heising slid to the right to dodged and shouted something.

A healing potion appeared in his hand.

The bastard stood up and poured the healing potion onto his right shoulder.

‘Gotta hand it to him.’

In that short time, while performing an intense evasion movement, he had the sense to grab his healing potion.

He must have itemized a healing potion in preparation for a dangerous moment like this

But just now, succeeding in my attack, I had thought of a way I could kill Heising.

‘Simpler than I thought.’

I sent my idea to Sylph who was up in the sky aiming the AW50F.

I got the affirmation of Sylph understanding, delivered to my mind.

I shot both guns at Heising.

Heising grit his teeth and raised his aura in both fists.

“This is the end.”

I said.

“Arrogant bastard.”

“For real. I’ll say it beforehand but I have no personal grudge against you. Rather, Lee Chang-wee has a lot of resentment towards you?”

One of Heising’s eyebrows twitched.

“What did you hear from Lee Chang-wee?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Why do you think Lee Chang-wee is at the pirate headquarters?”

I lied as if I was cooperating with Lee Chang-wee.

It was a plan to throw Heising’s thoughts in disarray.

“Lee chang-wee, that bastard!”

As I wanted, Heising broke out in a wild rage.

When your soul was shaken, gaps that weren’t there would form.

Planning for the ultimate blow, I kept talking.

“How is it you think I knew what time you guys would be attacking? Don’t you suspect someone from your side is revealing information?”


Heising made an ugly face at that comment.

And then I made my move.

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